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The Best Winter Walking Trousers In UK 2022

Taking on difficult climates? You’ll want to make sure you have the best winter walking pants. Your winter walking trousers should not only be comfortable and supportive of your every movement, but they should also protect you from the elements.

Get yourself a pair of practical waterproof trousers for wet and cold weather. It’s critical to stay dry in such harsh conditions. We recommend that your waterproof walking pants be made of a stretchy material so that they can be worn over another pair of pants. This provides you with twice the protection from the elements, allowing you to go out and about while remaining as warm and dry as possible.

If you consider buying winter walking trousers, keep scrolling to find out our list of the best winter walking trousers available currently.

Top 10 Best Winter Walking Trousers In UK 2022

Below are our recommendations for the best winter walking trousers on the market, or continue reading to learn more about the information you should know before purchasing one.

1. Fjallraven Men’s Bergtagen Trousers

Fjallraven has taken special care with the cut of the Bergtagen Trousers, ensuring full articulation at the knees and crotch. With their Bergtagen range, the Swedish brand made their first foray into mountaineering-specific kit this Autumn/Winter 2017. We say ‘range,’ but it’s more of a system, with a layer of clothing, from baselayer to full parka, to outfit a person from head to toe.

These carefully articulated trousers are woven from 65% recycled polyester and 35% recycled cotton to create an extremely durable construction. With Corylon overlays on the knees and instep, you can be confident that these will withstand a variety of scrapes.

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2. Mammut Pordoi SO Pants

Pordoi SO Pants aren’t for everyone, but if the fit is right for you, these could be your go-to outdoor trousers for all seasons. Wind-resistant softshell will come in handy all year, with reasonable rain-deflection without wetting out or chafing, and a slim cut around the ankles and a gusseted zip to reduce flapping in hoolies.

Mammut has implemented a technology called Mammut Phase Weave, which reduces seams while also combining fabrics for optimal performance without the bulk of layering. Pockets are positioned to avoid fouling a climbing harness, as with the Arc’teryx Russet walking trousers, and Mammut has added a flat waistband to improve all-day comfort under a harness or rucksack hipbelt.

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3. Rab Spire Pants

The Rab Spire trousers are described as “mid-weight softshell” by Rab and are made of a double-weave Matrix fabric that is 92 percent polyamide and 8 percent elastane. The knees and the inside of the lower leg are reinforced with a tough-feeling fabric. Despite its tough appearance, the main fabric is stretchy and has a very soft inner face, and the design features a diamond gusset and articulated knees. On the hill, this product is warm enough on its own in most winter conditions, and it provides excellent wind protection. They have a DWR treatment to repel rain, but they work best when the weather is too cold for rain.

The Spire comes with a removable belt, two hand pockets, and an additional pocket on one leg, all with YKK zips. There are also ankle zips to make it easier to slip them over the tops of bulky boots.

While they’d be too warm for the rest of the year, these are reassuringly sturdy, well-made, and comfortable winter hill trousers that should last for years.

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4. Jack Wolfskin Activate Winter Softshell Walking Trousers

If you enjoy winter walks in the woods or climbing when the weather is cold and windy, the winter version of the popular Jack Wolfskin Activate walking trousers could be ideal for you!

These Jack Wolfskin Winter waling trousers are warm but breathable, thanks to the Flex Shield Softshell on the outside, which is made of 90% polyamide and 10% elastane, and the warm lining on the inside, which is made of 100% polyester.

They also have secure pockets and are designed to fit with strenuous movement in mind, as the outer material has two-way stretch and wind resistance capabilities.

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5. Montane Super Terra Pant

In the autumn and winter, the GRANITE fabric – similar to a tough cotton – stops the wind in its tracks. This also means that the fabric is long-lasting, so you don’t have to cringe every time you catch your trousers on some undergrowth or a rock.

The Cordura Hydro patches on the knees, insteps, and bum are ridiculously strong and waterproof, making them ideal for sitting on wet rocks or scraping past sharp, pointy rocks.

Ankle zips for access and ventilation, as well as gaiter hooks and three poppers for adjusting the opening size and keeping everything snug against foul weather, are located at the bottom of the trousers. This is all very good, useful information, and the construction quality is excellent.

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6. Runbold Hiking Pants, Mammut

These trousers, which are close-fitting but super-stretchy, allow you to move freely and are both breathable and quick-drying. The ultra-light fabric won’t keep you warm if you linger on cold days, but that’s not the point: these are meant to be worn quickly. You could almost consider them an alternative to the type of leggings worn by runners and cyclists – and they might even appeal to those enthusiasts.

They have a simple, clean design that conceals even the thigh pocket. My only minor complaint was the seam just above the knee, which dragged a little on uphill stretches.

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7. Columbia Men’s Bugaboo Iv Pant

If you only need one pair of pants for the winter, choose snow pants with a lot of mobility. This Columbia pair has all of the essential features for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding: they’re fully waterproof with no-leak seams, they have some insulation, and they have built-in gaiters.

Because of the fleece lining and lack of vents, these run the risk of being a little too toasty on a sunny day, and they may not last through multiple seasons of heavy use, but they’re an affordable option for people who need something basic for a variety of snowy outings.

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8. Burton Gore Duffy Snow Pant

Burton has been at the forefront of the snowboarding industry for as long as they have existed. That expertise, it turns out, translates beautifully into winter hiking, as evidenced by their snow pants.

These pants are made of a waterproof two-layer Dryride polyester twill weave fabric, have an exclusive thermoregulating Living Lining that brilliantly balances warmth and comfort, and have mesh-lined vents to keep you cool when things get too hot.

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9. The North Face Men’s Convertible Hiking Exploration Outdoor Trouser

The North Face Convertible Hiking Trousers have a multipurpose design that will allow you to conquer a variety of terrains.

These Convertible Hiking Trousers are made out of a combination of 5% elastane and 9% nylon, resulting in a lightweight and stretchy pair of trousers with the right fit. Despite this, they are quite tough, durable, and capable of dealing with any difficult terrain you can think of.

The lower parts of the legs can be zipped off at mid-thigh, allowing you to convert the trousers into a pair of shorts. This brand also has a roll-up hem, which makes it a good choice for summers and springs.

A water-repellent finish on the outer shell protects you from fluid spills and unexpected downpours while you’re out on the trail. Similarly, the pair will be appropriate both in the autumn and winter when you want to step outside with adequate protection from the chilly conditions.

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10. Outdoor Research Cirque II Pants

This pant provides an impressive combination of weather protection and mobility: it’s water-resistant, breathable, and tough enough for off-trail adventures that would rip some of the lighter weight pants to shreds (the face fabric of the Cirque II is a burly 90D). For hiking, the double-weave stretch fabric provides a much greater range of motion and breathability than a rain pant or hardshell.

Remember that the Cirque II is a specialised pant. It’s marketed as being suitable for “high-energy alpine climbing, mountaineering, and ice climbing,” implying that it was designed with alpine conditions in mind. The pant is water-resistant but not waterproof, which means it will eventually soak through in heavy rain. And, at over 1 pound 5 ounces, it weighs roughly twice as much as the majority of the lightweight hiking pants on this list.

The Cirque, on the other hand, can be your bomber hiking pant for fall, winter, and spring hiking in muddy or off-trail conditions. It’s also great for snowshoeing and spring skiing.

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What To Look For In Winter Hiking Pants

While there’s no single right answer for the best pair of winter hiking pants — as everyone’s experiences, desires, budget, etc. are different — there are a few things you can look for to ensure you’re prepped for outdoor adventures in icy, frozen weather. The major ones to keep an eye out for are listed below.

Weatherproofing: Definitely the most important factor when searching for winter hiking pants, the ability to stave off moisture is imperative. Regardless of where you are adventuring, you should ensure that your bottoms have a high resistance to water penetration. Make sure to check for things like GORE-TEX membranes, DWR coatings, and more. If the pair you’re looking at are nothing more than water-resistant, you may wish to reconsider, as hoofing up a trail with wet garments is an excellent way to get hypothermia, frostbite, or worse.

Insulation: A lack of insulation is not as much a coffin nail as a lack of waterproofing for a pair of winter hiking pants, but it’s definitely something you should be aware of. This is because it will determine if and how you need to layer. Thinner pants are more manageable from a weight and range-of-motion standpoint, but they won’t keep you as warm, necessitating the addition of base layers. Similarly, you’ll want to keep your base layers lighter if your pants do have insulation to avoid overheating.

Comfort: The least important factor, but still worth considering, your personal comfort will dictate your ability to adventure. If the pants fit oddly, are too long, or are uncomfortable for any other reason, this could abbreviate your desire to wear them. Don’t expect your winter hiking pants to be as comfortable as sweatpants, but you also shouldn’t suffer for the sake of warmth and dryness.


Our list above has been carefully curated to assist you in finding the ideal pair for your next adventure. We’ve selected high-quality products from some of the most well-known outdoor brands to help you on your way to the top.

Find winter walking trousers designed for a wide range of routes, so whether you need a pair to go out with the dog or waterproof walking trousers to take you up every Munroe, our selection has plenty of options.

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