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The Best Water Shoes for Kids in Uk 2021

Swimming is an activity that never gets old. Getting your child started young, whether it’s heading down to the pool to splash around for the first time or walking along the beach, is good times for both parent and child.

Being safe around the water is obviously super important, and that’s where picking out the best water shoes for kids is critical.

Top 10 Best Water Shoes for Kids in Uk 2021

Below we have compiled our best water shoes for kids, sandals and socks for kids, as well as which piece of footwear is suited for the kind of water-based activity you and your child will be taking on.

1. Stride Rite Baby-Boy’s Made 2 Play Phibian Sneaker Sandal Water Shoe

Stride Rite is a company that has been around since 1919. They have used this time to hone their craft. They are all about making shoes that kids are comfortable wearing all day. Unlike traditional water shoes, the Made 2 Play Phibian Water Shoes have been designed to be worn all summer – not just at the beach.

The design of these shoes is second to none. They feature a lacing system and even a velcro strap to make sure they stay on their feet. Small touches like fabric around the ankle ensure that they are comfortable while still being exceptionally functional. The Phibian Water Shoes come in sizes for toddlers (1-4 years old), little kid (4-8 years old, and big kid (8-12 years old). In each of these categories there are around 5 sizes which make it super easy to choose the right fit.

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2. Crocs Unisex-Child Swiftwater Sandal K

Most of Croc’s shoes are more waterproof, but not necessarily designed for water. The Crocs Kids’ Boys and Girls Swiftwater Sandals are designed specifically for water and will slip on to your child’s feet, drain water, and protect their toes. You may pay a little more for these toddler water shoes, but you’ll get all the advantages of the well-known brand and a one-of-a-kind design.

Because these are sandals, they have lots of holes to drain out water, but also the right fabric to drain water comfortably. The soles come with synthetic rubber with built-in arch support, which doesn’t come in most water shoes. If your child has flat feet, these are the best option because little feet need support.

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3. Crocs Unisex Kid’s Crocband Ii Sandal P

The Velcro straps are perfect for all-day play and allow the shoes to stay on.

In addition, one of the best things about the Crocband II Sandals are how easy they are to clean.

The shoes are made of synthetic cushion and are perfect for different types of activities like walking on the beach, running on the playground or even just strolling around the mall.

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4. JIASUQI Baby Boys and Girls Barefoot Swim Water Skin Shoes Aqua Socks

For an affordable yet adorable pair of water shoes, there are these from Jiasuqi. Made of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent spandex, they have flexible rubber soles and fit much like socks. They can be used at the beach, in the pool, or on land for pretty much any and all activities. They come in a ton of cute colors and designs featuring animals, patterns, and characters. The price is hard to beat, too.

Customers say they’re easy to put on and that they stay on, too. Parents love how versatile they are and say they’re cute and comfy for little feet. Customers also note that they’re well-made and a good value for the price.

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5. TANZKY® Unisex Baby Infant Swim Shoes Water Shoes

These shoes are great for your little one who’s just learning to walk. The thinner soles provide protection against hot sand and some of the more uncomfortable ground obstacles without having a thick, bulky sole that can hinder an early walker.

They’re constructed of waterproof neoprene, meaning they’ll stretch to insert the foot but retract to stay firmly in place.

But in the event your little one removes them or tosses them into the water to play, they’ll float, so you won’t lose them.

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6. pediped Girls Canyon Closed Toe Sandals

If you are looking for multi-purpose sandals that also works as a water sandal, then you must consider this product from Pediped.

The sole has a ridge pattern that provides grip on wet surfaces and a variety of other surfaces. The American Podiatric Medical Association approves the sandal as an aid for promoting a healthy foot development.

You can machine wash the sandals when they become dirty.

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7. Crocs Unisex Kid’s Classic Clog K

Kids will love these shoes that are both comfortable and functional. These best-sellers slip on and off easily, will keep feet protected from the ground and are completely waterproof so can be worn to splash around in puddles and water.

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8. Speedo Girls Surfwalker Pro 2.0 Fabric Low Top Slip On Water Shoes

These wet shoes offer superb traction and make walking and swimming easier than ever, especially when you’re inclined not to take them off. The design of this shoe makes prevention from stubs, scrapes and possible-ripping-off of the toenails decreased.

Some types of water footwear provide thicker soles than others and this SeaSox aqua shoe has been designed to handle versatile water activities, so whatever the days out this can keep things going.

These are extremely durable and can be worn playing sports or at the beach. The mesh is easy to dry and also allows water to flow out immediately for the next activity after the play in the pool.

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9. Skechers Boy’s Koolers Sneaker

Water shoes that are comfortable and easy to clean are the Skechers Unisex-Child Cali Gear Guzman Stepz Sneaker. They’re perfect for a day at a water park or even playing outdoors. Similar to the Native water shoes, these also come without any laces or velcro which makes them easy to wear. The breathable upper has holes for airflow which keeps your kid’s feet free from unpleasant odors.

A standout feature of these shoes is the neoprene backing which protects the back of the ankle. This backing folds in easily so your kid can just slip his feet into the shoes if he doesn’t want to pull them up. With the molded EVA and synthetic sole, your kids will be comfortable and steady on their feet.

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10. Crocs Swiftwater Easy-On Logo Slip On Shoes

Functional as a sneaker, as easily wearable as a slip-on. Kids will love the versatility of these Crocs, made with stretch-mesh uppers that make getting out the door in the morning a cinch instead of a struggle. Croslite™ foam outsoles feature grooves that help channel water and mucky elements away for increased traction. The bold logo adds a dose of Crocs spirit.

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How to choose the best water shoes for kid

Primary Use: Where will your child use their water shoes? If you’ll be on the powder white sand beaches of the Caribbean, aqua socks or swim shoes may be a perfect choice, to shield tiny toes from the hot sand.

If you’ll be fishing the wild rivers of Alaska, they might benefit from a kids water shoe that offers more foot protection. And if you’re family will be lounging lakeside, water sandals may be just right, offering underfoot protection but allowing the water to flow easily through their toes.

Material: Most kids water shoes are made out of synthetic fibers that do a great job at repelling water. For hiking through mountain trails with water crossings, a pair of breathable, well-ventilated kids water shoes with an out-sole that can absorb all the shocks is preferable. But, when you are in the pool or ocean, kids will appreciate lightweight, quick dry swim shoe materials that allow for unhindered movement while submerged underwater.

Sole Thickness: If the chances are high that your child will be using their water shoes as an everyday shoe, or if they’ll be using them in locations known for sharp or uneven terrain, choose water shoes that have a thick, solid sole for maximum protection. Conversely, if your early-walking toddler, who is still getting the hang of things, wants to investigate sea glass on the beach, you might want to choose something, like a swim shoe, which is less bulky and clunky, to help them keep their balance.


Water shoes are a great idea if you’re worried about injuring yourself at the beach. They are also great for playing sports either in or out of the water. Remember that the best shoe for you is the one that goes well with the activities you are planning to do. Make sure that they have good traction and quick-dry materials.

Wheteher you’re planning to chill at the beach or practice some water sports, we hope we helped you find your best shoes!

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