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The 10 Best Wood Stoves In UK 2022

Wood burning stoves, also known as log burners, have been around since the 16th century, but their popularity has risen in recent years. Many attribute this to the rise in gas and oil prices, particularly after the 2008 financial crisis, while they’re also becoming a symbol of middle-class status.

Best wood stoves are certainly aesthetically pleasing, helping you to achieve ultimate hygge, but because they burn wood (and other solid fuels), they’re believed to have contributed to rising pollution levels. Wood, when it burns, releases particulates, tiny contaminants that can lead not only to respiratory problems but dementia, stroke, infertility and several other conditions.

Fortunately, these are already on the market, labelled as ‘Ecodesign ready’, because the new legislation has been in the works for quite some time. So, if you want to get in on the biggest interiors trend of the century, don’t worry: you’ll still be able to get your hands on one.

Top 10 Best Wood Stoves In UK 2022

Here is our list of the top ten wood burning stoves on the market. Enjoy!

1. Lixada Camping Wood Stove Portable Wood Burning Stove

This portable wood stove for camping is a one-of-a-kind stove that you’ll enjoy taking with you when you go camping.

It will help you feel satisfied whether you want to quickly heat some food or make some from scratch. It won’t break the bank, and it offers a simple and beginner-friendly solution for hot food on the go.

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2. REDCAMP Camping Wood Burning Stove

When you buy something from an unknown brand, you never know what you’ll get or if it’ll even arrive in one piece. Overall, the Redcamp stove was a pleasant surprise. The ability to use multiple fuels and portability are two of this stove’s main selling points. In both of those areas, it exceeded my expectations.

Redcamp’s wood-burning stove performed admirably with everything I threw at it and would be ideal for use with a spirit burner as well. Needless to say, it worked as advertised, and it’s impressive to use at a campsite given how well it cooks for its size.

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3. Camping Stove Lixada Stainless Steel Lightweight Wood Stove 

There is nothing better than having access to a wood stove when venturing into the great outdoors. This device can not only provide the warmth that you require in a variety of situations, but it can also help you cook your food. However, selecting the best wood stove to meet your specific needs may be more difficult than you think. These are the situations in which the Lixada Camping Stove comes in handy. This stove has everything you could possibly need. You can easily store and transport the stove from one location to another thanks to its ability to fold completely flat.

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4. Canway Camping Stove

The Canway Camping Portable Wood Stove is ideal for campers, fishermen, hunters, and Boy Scouts. The stove is intended to provide the necessities for staying warm in the winter as well as roasting marshmallows and hotdogs. The collapsible design facilitates storage and portability. Simply slip it into your backpack and you can track long distances without being bothered by its weight or size.

Stainless steel is not only resistant to high temperatures, but it is also resistant to corrosion and rust. This essentially means that it will retain its integrity for a much longer period of time than other materials used in wood burning stoves. This stove is fantastic, and it will undoubtedly be worth the investment.

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5. Lixada Portable Camping Stove Folding Camping Stove

This tough, yet lightweight, Lixada camping stove is perfect for any type of hiking, from day hikes where you just want a cup of tea along the way to multi-day hikes where you want to cook several meals.

This strong stove can be powered by biomass, such as twigs. Solid alcohol fuel can also be used as a backup option if no dry twigs are available.

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6. Camping Wood Stove Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stove

This wood stove’s unique design includes a unique double wall that allows for extremely clean secondary gasification and burning. This means the material burns more thoroughly and produces less smoke.

Compact design saves space, allowing you to carry more in your backpack.

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7. Portable Wood Burning Camp Stove Folding Stainless Steel 

This portable wood stove weighs only 550G! It can be put together in seconds without the use of any tools. It’s small enough to fit in a tool bag, the trunk of a car, and more!

The folding stove’s main body and 304 stainless steel grill form a stable and sturdy cooking base. You can boil water, cook food, make coffee, and eat your favourite food while it’s still hot, or simply enjoy it while it’s still hot.

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8. Lixada Portable Camping Stove Combo Wood Burning Stove and Cooking Pot Set

This camping cookware set includes a folding wood stove and a pot made of hardened stainless steel to last for a long time while camping, hiking, backpacking, picnicking, and other outdoor activities.

The rugged stainless steel construction makes backpacking and camping easier.

9. EcoZoom Zoom Versa Rocket Stove – Wood

The EcoZoom Versa stove is powered by wood, charcoal, or solid biomass. It is ideal for camping, outdoor cooking, and disaster preparedness. When cooking with wood, the Versa has the same efficiency and heat output as the Zoom Dura, but it has a more controlled cooking experience when cooking with charcoal.

To ensure long-term durability, the top door and combustion chamber insulation are lined with refractory metal. Both the main combustion chamber door and the damper door have reinforced metal frames with hinges that allow the doors to be securely closed for airflow regulation.

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10. TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove 

This is an excellent stove for cooking your dinner, drying your gear, heating your shelter, or simply warming your hands and feet on a cold winter night.

Small enough to transport in your car and carry to your campsite on your own. The large cooktop space allows you to prepare a variety of tasty dishes. When not in use, you can rotate the cooktop outward to dry wet socks and gloves.

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How to Choose the Best Wood Stoves

Stove Top Dimensions

The dimensions of the cooking stove’s top are critical. Because this will determine whether or not you can use a specific size pot. If the stove top is large, it may be suitable for larger pots, but smaller ones cannot be used.

Similarly, on smaller stovetops, larger pots may easily fall over. As a result, you should make certain that you purchase the appropriate size wood burning cooking stove for your needs.


When it comes to portable cooking stoves, you must consider the unit’s weight. The majority of the best wood burning stoves we’ve reviewed are portable and lightweight. So you can pick any of those. Nonetheless, not all of the camp stoves on the list are the same size. As a result, choose wisely.

And you might be looking for one that is very light and will not add a lot of weight to your backpack. In that case, opt for lighter colours. Lighter camping wood stoves, on the other hand, may not be as stable as heavier ones. As a result, you must strike a balance between the weight and the stability of the cooking stoves.

Efficiency and Fuel Consumption

The best camping stove would be one that uses little fuel. Furthermore, the fuel efficiency of camping wood burning stoves is heavily influenced by their design and shape. For example, if the design incorporates good ventilation and openings for adding new woods, it will be far more efficient in the kitchen. In windy conditions, however, the openings may work against you.

Build Quality

The build quality of camping accessories such as soft coolers, pocketknives, camping hatchets, and portable camping stoves is important. It goes without saying that you should choose a camping wood stove that is both reliable and of high quality. Portable cooking stoves come in a variety of brands and models. However, not all of them are well-constructed.

As a result, make sure you get a cooking stove made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminium, or titanium. As a result, it will last longer and be safer to use.

Ease of Use

The best camping stove should be simple to use. You should be able to set up the stove quickly whether you are overlanding, camping, or hiking. It should also be simple to clean up later. The faster and easier you can put the cooking stove together, the better. This way, you will not only save time, but also energy.


A wood stove is an excellent option for you, especially if you dislike raw food. The wood stove is not only compact and convenient, but it also aids in the preparation of delicious baking dishes. However, you must exercise extreme caution when purchasing items, as they will have an impact on the overall outcome of your trip.

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