The best slow feeder dog bowl in UK 2022

Is your dog a gulper when it comes to eating?

Eating too quickly over a long period of time can result in a variety of health problems, including bloating, stomach discomfort, obesity (as they continue to demand more food), and others. Some of these issues are even life-threatening and necessitate immediate medical attention.

There’s a simple and effective method to slow down your dog’s eating. You would need a best slow feeder dog bowl

These are best slow feeder dog bowls that are specially designed to make it challenging to access their food, thus slowing the pace of eating down.

The top 10 best slow feeder dog bowl in United Kingdom in 2022

1. Dogit Go-Slow Anti-Gulp Dog Bowl

Dog owners adore this bowl because it significantly slows down their dog while he eats his dinner. It’s made of really strong melamine, and the nodes inside are designed to slow your dog down while still allowing them to get to every last morsel of food.

Other noteworthy design features include the rigid melamine contraction and non-slip rim. Furthermore, the smooth curves of the nodes in the bowl mean that it cleans up easily because there are no hard corners, and it will not chip or degrade. This is a simple concept, but we absolutely love how effective it is, which is why it is our number one!

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2. RBNANA Dog Puzzle Slow Feeder Toy

If you have a high-energy dog who is also very intelligent, this is a great way to slow down their eating. It takes some thought to figure out how to open the 14 different sliding compartments to get to the food hidden inside, and it can take dogs up to 20 minutes to get it all!

The size of this feeder has not been specified by the manufacturers, but it is ideal for medium-sized dogs such as Springer Spaniels and Border Collies. Overall, if you have a dog that needs mental stimulation as well as something to keep them from gulping, we believe this is an excellent purchase!

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3. H&S Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

This H&S feeder is made of food-grade plastic, and the nodes of varying sizes and angles are designed to slow your dog down while still allowing them to eat in a natural manner. It’s strong and can be used with either wet or dry food.

Hand washing is required, which may be an issue for some, and the nodes are fairly small in height, which means that some dogs with long narrow snouts are not slowed down significantly. Otherwise, this is a great slow feed bowl at a great price!

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4. The Company of Animals GREEN Interactive Feeder

Designed to resemble grass in order to stimulate your dog’s natural hunting instincts. This interactive feeder from well-known pet brand Company of Animals is designed to look like blades of grass and to stimulate your dog’s natural instincts.

The grips on the base keep it from moving around, and the oval shape prevents more alert dogs from tipping it over to get the food out!

This is a great feeder for slowing down your dog, but the “blades” could be made of a softer material, such as silicone, to make it softer on your dog’s mouth, and despite the maker’s best efforts, some dogs manage to tip it over! However, this is a good product that will undoubtedly bring out your dog’s inner hunter.

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5. Decyam Pet Fun Feeder Dog Bowl 

A Bowl that is a true mental challenge. This BPA-free plastic bowl has an especially intricate design that will slow your dog down when they’re eating and will also help exercise their brain cells by making mealtimes more challenging and fun!

It’s convenient for both wet and dry food, and it has rubber feet to keep it from moving around. Keep in mind that the intricate design may be too difficult for some dogs, discouraging them from eating from the bowl. Overall, this is a good option if you want a really challenging bowl, but it may not be suitable for all dogs.

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6. JW Pet Skidstop Slow Feed Pet Bowl

Non-slip feet on a heavy-duty plastic bowl. This heavy-duty bowl comes in two sizes: large and jumbo. The plastic claims to be bacteria-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

Its main selling point is its rubber-based feet, which prevent it from sliding or moving around while your dog is eating.

The main issue with this bowl is that, despite having non-slip feet, it can still move around on slicker surfaces like tiles. Some dogs are also irritated by the design because they cannot access the food at all rather than bit by bit. It is also worth noting that the manufacturers have not stated whether it is BPA-free.

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7. Mr. Peanut’S Slow Feed Pet Bowl

Don’t like our plastic suggestions? Perhaps a stainless steel slow feeder is what you require.

Dog owners prefer stainless steel to plastic for a variety of reasons. They are not only simple to clean, but also virtually indestructible. Ideal for those uncontrollable chewers who must gnaw on everything in sight.

The only disadvantage of stainless steel slow feeders is that metal is more difficult to work with than plastic, so the patterns on these slow feeders are much simpler than those made of plastic.

Stainless steel slow feeders, on the other hand, provided a noticeable improvement in feeding time. According to our testing, our top slow-feed dog bowl tripled the time it took dogs to finish their meal when compared to a regular dog bowl.

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8. Neater Raised Slow Feeder

Is your dog afflicted with a medical condition, such as arthritis or spinal problems? Because your dog will no longer have to bend down as far to reach his food, an elevated dog bowl may provide much-needed relief.

However, just because a dog has arthritis doesn’t mean he won’t eat when given the opportunity.

That’s where an elevated slow feeder comes in, providing relief as well as a solution for your gulping dog.

The Neater Slow Feeder comes in a kit that allows you to adjust the feeding height from 5 to 7.5 inches (13 to 19 cm). You can even remove the legs entirely to use this as a regular slow-feed bowl.

Despite its larger size, the Neater Slow Feeder can be used by dogs of any size. Best of all, its one-of-a-kind egg-crate design slowed all types of dogs during feeding – even flat-faced dogs!

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9. Outward Hound Fun Feeder

Outward Hound carries best-selling slow-eating dog bowls in a variety of colours and patterns, including this spiral dog bowl. They improve digestion by allowing dogs to forage for food through the various rings and valleys.

The large dog feeder has a width of 32cm, the medium has a width of 22cm, and the small has a width of 17cm. As a result, their product line caters to dogs of all sizes.

Their bowl collection is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and has non-slip bases to keep the bowl in place and from sliding around your kitchen floor!

Some of the designs include bowls with varying trough depths, making it even more difficult to reach certain foods.

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10. Iokheira Dog Slow Feeder

This is the only bowl featured that has a suction cup on the bottom to keep it from moving across the floor or tipping over. Customers love the suction concept, according to the reviews.

The slow feeder honeycomb design has many small pockets to keep your dog entertained as they work their way around the bowl.

It is dishwasher and freezer safe and made of food grade silicone, making it an excellent choice for using with frozen treats in the summer.

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How to choose the best slow feeder dog bowl?

If you believe your dog is a fast eater and want to ensure that they won’t become ill as a result of gulping in a lot of air with their food, our recommendations can help. But, before we get there, there are a few differences to consider to ensure you get the right bowl for your pup. We’ve compiled all of the information in this handy guide.

Consider the bowl’s construction.

Slow feed dog bowls can be made from a variety of materials, so we’ll look at the most common variations and their benefits and drawbacks so you can decide what’s best for you and your dog.

Silicone is hygienic, but it is not ideal for chewers.

Silicone is an excellent choice because it is non-slip in and of itself and is safe to wash at high temperatures in the dishwasher. It can also be moulded into a wide range of shapes, which makes it ideal for use as an intricately designed dog bowl.

However, if your dog is a known chewer, it may be too tempting to resist! If you believe your dog is likely to do this, it is best to avoid it.

Stainless steel and aluminium are both long-lasting and inexpensive.

Stainless steel and aluminium are popular materials because they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, last a long time, and will not break when dropped or chip when turned over.

Stainless steel, like silicone and other plastics, is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and keep sanitary. Steel bowls, particularly those that encourage your dog to nudge around in them, can be quite noisy and prone to sliding around unless they have a proper non-slip base.

Plastic is less expensive but more difficult to clean; Melamine is a more durable option.

As you may have noticed when purchasing regular dog bowls, plastic is always quite inexpensive and can be moulded into a variety of different shapes, as well as coming in a variety of colours.

To be completely safe for your dog, however, make sure it is BPA (bisphenol A) free, as there is no risk of any potential toxins transferring from the plastic into their food. Plastic bowls are also more difficult to clean because surface scratches can harbour bacteria.

You could also use melamine, which is a type of plastic. It is extremely stable, and while it cannot be microwaved, it can withstand higher temperatures such as dishwasher cleaning. It’s also scratch- and moisture-resistant, as well as heavier in weight, so the bowl won’t topple over easily. However, after many washes and prolonged use, the colour may chip and fade.

Check It’s the Right Size for Your Dog

Slow feed dog bowls are made to make it more difficult for your dog to get their food out of their bowl, and as such, they are tailored to specific dog sizes.

You couldn’t even fit the kibble for a giant breed like a Great Dane into a slow feed bowl designed for smaller dogs, and a Chihuahua couldn’t reach inside a bowl designed for a large breed like a Mastiff!

To ensure you’re buying the right bowl for your dog, check the dimensions to see if they match up to your dog’s existing food bowl, or consult the manufacturer for advice on whether the size is appropriate for their breed or weight.

To keep it from moving around too much, look for a non-slip base.

Your dog will most likely work much harder to get to his or her food, pushing into the nooks and crannies of the bowl to get to every last crumb!

As a result, if you don’t have a bowl with a non-slip base, your dog may end up scooting it all over the floor in search of food. You should ideally look for a non-slip bowl to help minimise or eliminate this completely; otherwise, you may need to purchase a separate feeding mat.


You should wash your dog’s bowl after each use to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. Slow feed dog bowls can be more difficult to clean due to the shape of the crevices that are designed to slow your dog down.

In this case, it is best to look for a best slow feeder dog bowl that is dishwasher-safe, as this means it can be cleaned at a much higher temperature, killing more bacteria. If the bowl isn’t dishwasher-safe, you’ll have to hand-wash it after each meal in very hot soapy water with a narrow brush to get into all the crevices.

Hope that the things we write above will help you find the best slow feeder dog bowl.

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