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The Best Toilet Cleaner Products of 2022

Let’s face it: cleaning the bathroom will never be the highlight of your day. But bathrooms are exposed to a lot of germs on a daily basis, and they aren’t going to clean themselves.

However, with a regular cleaning schedule and the right products, you can clean your bathroom quickly and easily, allowing you to move on to more enjoyable activities.

We’ve researched and tested tons of cleaners to find the best toilet cleaner products you can buy, including disinfecting wipes, a new scrub brush for the tub, an excellent shower cleaning spray, and an effective mop.

Top 10 Best Toilet Cleaner Products of 2022

Here are the best toilet cleaner products of 2022.

1. Ecover Toilet Cleaner Sea Breeze & Sage

Give the toilet bowl a thorough cleaning without the use of any eye-watering chemicals. With its multi-action decalcifying agent, a quick scrub around the rim with Ecover Toilet Cleaner keeps your toilet clean and fresh. Oh, and you don’t have to hold your nose!

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2. HG 318006106 Toilet Renovation Kit

The HG Toilet Renovation Kit is a highly effective toilet cleaner that can remove even the most stubborn stains. As a toilet pan ages, the glaze layer becomes more brittle. Deposits like limescale and uric scale adhere to it more easily and mix with dirt. These generally very stubborn deposits are not only to be found in the visible areas of the toilet, such as the neck but also hidden under the rim. These deposits under the toilet rim can make it difficult to clean the toilet thoroughly. This produces an unpleasant odour in the restroom. This powerful toilet cleaner restores your toilet’s hygienic cleanliness and fresh odour, giving it a new lease on life.

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3. The Stuff Miracle Toilet Cleaner

The entire toilet is filled with a distinct fresh, fruity perfume. Its sparkling foam cleaning action leaves your toilet clean and sanitary. The toilet bowl is clinging to the thick cleaning gel. Bacteria are killed in 99.9% of cases. When used on a regular basis, it removes limescale (3 times per week). This product cleans both above and below the waterline.

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4. Ecover Power Toilet Cleaner Lemon & Orange

When compared to standard Ecover toilet cleaner, it removes limescale 10 times faster. Our strong cleaner is specially formulated to remove tough limescale and calcium deposits, leaving your toilet sparkling clean. We select renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients that are effective, reduce pollution, and place less strain on our planet’s resources. This super-efficient gel cleans 10x faster than our standard formula.

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5. Harpic Toilet Cleaner Bleach White & Shine

Harpic White and Shine Original with Baking Soda deep cleans your toilet, killing all germs and viruses and leaving it sparkling white clean. The formula is extremely hygienic, eradicating E. Coli and Rotavirus. It’s made with baking soda to clean effectively and restore your toilet to its natural gleaming whiteness. Before regular cleaning, 7 out of 10 people flushed an empty toilet. Harpic is so effective that you don’t even need to pre-flush to get the best results. Furthermore, you can save up to 1375 litres of water per year.

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6. Duck Fresh Disc Toilet Cleaner Starter Pack

Worried about traditional toilet cleaner cages harbouring germs? No need to be concerned. Fresh Duck Discs Lime/Citrus has a gel-based toilet stain remover formula that self-sticks to the toilet bowl, eliminating the need to worry about germy cages. Fresh Discs help to keep limescale and germ-infested stains at bay. Simply stick one to the inside of the toilet rim to keep things clean while emitting a fresh Lime/Citrus scent. There is no need for touching or scrubbing, just an automatic freshening action with each flush. Isn’t it simple? This bathroom cleaner starter kit includes one handle and six gel discs.

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7. Duck Toilet Cleaner Liquid, Sanitiser & Descaler

Do you want to make certain that your toilet is completely clean? Duck Liquid Toilet Cleaner provides complete hygiene for your toilet, thanks to its unique shaped neck, which allows you to reach deeper under the rim, leaving your toilet clean and scented for a long time. Duck makes a difficult task easy!

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8. Ecozone 3-in-1 Toilet Cleaner Ocean Breeze

Our new gel formula is 3x thicker and smells like a fresh ocean breeze. Our non-toxic toilet cleaner contains plant-derived cleaning ingredients that will keep your toilet sparkling and your conscience clean. Ecozone is opposed to animal testing, and all of our products are vegan-friendly.

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9. Toilet Cleaner Power Foaming Cleaning Product 3 Treatments Lemon Fragranced Dr Beckmann

A quick and easy way to deep clean your toilet bowl a quick and easy way to deep clean your toilet bowl Power foam that self-activates It aids in the removal of tough stains, odours, and limescale. For a thorough cleaning, use For best results, use every 2/3 weeks. “Dr. Beckmann Power-Foaming Toilet Cleaner is a quick and easy way to deep clean your toilet bowl while leaving an ultra-fresh fragrance behind. The innovative formula penetrates beneath the surface to create a deep self-activating foam that aids in the removal of tough stains, odours, and limescale.

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10. Harpic Active Fresh Toilet Cleaner Gel, Mountain Pine

Harpic Active fresh Mountain pine toilet cleaner combines a wonderful fresh scent with a thick formula to create the ultimate toilet freshener! It kills 99.9% of bacteria under the rim, removes limescale, and leaves your toilet smelling fresh for hours!

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How To Choose The Best Toilet Cleaner

You will need a good toilet brush that can withstand the rigours of cleaning, so choose one that is durable. You don’t want the bristle end to break off during a clean or the brush to bend after only one use!

Bristles are an important consideration when selecting a brush because they are the primary cleaning component. The best toilet brush should have strong plastic bristles that are securely attached to the brush’s bottom. Brushes with bristles attached by wire should be avoided because they are prone to breaking off.

While this may seem obvious, you would be surprised at how many people purchase a toilet brush only to discover that the handle is too short! You’ll want to make sure there’s enough space between your hand and the toilet when it’s going into the toilet bowl, so look for a toilet brush with a long enough handle! Otherwise, invest in a good hand sanitizer.


The best toilet brushes provide an efficient method of cleaning your toilet. Because they have a long handle and a hard bristle on the bottom. It is possible to clean the toilet without getting too close to the bowl, which makes it far less unpleasant than doing it by hand. Also, a good toilet brush isn’t going to break the bank. So, for a small investment, you can keep your toilet clean and sanitary.

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