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Top 10 the best steering wheel locks in the UK

Like they say in those bad old driver education videos, if a thief wants your car it will be gone in sixty seconds—unless you do something to make it tougher for thieves, making them give up and move on to another vehicle that’s an easier target.

Steering wheel locks are a great way to do that. They’re simple and easy, latching into and locking to your steering wheel, limiting how far a thief can turn the wheel if they manage to defeat the other built-in security systems. It can also save your airbag from theft, another quick and easy thing thieves can steal from your parked vehicle.

Buying best steering wheel locks for your car is a small investment that you can make to better secure a larger investment, which is your car. It’s obvious that car thieves always find a way to defeat many of the newest tech gadgets that should protect cars, so a solid piece of metallic steering lock often remains your last level of security for your vehicle.

Top 10 the best steering wheel locks in the UK

In this steering wheel locks review, you’ll get a list of the best steering wheel locks out there, plus a buying guide to help you make the best buying choice.

1. Disklok Steering Wheel Full Cover Silver Security Lock Police Approved (Silver, Small, 35cm – 39cm)

While it’s not the most sleek solution to car security – nor the most modern – there’s no denying that the Disklok is very effective, especially against opportunist car thieves or joy riders who won’t want the hassle and will move onto another car.

It can be tricky to fit at first – and it’s heavy – but it soon becomes something that only takes a couple of minutes to do. If you’re always running late or in a rush you’ll find it a hassle, but those few minutes could prove the difference between someone stealing your car or not. It’s a useful deterrent if you have to leave your car in let’s say ‘undesirable’ locations for extended periods of time. Similarly for vans and pick-ups – always a favourite of criminals.

For older and classic cars that don’t have modern alarms or immobilisers, the Disklok is a good way to prevent someone stealing your pride and joy, especially if you have something that thieves are keen to target, like a Land Rover Defender. It’s also a good extra measure if you have a motorhome which is parked up for several weeks or months at a time.

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2. Winner International 1000 Original Club, Red

The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock is a part of The Club line of quality products by . The Club is the original, patented vehicle steering wheel lock and the number one selling mechanical anti-theft device for cars and trucks. This product is a strong visual deterrent that alerts a potential thief that your car is protected. On top of that, it’s also virtually impossible to defeat as time and effort are a thief’s primary restrictions.

This product is guaranteed for one year up to $1800.00 against the owner’s comprehensive insurance deductible (not valid in New York, Hawaii, Texas, or Wisconsin, where it is prohibited by insurance law). is committed to providing products to meet everyday safety and security applications. From steering wheel locks to utility and everyday locks, to other safety necessities, the Club brand name guarantees that you are buying peace of mind.

Expect a product manufactured for innovative, quality security and safety created by a team you can trust that’s dedicated to serving and building safer communities. Why can you expect this? It is ‘s mission.

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3. LC Prime Steering Wheel Lock – Scalable Heavy Duty Vehicle Security Anti Theft Keyless 5 Digit Coded Combination Lock

LC Prime is one of the most effective combination locks available online. You will like the five-digit password system (instead of the traditional keys) that this product uses. Setting it is effortless. You can also share the pass-code with a trusted partner just in case you forget or if you share a car. Another reason you would prefer this steering lock is the infinite combinations that one will go through trying to crack the code.

The bar of the LC Prime has a hydraulic system for adjusting and fitting in the inner diameter of your steering wheel. Thus, you can install and use it in all cars. Made of a steel alloy, the shear is resistant to cutting or drilling. One may attempt to saw this item, but the proximity to the steering wheel makes it difficult to get the right angle. It also has a secure grip handle to allow you to use it as a defensive tool in case of an attack.

LC Prime does not use traditional keys. Instead, you get a secure combination lock that you can re-set a few times. It is easy to install and will serve you well for many years.

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4. Powerbuilt 648466 Steering Wheel Lock Plate Removal Tool

Whereas most of the tools on this list are bulky steering wheel locks, this is a simple tool produced by Powerbuilt for depressing your steering wheel lock plate. This tool is functional with all GM and Chrysler motors and is very easy to use if you know what to do with it. It is also very affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you simply want something to prevent criminals from stealing your cars, trucks, and vans, this is not the best item for you. It is primarily used for sorting out issues you may have with your ignition or your horn. In fact, it would only really be effective if you wanted to prevent car theft in the long term, for a vehicle you weren’t going to use, as it could help you put the steering wheel out of action completely.

If you want to depress the lock plate on your vehicle, this tool makes it a very easy task, and it comes at a very affordable price.

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5. Blueshyhall BLACK Antitheft Locking Devices Steering Wheel Lock With Safety Hammer

This is a very creative steering wheel lock from Blueshyhall. It is a lock that will almost totally restrict any movement of the steering wheel once it is locked in place. Thieves who know this style lock will not want to take the time to try and defeat it. If a thief does successfully cut this lock, it’s also made to trigger the car’s horn repeatedly.

Blueshyhall has designed this lock to fit just about any size and style steering wheel. It features tough leather material and hardened steel. The three-direction lock design it has locks the steering wheel in two directions and towards the airbag. It also comes with two hard to duplicate keys and the key lock on it is virtually pick-proof also.

It can be difficult to adjust the first few times using it and need to exit the car fast after its in place

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6. MONOJOY Steering Wheel Lock, Retractable Car Lock Universal Vehicle Truck SUV

New Heavy duty ‘Integrated Metallic Body Frame ’ architecture, protect your vehicle with this robust physical and highly visual deterrent to car thieves. Also a heavyweight safety hammer, come with emergency window breaker. The steering wheel lock bar is suitable for all kinds of car.

The car steering wheel lock featuring a new ‘Integrated Body Frame ’ architecture, has a solid body for strength and weatherability, and a hardened steel for superior cut resistance, unbreakable lock and can’t be sawed through. It makes your car virtually impossible for someone to rip off. Deters keyless entry theft.

The Monojoy steering wheel lock (versus other lock on the market) is that the bar automatically locks in place as you extend it, so you no longer need to use your key to lock it. You only need the key to unlock it. When you pick it up from either end it easily extends. Easy to manipulate, easy to attach to your steering wheel. Nothing complicated,just slide across the steering wheel and it locks automatically.

Your Cars are very expensive. When not in use, it easily stores under the front seat. Extendable and retractable wheel locks fit for most of vehicles.

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7. Carpoint 0510073 Steering Wheel Lock ‘Elephant’

The Dutch premium brands Carpoint (car accessories) and Dyto (bicycle accessories) stand for quality, reliable delivery and versatility. Available in more than 40 countries.

Costing less than £20 from some online retailers, this is our budget pick, even though it could be defeated quickly with power tools once its weakness was identified. Its materials were sturdy and it couldn’t be removed without tools and creating quite a bit of noise.

Its shape meant it could be hooked over a spoke for extra security, but it’s still hard to see how it would resist being removed with cuts to the steering wheel – as claimed on the packaging. Fitting and storage were also among the simplest on offer thanks to its thin profile and fairly light weight.

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8. Car Steering Wheel Lock, EFORCAR Car Universal Anti-theft Retractable T-shaped Heavy Duty Lock

Next, to the list, EFROCAR Universal Steering Wheel Lock involves an interesting design. This steering wheel lock features a system where it sits fixed on top of the steering wheel and prevents its movement. It requires no hard method to be installed making it a quick and easy process. So you don’t have to go anywhere for installation or pay a higher price for it.

It comes in a universal fit as it clamps itself on to the steering wheel. The bright yellow vinyl-coated strip will leave the thief miserable and unable to succeed in its actions. Also, the vinyl coating will prevent scratching the car dashboard. Thus, making the anti-theft mechanism safe and also a caretaker of your car. The EFROCAR Universal Steering Wheel Lock is made of aluminum die-cast and heavy solid steel which improves its durability. It’s not very big and bulky making it easier for carrying plus it comes with two keys.

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9. Fairly Odd Treasures LLC Vehicle Anti-Theft Device – Steering Wheel Lock

This safety accessory has a strong base hook that firmly attaches to your steering wheel to give you maximum protection. It is inclusive of 2 keys with a quad-style mechanism making it hard for lock-picking, thus provides safety experience. Lastly, it has a vital notch to help to properly secure to the dot on the lock to alert you on proper insertion.

Furthermore, the flexible design allows you to extend your item to 26.75 inches to fit in larger surfaces easily. Additionally, the rubber coating prevents scratch and quick-wear down on your steering wheel. It can be adjusted to fit on most cars and trucks and only weighs 1.59 pounds for easy handling.

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10. Streetwize SWDH Double Hook Steering Wheel Lock – Yellow, Heavy Duty Wheel Lock

The Stoplock and Disklok are quality bits of kit, sure, but they’re not exactly cheap. If you can’t put so much of your paycheque towards a car anti-theft device, the Streetwize Double Hook Steering wheel lock might be the one for you.

Like the Stoplock, it’s finished in a preventative shade of yellow that will stand out against the interior of most cars, and a “unique cross key locking mechanism” aims to make it particularly difficult for thieves to get through.

And with low prices comes simplicity: it’s made from steel and rubber, which makes it “pleasingly weighty”, according to buyers, who also praised the fact that it is easy to install and remove.

However, there are also bound to be a few setbacks, at such a low price: while 89% of Amazon reviewers gave the Streetwize Double Hook either four or five stars, some said that they struggled with the keys and experienced issues with the lock jamming. A number of users who experienced this when they first bought the lock said that they found that it disappeared after being used a few times, though. A can of WD40 might be a wise additional investment

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How to choose best steering wheel locks?

Appearance as a deterrent

You may notice that steering wheel locks aren’t exactly space-savvy devices. Rather, they’re purposely fully visible to deter car thieves. To boost their visibility, many steering wheel locks are also painted in bright, noticeable colors like yellow or neon green.

Ease of use: For the most part, steering wheel locks are user-friendly for consumers, but they come with a bit of a learning curve while you get used to their nuances. To make locking and unlocking as easy as possible, it’s important to position the lock at the recommended angle. Once you master that, it takes only seconds to lock or unlock it.

Size: While many steering wheel locks offer a universal fit, some are designed to fit certain makes and models of vehicles. To determine whether the lock is compatible with your car or truck, measure the diameter of your steering wheel. Compare it to the lock’s specifications, including how far the arm telescopes. The longer the reach, the larger the wheel it can accommodate.

Lock type: Steering wheel locks either require a key or are outfitted with a spinning combination lock. Keys to steering wheel locks are usually specially shaped and laser-encrypted to be tamper-resistant. Those with combinations have no less than four digits, making them harder and more time-consuming to crack.

Construction: The majority of steering wheel locks are made with reinforced steel, titanium, or a steel alloy. These materials are designed to resist cutting, hammering, and chemical deterioration. Many steering wheel locks feature protective plastic or foam coatings (particularly at the hooks and points of contact with the wheel) to minimize scuffs and scratches.

Price: Entry-level steering wheel locks cost between $20 and $30 and have a basic two-hook design. Mid-range models with more advanced features such as tamper-resistant locks cost closer to $50. If you’re looking for a special lock to fit a larger steering wheel, be prepared to spend $60 to $100.


The increase of keyless robberies has meant that people are moving backwards and turning to old fashioned security methods. The best steering lock can stop your pride and joy being stolen as well as acting as a deterrent to potential criminals.

Investing in the best steering wheel locks possible is highly recommended but further protecting it with a steering wheel lock is also advised. All of our recommendations are suited towards a range of different budgets and steering wheels.

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