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The Best Tennis Balls In UK 2021

Knowing the correct tennis balls to use on different court types and in different situations can help any player from a beginner right up to a pro.

Many times it comes down a choice of brand or loyalty to one specific tennis ball type. However, there are certainly situations where you want to choose one tennis ball over another.

If you consider buying tennis balls, keep scrolling to find out our list of the the best tennis balls available currently.

Top 10 Best Tennis Balls In UK 2021

Below are our pick of the best tennis balls on the market or alternatively, read on to find out more about the information you should know before buying one.

1. HEAD Radical Tennis Balls

The HEAD Radical is a great ball for those starting to play tennis, playing recreationally or even coaching.

They can be generally used on any court surface both indoors and outdoors, and will provide a consistent bounce but will not be as responsive if you want to apply spin to the ball. Overall, their durability is average compared to the top ranked balls, so higher-level or more frequent players may find themselves replacing them sooner than they’d like.

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2. Dunlop Fort All Court

The Dunlop Fort All Court is probably one of the most widely used balls on the planet. Most tennis clubs in the UK use this ball, so it’s ever-present in league matches and doubles games.

For some reason the Fort All Court divides opinion, some players love it, others look away in disgust when you take a fresh can from your bag and instead insist on using their own.

The ball can feel a bit uncontrollable when fresh from the tube, but after a quick warm-up, they play well. In terms of durability, I would say it’s average and can depend on what conditions you play in. I get more playtime from the Tennis-Point Premium Ball, but the Fort All Court usually plays well for two sets.

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3. Penn ATP World Tour Reg Duty Tennis Ball Can

From the largest tennis ball manufacturer on the planet (Head owns Penn Tennis Brand), Penn tennis balls have remained synonymous with excellent quality. Boasting of unrivaled versatility, Penn tennis balls are not only long-lasting but can also be used in higher altitudes and hard or soft courts.

Penn ATP tennis balls come with Smart Optik felt and also with the official label of the “ATP tour” balls. They are used on several ATP tournaments in the U.S. and Europe and are one of the best value for money pro tennis balls you can find out there.

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4. Slazenger Wimbledon

Slazenger is a popular brand among tennis lovers as it has offered players with high-quality balls for years.

The cloth on the ball features hydro guard technology which repels 70% of the water upon impact. Unlike other balls, these balls won’t feel heavy if it starts to rain or if you’re playing on a wet grass court.

These balls aren’t used on a tournament level; however, they’re great for indoor and outdoor recreational games. Thanks to the high visibility, these balls are easy to spot by the players and spectators in any weather condition.

Slazenger offers different types of balls that cater to the needs of various players: Orange mini tennis balls, Green mini tennis balls, Stage 3 red tennis balls, Tournament tennis balls, Open tennis balls, Hard court tennis balls and Training foam balls.

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5. Wilson Championship Regular and Extra Duty Tennis Balls

This ball is suitable with intermediate player at clay courts and indoor surfaces. These tennis balls are another big hitter from Wilson and the official ball of the US Open and Australian Open Grand Slam Championships.

Wilsons Dura-weave technology felt has acclaimed praise for durability and improved performance of on court tennis balls. It was made of denser felt for increased durability.
USTA and ITF approved to be played in Championships and other leagues.

While these tennis balls are perfect for indoor courts they won’t last on hard courts and outdoor surfaces so keep this can for a rainy day.

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6. Babolat Championship

Coming in at just under £15 , these balls from Babalot are a great buy. As an intermediate tennis ball, they are good quality and each tennis ball will last well in play. Babolat is a respected company in tennis and these balls show why.

Offering a good amount of bounce and spin, these are very nice to play with and offer a smooth step up from beginner level. They keep their shape well and don’t wear too hard or fast which is a bonus.

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7. Wilson Triniti Tennis Balls

If you are proactive in reducing your carbon footprint, then the Wilson Triniti Tennis Balls are the best tennis ball to choose from. Additionally, 5% of the profits go to worldwide sustainability efforts.

The tennis balls come in a case that is made out of fully recyclable packing materials. The sleeves are recyclable after use as well. Unlike most tennis ball containers, the Wilson Triniti case has a unique octagonal paper container in which the sleeves are fully recyclable after use.

The ball core contains a unique plastomer material that extends that famous fresh ball feel. At the same time, STR Felt creates awesome durability and is 50% more flexible than the standard ball for better feel at contact.

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8. Penn Pro Marathon Extra Duty Tennis Balls

A case of tennis balls which are perfect for conquering hard courts and mammoth practice sessions, the Pro Penn Extra Duty Tennis Ball set comes with 72 balls in 24 cans of 3 – for those of you who don’t like doing quick math.

Penn developed the LongPlay construction to ensure longevity during intense games while the Smart Optik design provides the maximum visibility on the court and make anticipating the flight of the ball much easier.

If you’re at the club more than your own home, having a reliable, consistent backup of quality tennis balls means you never need to call it a day, and true tennis lovers will know how hard that can be, even when you’re having an off day. If you don’t have a partner for tennis, you can use one of the pitching machines from our list and enjoy playing nevertheless.

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9. Wilson Championship Tennis Balls

The cheaper version of the US open balls and I would say that these are okay for the most part. For some reason, they tend to die even on the first days of playing and that can be frustrating at times.

They are among the cheaper cans though, so if you are just starting, these would be a pretty great buy. Just to pack a bunch and hit with them.

The felt on them starts to disappear faster than almost any ball I have played with. Maybe they just want you to buy the slightly more expensive one.

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10. Gamma Sports Bag of Pressureless Tennis Balls

Teaching pros, learners, or avid players always need a sufficient number of tennis balls. The Gamma Pressureless balls bucket has 48 pressureless balls that don’t lose their bounce even after several hits.

The balls come with a reusable poly bucket for easy transport and storage. No matter the court type, these balls will always serve you well.

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Buyer’s Guide

Irrespective of whether you are a professional or a beginner fresh tennis ballplayer, you should know that unlike any other sport, tennis accessories have a long way to go in ascertaining whether you will have an enjoyable or painful playing. So choosing a tennis ball which suits your needs is an essential part of the game.

1. Type of Ball: Pressurized or Pressureless?

Understanding the advantage of pressurized or non-pressurized balls is essential when playing on the court. Non-pressurized balls are recommended for beginners, recreational play, or practice matches. The rubber shell structure makes the ball achieve bounce, while professionals often use pressurized balls. They give more exceptional bounce, speed, and spin, but the downside is they can quickly fade over time.

2. Regular Duty and Extra Duty

When planning to buy a new tennis ball, never forget that the type of court you play on matters. Regular duty tennis balls are commonly played on indoor, or clay courts as they have thinner felt, which lessens the amount of earth absorbed on impact, while extra duty felt is better played on hard and grass courts.

3. High Altitude
When choosing tennis balls, you must keep in mind where you are hitting the court. When you are playing on high altitudes with pressurized balls, they tend to bounce higher and travel faster. All types of players usually face this challenge.


Your choice of a tennis ball can have a significant impact on your playability and quality of play on the court. Now that you have been rightly informed on the best tennis balls on clay courts as well as the things to consider when buying a tennis ball, it is essential to take time and decide the right choice for you.

Whether regular duty or extra duty, pressurized or pressureless, consider the type of court surface you want to play, the brand, and your level of experience. When you take these decisions rightly it will help you get a better tennis experience.

In a wide range of tennis balls available in the market, we hope our list above help you out in looking for the best suitable one.

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