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The Best Toilet Brush of 2022

Even if you refer to it as a porcelain throne, cleaning your toilet may be the least glamorous aspect of home maintenance. But it’s a necessary task, and you’ll need the right tool for the job.

Though it might be hard to imagine much difference among toilet brushes, they’re not created equal. So what are the best toilet brush you can get? Ultimately, that depends on a few factors, like your budget, preferred cleaning method, and bathroom decor, but some definitely stand out from the rest.

Top 10 Best Toilet Brush of 2022

Here is the best toilet brush available online.

1. ASOBEAGE Toilet Brush

Pack with a stable and breathable holder base for ventilation and to keep the base clean. The brush never wears out or changes shape, allowing for perfect cleaning. The use of soft brush fibres necessitates a gentle touch; the lighter the touch, the better the cleaning results. The silicone brush head is gentle on the toilet’s glazed surface and remains completely clean throughout the cleaning process. Ergonomic handles make cleaning easier while also shortening cleaning time. Your bathroom is coordinated with a simple and beautiful design.

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2. MEKEET Silicone Toilet Brush

The toilet brush holder has a unique round centre of gravity design and comes with a stable and breathable holder base that prevents it from turning over and falling and keeps the base clean. The intermediate hole design enables difficult-to-breed bacteria cups to dry faster. The Toilet Brush is made of a rubbery material that conforms well, wipes well, and squishes down far enough to reach into nooks and crannies. Designed for deep cleaning beneath the rim and other difficult-to-reach areas. Holder for a toilet brush Made of PP and TPR bristles, it has a strong cleaning power, does not harm the toilet and captures dirt, never wears out or changes shape, and maintains perfect cleaning. A toilet brush with an ergonomic handle makes cleaning easier and saves time. There’s no need to squeegee for perfect cleaning. Your bathroom is coordinated with a simple and beautiful design.

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3. WOTEK Toilet Brush

The soft brush bristles and the long stainless steel handle of the WOTEK silicone toilet brush head allow you to clean your toilet thoroughly without a blind angle, including the dead corner inside the toilet and the dead corner under the toilet base. A brush head of appropriate size, a silver handle, a solid holder with a well-designed curvature, Classic black white grey colours, WOTEK toilet brush is beautifully designed to give you a clean feeling, transforming the toilet brush from a dirty cleaning tool to a decoration. Very suitable for your relaxing bathroom. The WOTEK toilet brush holder has a quick-drying and anti-bacteria design, so the area around the toilet is no longer a bacterial kingdom. Simply use our toilet brush cleaner to get rid of old, wet toilet brushes.

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4. MR.SIGA Toilet Bowl Brush

Durable and dense PP fibres create long-lasting bristles for effective cleaning while not scratching the toilet bowl, leaving it spotless and sanitary. Strong bristles are not easily deformed, they are economical and practical, and the dense nylon bristles provide thorough and deep cleaning of the under-rim area and those difficult-to-reach corners. Water easily drips off the bristles and into the holder, providing you with a refreshing cleaning experience. The simple and elegant design is suitable for any bathroom and is a must-have accessory for bathroom cleaning. A space-saving design conceals your toilet brush while also providing sanitary storage. The one-piece toilet brush handle and lid shield your hands from water and cleaning solutions, keeping them dry and clean. After cleaning, simply place the toilet brush on the holder, which is ideal for storing the brush out of sight.

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5. Addis 510284 Closed Toilet Brush Set

This best-selling Addis closed toilet brush is ideal for everyday domestic or commercial use; the fully closed design neatly stores the brush out of sight; the strong liquid-tight base keeps everything totally clean and hygienic; the quality dome-style stiff bristle brush head is designed to deliver an ideal cleaning performance every time, with no chance of rust; and a choice of two colours.

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6. XUXRUS Silicone Toilet Brush

It’s simple to put together. It can also be used as a freestanding toilet bowl brush on the floor. Each pack includes two toilet brushes as well as an exquisite packing box. The bristles of the silicone toilet bowl brush are made of soft and resilient TPR. When compared to traditional toilet brushes, the soft toilet brush can easily remove dead corner stains by going deep into pipes and grooves. The 360-degree thick brush head is strong and lint-free, and it never wears out even after extended use. Toilet bowl brushes have a well-ventilated customer base that allows liquid to drain, preventing dirt growth and protecting the bristles. 360° toilet bowl brushes of high quality and innovation. Soft silicone rubber head easily penetrates hard-to-reach toilet spots and thoroughly cleans stains.

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7. Joseph 70506 Bathroom Flex Smart Toilet Brush

Traditional toilet brushes collect dirt and liquid, making them difficult to use and clean. Furthermore, their bristles can distort and wear, necessitating regular replacement. Flex is a revolutionary toilet brush that was created to address all of these issues. It has a flexible, D-shaped head that can reach all areas, including under the rim. It has bristles that are widely spaced to prevent dirt clogging, allow liquid to drain quickly, and are more durable than traditional-style bristles. Flex also includes a slimline holder for convenient storage.

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8. AEROFRESH Toilet Brush

TPR bristle technology that is non-scratch and easy to clean makes cleaning your bathroom and toilet a more pleasant experience. The silicone rubber brush head cleans deeply, won’t break down easily, won’t change shape, and won’t damage your toilet surface like traditional brushes can.

In comparison to traditional toilet brushes, soft but firm brush fibres require only a gentle light touch. A gentler touch yields better cleaning results! A pair of smart tweezers hidden in the handle removes hair and debris from bath and sink plug holes.

Unlike other toilet brush and holder sets, the toilet brush holder has a round centre of gravity, which prevents it from falling or flipping. The AEROFRESH design Aero Port ventilation maintains hygiene, reduces bacteria spread, and quickly dries the bristles of the toilet brush, keeping it clean, dry, and ready for use the next day!

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9. FYKERO Bathroom Silicone Toilet Brush

Following the collection of our customers’ suggestions and the updating of our products, we present the toilet brushes with the most recent design for 2022. This toilet brush has a detachable bottom that can accommodate your needs when you want the water to flow to the ground or simply remain in the brush holder after using the flush brush. Furthermore, the toilet brush can be installed in two ways: wall-mounted and stand-up. Because of its professional D-shaped design and long brush handle, the silicone loo brush deep cleans the entire area, even under the rim. Furthermore, its anti-adhesive coating ensures that dirt does not adhere to the brush head. This toilet brush is made of premium PP and Silicone material, so it will last for a long time. Furthermore, due to the loo brush heads’ industrial-grade TPR material, it will never cause any damage to the toilet while in use.

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10. OXO 1349480 Good Grips Compact Toilet Brush

The Compact Toilet Brush and Canister by OXO is an excellent addition to any bathroom. The distant canister design keeps the toilet brush within easy reach while remaining compact and discrete. Simply lift the brush and the canister door will open automatically; the door will remain open until you have finished cleaning and replaced the brush in the canister. The handle is ergonomically designed, and the brush head has long-lasting bristles and a tapered shape for thorough cleaning. Simply replace the brush in the canister after cleaning for neat, compact, and sanitary storage; a built-in drip tray in the canister bottom collects excess water and allows it to evaporate quickly. This OXO toilet brush and holder set is available in three colours: black, white, and grey, allowing you to match your bathroom decor. You can also buy a replacement brush head to extend the life of your loo brush; simply unscrew the old brush head and replace it with the new one.

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How To Buy The Best Toilet Brush

While cleaning your toilet isn’t a glamorous task, it is necessary. The best toilet brush is required to make the task as pleasant and easy as possible.

While previous toilet brush designs did little to add style to your bathroom, modern designs can be an appealing addition, with unique styles, shapes, and finishes now available. Toilet brushes are also more effective than ever before, with brushes designed specifically for hygiene. Are you looking for the best toilet brush for your bathroom? Here’s what you should look for.

The toilet brushes themselves should be easy to use, hygienic, and efficient, reaching those hard-to-reach places without requiring you to get your hands dirty!

Most modern toilet brush and holder sets look fantastic in modern bathrooms. If you don’t like boring, there are a variety of strange and wacky shapes and finishes on the market.

It should go without saying that your toilet brush should be sanitary. Many come with holders that contain an antibacterial liquid for dipping the toilet brush in after use. Others are simply extremely simple to clean.

Make sure the brush has a long handle and bristles that allow it to reach hard-to-reach areas without requiring you to reach too far into the bowl. Cleaning bristles with more space between them is easier.

When it comes to keeping your bathroom clean, anti-drip is essential. Most toilet brushes are anti-drip, while others have a magnetic collar that allows you to pick up the brush to clean while keeping the holder attached.

A toilet brush with a too-short handle will make the entire process more difficult and may even strain your back! Choose a brush with a long handle to avoid reaching too far into the bowl. The handle should also be ergonomic and grippy to reduce the likelihood of you dropping it.


While there are more interesting things to buy than toilet brushes, the right one can make a job that no one wants to do a lot less unpleasant! The OXO Compact Toilet Brush gets our vote because of its modern but unobtrusive design, durable exterior, and a brush that makes cleaning the toilet a breeze.

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