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The Best Teddy Bears In The UK 2022

Teddy bears, named after President Teddy Roosevelt after his decision to save bears in the wild, have been a comforting companion and collectable for babies, children, and adults all over the world for more than a century. We’ve all had a favourite teddy that we carried around with us and fell asleep next to, so it’s understandable that you want to find the perfect lifelong cuddly friend for your own children or loved ones.

There’s a lot of choice out there, from giant bears to gift a girlfriend to simple cotton bears for newborns, so we’re here to make your decision that little bit easier with our best teddy bears buying guide.

Top 10 Best Teddy Bears In The UK 2022

Please take a look at our list of the best teddy bears available this year.

1. Brown Teddy Bear

Say I love you loudly with this 150cm (5ft) tall smiley brown bear, or snuggle up with him at night if you need a warm hug. He is also available in white, as well as a few other sizes, both large and small.

The fur is fluffy and dense, made of soft plush, and he’s not too heavy to move around thanks to a lightweight synthetic stuffing. Yes, it’s a novelty purchase, but it’s undeniably entertaining!

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2. Steiff Sweet Heart Bear

The best teddy bears aren’t always the softest teddy bears—you have to know your recipient. Adults who don’t want to snuggle a bear can be given a high-quality premium teddy bear that will look great displayed on a shelf, couch, or bed.

This bear from the legendary German toy company will delight those with an appreciation for the finer things in life. This bear’s plush fabric, lifelike eyes, and premium stitching will impress even collectors.

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3. Deuba Teddy Bear

Beautiful scarves. It has a classic friendly teddy bear appearance. The impressively large teddy bear will look great in your home.

Excellent gift idea This teddy bear is the ideal present for a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. Its plush comfort and softness make it an ideal gift for your girlfriend, children, family members, or friends.

They are made of soft plush toy material, making it a fluffy and adorable teddy bear.

Made of 100 percent polyester, this wonderful cuddly fantastic is wonderful cuddly fantastic. Ideal for cuddling and hugging. It has a detailed design and colours that are true to life.

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4. My First Teddy Bear

If you’re looking for a baby gift, My 1st Teddy Bear should be on your list.

Suki, a well-known plush toy manufacturer that specialises in soft toy baby gifts, created this product.

My First Teddy Bear is the softest pure white teddy, ideal for little hands to cuddle. The nose is embroidered in pink or blue and has a matching ribbon.

My 1st Bear can be personalised with a jumper or hoodie that is embroidered with your personal message.

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5. CHARLIE BEAR Panda Pals Plush Collection

Albie, like any other panda, prefers to spend his days resting, eating bamboo leaves, and resting some more. But the cuddles he gets are always a highlight for him because he is a big softie at heart and can’t wait to show you his sweet side.

This Charlie Bear has a gorgeous rich brown and white soft fur coat, a cute round face, and small ears on top. He prefers to stay close because he is always cold, which is why he wears his trendy brown and white knitted scarf with a lovely embroidered heart. When you bring him home, you can always count on a cute smile and a cuddle.

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6. Mousehouse Teddy Bear

Beautiful super soft large teddy bear – this lovely teddy bear is appropriate for babies and children of all ages!

Our best-selling stuffed teddy bear is now available in a larger size. This adorable bear is machine washable and made of high-quality, soft plush material.

This teddy bear comes in two additional sizes and has a lot of personality. He has adorable button eyes, a fluffy brown nose, and a lovely brown and white check ribbon bow collar that is stitched for safety.

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7. Steiff 35cm Luca Teddy Bear

Meet Luca, a 35cm tall Mohair Teddy Bear by the prestigious German manufacturer – Steiff. Luca is fully jointed and made of a soft blonde mohair with a softer, cuddly body.

This special teddy bear is fully jointed and wears his yellow tag with red print, proudly showing that he is from one of the very best. The surface is washable.

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8. Aurora 13-inch Bonnie Teddy Bear

Aurora World’s Bonnie Honey is a lovely, traditional-looking bear. Bonnie Honey has adorable button eyes and a lot of personality.

Bonnie Honey Teddy Bear is the ideal present for anyone who adores teddy bears.

Beautifully crafted from plush material of the highest quality. A wonderful present for any child. All European safety standards are met.

Bonnie Teddy Bear is a lovely, traditional bear that is ideal for cuddling. He sits perfectly and is of the highest quality.

Our 13″ Honey Bonnie Teddy Bear is a lovely, traditional bear designed for cuddles. He sits perfectly and is of the highest quality! The ideal present for people of all ages.

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9. YunNasi Giant Teddy Bear Big Teddy Bear

Giant Teddy’s Happy Birthday gift will make this year extra-special and one they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Giant Teddy Bear YunNasi

The teddy bear has always been a classic choice for children; they provide comfort and security, whether accompanying your child on their adventures or acting as a warm comforter at night. You can’t beat a cute huggable teddy to keep your child feeling safe and cosy.

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10. Paws White Teddy Bear holding Red Heart

This Paw bear is a white teddy bear holding a red heart with the words “I Love You.” He is always willing to give hugs or lend a shoulder to lean on.

Paw is the best Valentine’s Day teddy bear companion anyone could ask for! According to legend, Paw gives such heavenly hugs that it’s difficult to let go!

That’s why it’s no surprise that Christmas presents and Valentine’s Day gifts are never complete without Paw Mittens.

This bear has adorable puffy teddy bear paws and fluffy arms and legs, making it a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift idea! Paw happens to be the ideal teddy bear for every occasion. He also makes an excellent Christmas Teddy Bear!

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Considerations When Buying a Teddy Bear


Safety has to be at the top of the list. Your toy should be labelled with the appropriate CE Mark. This means that the necessary tests for the age group for which it is recommended have been performed. Among other things, safety tests ensure that there are no choking hazards, that there are no loose attachments, and that the toy has safety eyes and nose.

Quality and durability

If you want it to last, the cuddly toy you choose must be quite durable. Buying a low-cost item from a store may result in it not surviving a few rounds with the child, let alone several trips to the laundry room.

Always read the label before putting your stuffed animal in the washing machine, as many can only be washed by hand.


The teddy or soft toy you choose will play an important role in providing hugs for a long time! With that in mind, he must be soft enough to squeeze while also being gentle enough to hold close to the skin.

To provide different sensations of sight, sound, and touch, stuffed toys are frequently made from a variety of fabrics.


Finding the right teddy bear for your picnic boils down to a few small but important considerations, the majority of which are design elements based on who you want to buy for. Hopefully, our guide and ranking have assisted you in making your decision among all of the adorable options available!

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