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The best wet tile saws in UK 2021

The best wet tile saws are the one that not only performs most effectively, but also gives you the most bang for your buck. A quick browse at your local hardware store will result in a multitude of options to help you with your sawing needs. But when the product details start to become overwhelming, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. That’s why our Sebring design team is here to narrow your options down to the top five absolute best tile saws on the market today.

Looking for a huge power source? Want something portable? Need a wider variety of features for your tiling project? This is the first place to look. Check out our top five favorites!

Top 10 the best wet tile saws in UK 2021

In this article, we will tell you what to look for in the best tile saws, both good and bad, as well as which tile saws really stand out–but you have to keep reading to find out more.

1. DEWALT D24000 1.5-HP 10-Inch

Though we named it our Editor’s Choice, we feel the need to mention that the DEWALT D24000 is not strictly speaking the absolute “best” tile saw, but it will serve as the best for the most people.

Of course, that does depend on how much you are willing to spend on a tile saw, but the DEWALT D24000 can cover nearly any job you throw at it with a motor that pushes 1 ½ horsepower to spin the blade up to 4200 RPMs.

On top of that, this tile saw also features one of the best cutting capacities with a depth of 3 ⅛” and rips of 26” and 18” for straight and diagonal cuts respectively. With a 10” blade and an amazingly efficient and convenient design, the DEWALT D24000 is more than capable of delivering miter, bevel, and plunge cuts.

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2.FERM Tile Cutter TCM1010

The TCM1010 tile cutter from Netherlands-based company, FERM houses a mid-range 600 watt motor that turns the tile cutting blade at 2950 RPM. It can cut tiles up to an ample 34mm in thickness on a modestly sized cutting surface of 33cm x 36cm and it can also make bevelled cuts of tiles up to 18mm in thickness when the cutting surface is angled at 45°. The tile cutter takes blades of 180mm in diameter with a bore size of 22.2 mm and although it comes with a cutting blade included, the blade typically does not last very long before becoming too blunt to effectively cut with. Consequently, buyers of the FERM tile saw should also factor in purchasing in short order a more durable blade specific to the tile material they are cutting.

To aid with cutting accuracy, the FERM tile cutter is equipped with a parallel guide that is bolted down to the tile cutter surface using thumbscrews on either end of the guide, while the surface itself has integrated ‘ruler’ markings to facilitate more accurate tile cutting. As for the accessories side, FERM have included ear plugs and safety goggles with the tile saw, which is a nice touch as it is always nice to get the little accessories that one needs anyway for work using power tools.

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3. The Einhell TC-TC618

The Einhell TC-TC618 is a German-designed machine that is meant for the mainland European DIY market but being sold in the UK. This is immediately obvious when one looks at the accompanying operating manual and power plug. The manual is not in English (instead it is in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch) and the plug is a European-style one instead of a UK one. Neither of these discrepancies is a deal-breaker for the internationalised British consumer, especially since the little bit of assembly required during set-up relies mostly on common sense, and the machine works fine on UK voltage once the plug has been changed.

The TC-TC618 is certainly a powerful machine and is able to handle almost any tile that is thrown at it cutting up to 35mm thick tiles although the cutting table size is on the small side so external support will have to be provided for bigger tiles. Like other tile cutters for the DIY market, the machine does suffer from a couple of drawbacks, some of which are a bit surprising considering its German pedigree.

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4.  Plasplugs Compact Plus

The Plasplugs Compact Plus XL DWW200 Electric Tile Cutter is a relatively large machine with an amazingly powerful 350W motor that runs a 110mm diameter blade with  speed of 4600rpm, an aligned fence that works incredibly well and locks up perfectly using two thumbscrews.

There is a mitre board on one side which can set to 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees for bevelling tile edges which is handy.

The model is a pretty compact machine equipped with a carry handle to help in lifting and transporting the machine if needed, its worth noting at just over 3kg, its not to heavy either.

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5. 600W 180mm Wet Electric Tile Cutter Saw

Bevel cutting and longitudinal cutting: the cutter has a beveling guide and a parallel guide for bevel cutting and longitudinal cutting. Ultra-thin cutting blade: ultra-thin cutting blade achieves quick cutting and low material loss. Provides safe support: the tile cutter has a large workbench that provides safe support for large tiles.

Water cooling system cutting: the cutting blade operates in a water tank, which not only continuously cools the cutting wheel, but also helps prevent dust from spreading.

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6. Bosch PTC

The Bosch PTC 470 Tile Cutter uses a titanium coated cutting cutting wheel to deliver quick and accurate cutting up to 470mm. Most importantly, this machine offers exact scoring and cutting in one pass thus minimising the need for re-scoring a common problem with cheaper models. The titanium coating plays a vital role in prolonging the life of the blade while ensuring maximum precision and clean cuts. As such, you can enjoy repeating clean cuts with little effort and without wasting tiles.

Whether you are preparing tiles for a new kitchen floor or doing some bathroom renovation, this machine cuts tiles down to the precise millimetre, thanks to the 0-45 degree angle stop and a guide ruler with millimetre scaling.

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7. Rubi Star-63

The Rubi Star 63 Tile Cutter is a lightweight model designed for cutting enamelled stoneware and ceramic tiles. This has a decent cutting depth of 12mm and cuts materials of up to 61cm in length making it suitable for long tiles. Equipped with a mobile separator, the machine is capable of making diagonal cuts, with the maximum angled tile cut of 45 x 45cm.

The base of this cutter has been brilliantly designed to absorb shock whilst providing proper support for the material. Included with the model is a 6mm scoring wheel that is made from tough tungsten carbide to ensure it will withstand the riggers of daily cutting. Its worth noting you get an extra 10mm scoring wheel so you can interchange depending on the need.

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8. VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade

The Vitrex Diamon Blade Saw is our best pick and would be a great choice for most types of porcelain and ceramic tiles.

It uses a diamond blade, which means you get an extremely clean-cut, always important when you’re working with tiles. Any diamond blade cutter requires a supply of water and this model features a water-cooling system as well as integral drainage.

The ruler and quick release guide make it very easy to get a straight and clean cut using this machine. There’s also a height-adjustable wheel guard, making it very safe to use.

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9. Vitrex 10 2350 Economy Tile Cutter

The Vitrex 10 2350 Economy Tile Cutter is our best pick and is a very simple but effective cutter.

It is a manual tile cutter, which means you don’t have to have it near a power source to use, which makes it very handy for cutting tiles you plan to use outdoors. It’s incredibly simple to operate – you simply use the metal wheel to score the tile and then press the handle down to split it in two.

It’s very lightweight and compact, which means it’s ideal for moving around and storing when not in use. You can use this cutter with many different types of tiles, providing they’re made from ceramic or porcelain.

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10. Excel 650mm Freestanding

Water cooling system for strenuous tile cutting tasks. It has 600w induction motor 395mm table length. Moreover, Ideal for cutting bathroom and kitchen tiles. Adjustable work table from 0° to 45°, parallel guide for increased accuracy.

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How to choose the best wet tile saw for you?

First things first: what even is a wet tile saw? A wet tile saw is a special power tool equipped with a special blade, normally diamond-shaped, that has been water-cooled, and, as the name implies, is specifically meant to cut into tile.

The blade itself does not have edges, or ‘teeth’ like other saws do. Instead, it’s rounded and smooth, which is useful when you’re cutting into materials that can break or need to be cut with a greater level of precision.Wet tile saws are exceptionally helpful for several home renovations, most notably in kitchen renovations and also bathrooms. Tile replacement is the most common use for wet tile saws. Kitchen counters or backsplashes and floors are the most common uses for wet tile cutters.

 If you want to renovate your bathroom or kitchen but have a tighter budget, using your own tile cutter wet tile saw is a way to cut back on your costs. Professional work of this nature can cost quite a bit. But as a note of caution: you do need to understand how to cut tile properly. Otherwise, you risk racking up more expenses.

Luckily, cutting tile does take some planning, but it is possible to do.

The first thing you need to do is get measurements of your space and calculate how many tiles you’ll need.

For ceramic tile, you’ll need to mark the top, glazed side of the tile before cutting. You also need to make sure you smooth out the edges after you cut, often with a rubbing stone. For a shower, which is among the hardest tile jobs, you’ll also have to worry about selecting proper caulking.

Always make sure you have proper eye protection and other safety gear.


The best wet tile saws have a table made of durable, non-corrosive material; have a reasonable motor and blade speed, and come with a warranty. But those general guidelines aside, here are our suggestions for best wet tile saws, no matter your project.

Hopefully, our suggestions will help you choose the best wet tile saws for using.

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