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Top 10 Best Winter Coats For Men In The UK 2021

It’s one of the more enjoyable purchases. A winter coat – the sound, versatile, punchy sort – can lift even the simplest outfits. It makes a big impression. And, while winter coats may be costly, they’re also among the most functional pieces in your wardrobe.

“A good coat is the one thing that defines your whole winter look,” says Carin Nakanishi, head of cult menswear brand and retailer, The Garbstore. “It’s the piece that people see you in the most. Your seasonal statement, so you’ve got to make it count.”

Of course, you might think that there’s less of a reason to buy a cold weather coat this year. Maybe you’re working from home, and the frosty traipse from the train station to the office is but a thing of the pre-pandemic past. To that we say: poppycock. Thanks to lockdown measures, people are spending more time than ever exploring their local areas; going for leaf-crunching walks in the park and breathing in the fresh air. Don’t let the harsh winds trap you inside for months – invest in something sturdy and warm that you can throw on at a moment’s notice.

Furthermore, finding the optimal winter jacket is a goal to pursue all year round. You also don’t have to just solve one problem. Season can be the variety of weather combinations that you need to be prepared for. When it comes to winter coats, you get what you pay for. Consider spending a little more this season as certain materials perform better than others. Check out our list of top 10 best winter coats that we are going to introduce below, it can help you make the perfect choice for this winter season.

Top 10 Best Winter Coats For Men In The UK 2021

1. Highlander Waterproof Packaway Jacket

The Highlander Stow and Go Jacket is a lightweight, breathable outer layer that is waterproof, wicks away moisture and protects from the wind. It features two front zipped pockets, full-length zip closure and a peaked hood to protect from the rain.

It also includes a handy stuff sack to pack the jacket away taking up very little space making it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and fishing.

This jacket has waterproof fabric, taped seams and a peaked hood, giving it a hydrostatic head of 6000mm, perfect for keeping the rain out. Weighing a mere 310g, it is easy to carry with you in case of rain and compresses into a stuff sack 22cm x 10cm x10cm. Wind resistant nylon outer fabric and adjustable cuffs prevent cold air circulation inside the jacket, keeping its warmth well.

Even in cold conditions, with its breathability, it serves as a superb outer layer. Don’t forget to check out the matching trousers Stow & Go Trousers and RD’ve even got the Kids covered with our Stow & Go Junior.

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2. TACVASEN Military Waterproof Men’s Softshell Jacket Fleece Lining Camouflage Outdoor Coat

Being a softshell jacket, the main purpose of which is for outdoor activities, the Military Tactical jacket was designed for exactly that. It can be worn for a variety of outdoor sports and activities, such as hiking, fishing, hunting or camping.

The design is quite light, so it is very comfortable to wear and it is also ergonomic, which means that the jacket will not get in the way while you are out and about, and especially if you will be moving a lot.

It comes with a hooded collar, which adjusts with draw cords in front. The collar itself is quite high and the hood closes around the face, leaving a very small area exposed, which is always a plus for very cold days.

The main zipper is concealed and there is a back placket to help protect against the rain by preventing it from getting through and inside the jacket.

The sleeve cuffs are adjustable with Velcro flaps, so you can wear them as loosely or tightly as needed. Also adjustable is the bottom hem, which you can tighten to fully close the jacket off from the elements and for as a better fit.

The sleeves themselves are cut quite loosely, which allows for plenty of movement and especially layering. This is very important if you are intending to wear this jacket in really cold weather, as layering underneath is an essential step to prevent hypothermia.

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3. Five Mile Mens Langland Synthetic Down Fill Jacket

Defy the cold and put functionality and performance first with this lightweight synthetic down jacket by Five Mile With a stylish padded quilt design, this coat features two zipped front pockets and a hidden internal pocket so you have enough space to store all essential items. Available in multiple colours, the Langland down jacket is a versatile and smart choice for winter walks without the chill.

Our down jackets are padded with lightweight insulation for extra warmth on colder days, so there is no need for bulky layers.

Lightweight, comfortable & durable for everyday adventures.

Features two front zippered pockets and a handy hidden internal pocket.

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4. WenVen Men’s Lightweight Cotton Jacket Casual Leisure Jackets

Combining cotton and polyester in a pleasantly comfortable jacket, WenVen’s Casual Cotton Military jacket is perhaps one of the comfiest out there. This heavy-fabric jacket features no less than five pockets for you to use, a useful option to have when it comes to winter jackets. Like we said, this jacket involves a heavy fabric construction with durable seams and reliable zippers all around for that high-quality feel many people look for.

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5. Arc’teryx Men’s Therme Parka Men’s Parka

The Arc’teryx Therme Parka is available in different colours, and so can be worn in almost any social situation. With its Gore-Tex membrane it is 100% waterproof as well as 100% windproof.

In terms of details, Arc’teryx has done a nice job with numerous, practical pockets, including a very handy passport pocket that fits a boarding pass, perfect for business travellers. The wind flap with press buttons over the front zip offers more protection. The Gore-Tex shell is a rugged weave that gives us confidence it will last a long time.

The hood is ample and also insulated. An insulated hood is a must in cold climates. The collar finishes high when done up and does a great job of protecting the neck area.

Down Contour means the down actually forms to your body shape, eliminating potential gaps for cool air to seep in. The result? Warmth, evenly distributed the length of the jacket. Reduced bulk and movement-friendly features are also found under the arms and at the sides.

The Therme Parka does give a great return on your investment, thanks to the careful craftsmanship and premium materials. As for the cut, it comes in a slightly slim fit and hangs nicely, just the right look for city living.

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7. The North Face Men’s M Mcmurdo Insulated Down

You certainly can spend a lot more for a winter jacket, but we love the combination of quality and value offered by the McMurdo Parka from The North Face. This parka covers all of the important bases: it’s warm, waterproof, blocks the wind, and is decently breathable for use in milder temperatures. In addition, we appreciate the upper-thigh-length cut, which offers good coverage while still allowing for plenty of mobility. And at $349, the McMurdo will set you back considerably less than many of the more expensive parka options below.

What are the shortcomings of The North Face McMurdo Parka? It has a decidedly casual look and feel, meaning that it isn’t designed for the backcountry. In addition, you won’t get the same warmth for the weight or compressibility as some of the pricier jackets on the list that use thinner shells and 800-fill down or higher. But these shouldn’t be huge issues for around-town use, which is exactly why many people buy the McMurdo. And the cherry on top: we really like the looks of the jacket (thankfully the faux fur along the hood is removable as that could have been a deal breaker). In terms of fit, we have worn the latest version, and it’s a serious winter jacket with room for layering but didn’t feel overly boxy. On the women’s side, the Arctic Parka doesn’t share the name but has many similarities including full waterproofing, 550-fill down, and a removable hood.

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8. Carhartt Men’s Quilted Flannel Lined Duck Active Jacket J140

With an impressive 4.8-star rating and more than 4,700 reviews, this coat by Carhartt is an Amazon favorite — and it’s easy to see why. The hooded coat’s outer layer is made with a durable cotton duck material that is both water and wind-resistant. Meanwhile, the interior is lined with a super soft and cozy quilted flannel to keep you warm. Reviewers love the spacious pockets and the fact that it is machine-washable. One shopper called it “the most awesome jacket I’ve owned” before adding “This jacket is awesome when it comes to not just being comfortable, but also for warmth. The outer layer is made to seriously protect against the wind and that’s half the winter battle. The inner layers while not super thick is perfect, especially with the addition of a sweatshirt or basic long sleeve shirt against the cold. Been my favorite jacket for years.”

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9. Helly Hansen Copenhagen Raincoat

On this list of mens winter coats, Helly Hansen doesn’t crop up too much, but it’s a top performer in my opinion!

It’s not easy to find a high-quality winter coat in the £100 range but the Copenhagen Raincoat from Helly-Hansen will impress you with what it has to offer.

It is as stylish as it is functional and will be a great choice for men who are looking for fashionable winter gear. The manufacturer based the design on the classic fisherman’s rubber raincoat, which has become a trend lately.

Its PU fabric construction makes for durable functionality and welded seams leave no room for the cold breeze to sneak in. Although waterproof, the material can allow some wetness to get inside when you stand in the rain for more than 15 minutes.

This means you should try to find shelter when you realise that downpour is not about to stop anytime soon. Another grievance is that the fabric is not very breathable. Don’t be surprised to find yourself sweating when there is a rise in temperature. In the right conditions, it is the perfect choice for any outdoor enthusiast.

Another thing to mention about the Copenhagen raincoat is that it is a very large coat, so you might want to consider sizing it down to get the ideal fit. This, however, allows it to shine when it comes to the level of comfort offered. There is enough room underneath not to restrict your movements, enabling you to remain nimble on the trail.

You’ll also appreciate the two zippered pockets on the side that can either be used for storage or for warming your bare hands.

YKK zippers run up and down the front of the jacket, to keep your torso covered and protected from the cold.

These not only work seamlessly but also fully keep the breeze from getting in. Overall, you’ll find great use in the Helly-Hansen Copenhagen raincoat if you want to take the winter season head-on!

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10. Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater Hoody

As far as a winter hiking jacket goes, this one from Patagonia does the trick nicely. When you’re hiking and it’s chilly, you don’t necessarily want something that’s overly bulky or huge, as you’re just gonna feel weighed down and end up a sweaty mess.

That’s why I prefer lightweight like this one when I’m on a hike in winter. It’s windproof, so you’ll feel (almost) invincible when it starts blowing a gale and you’re still warm in the Patagonia Down Sweater Hoodie.

Something about hiking jackets that I always look for is how packable they are. Hiking often involves different terrain, and across a long distance, this can vary wildly, which means having to master your layering with the difference in how strenuously you are working. Having this Patagonia jacket is perfect for multi-day hikes where you’ll be taking a jacket off and putting it back on again.

It easily packs down to a small size, of course. And you know what? It looks pretty cool too.

It may not be for sub-zero temperatures – far from it (you’ll need thermals and/or outer layers for that) – but it works like a charm for the milder winter hikes out there.

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How To Choose Best Winter Coats For Men ?


Winter coats are not always the most stylish item you will wear, but there are some good finds that keep you looking great despite the cold. Just be aware of putting fashion over function when it comes to super-cold temperatures. After all, it’s no good looking great if you can only last 10 minutes outside!

Winter coats also come in different lengths, so make sure it falls on the right parts of your legs or knees. Any shorter and the cold can seep in, and any longer and it will feel restricting and uncomfortable.

A hood with a ruff (like a fur lining) can also come in handy when the winds pick up. When I was in -40 in the Yukon last year, I was very surprised at what a difference they make. There is a reason all the huskie sledders use them!


Fit is important to ensure that there are no gaps for cold air to get into. But, you also want some room to layer beneath it too. Layers make all the difference in the end. So, if you plan on really cold temperatures, leave room for thermal underwear, a shirt/top of some kind, then a sweater, then last comes the jacket. I was wearing 7 layers in -40, albeit most of them were thin.

Another thing to look at is how the sleeves close up (to keep the wind out) and the hem. A nice high neck and fleecy liner in that area can also be a real bonus when you are standing for a long time in the col.

Weather Proofing

Not all winter coats can double as raincoats. For the most part, winter coats can handle light snow or rain, but areas prone to wet snow should find waterproof coats. When the coat gets saturated, both the water and the cold will be trapped and defeat the purpose of the winter coat.

So, if you are planning on using this jacket in temperatures around or above freezing, then make sure it can handle the rain as well. A wet down jacket is not something you want to be wearing, I can tell you from experience!


In just a few months, you’ll swap your summer shirt and light jacket for something a little warmer. When getting ready for UK unpredictable weather, be sure to get ready for the curve, with our collection of some of the best winter coats for men 2021. Whether It’s parka or jacket, our best winter jacket collection for men that showcases all kinds of styles – from smart and stylish, to stylish and ergonomic, whatever. What you look for in a reliable winter coat we have for you online at

Beat the crowd and find the perfect winter coat for you in front of the others, as we guide you through our handpicked edit of the top men’s winter coats 2021, available for purchase. What are you waiting for? If there are suggestions for better options, please comment below we will review and add in the next list.

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