The best rabbit bedding in UK 2022

You may have bought your rabbit the perfect hutch that gives your rabbit plenty of room to roam around and lots of toys to play with. However, if they’re not comfortable inside it, they’re never going to be happy. This is why choosing the best rabbit bedding is so important — so they can live a healthy, clean and comfortable life.

But what is the best bedding? With so many different types of bedding available, choosing one can appear to be a daunting task. There are various materials and consistencies, and you’ll need to consider other factors such as comfort and climate where you live.

But do you know how to choose the best rabbit bedding? We’ll cover everything you need to know to choose the right bedding for rabbits, including a helpful buyer’s guide for beginner and experienced rabbit owners alike.

Top 10 Best Rabbit Bedding in United Kingdom in 2022

Are you ready? Let’s take a look at some of the best rabbit bedding.

1. Back 2 Nature Small Animal Bedding

Back 2 Nature small animal bedding and litter pellets are made from 99 percent recycled paper and contain no additives or chemicals.

It’s 30L of size, biodegradable Economical – long lasting.. Natural odour control and No additives or chemicals. Highly absorbent – superior performance. Suitable for rodents, mammals, birds and reptiles. Virtually dust-free – reduces tracking & will not mark floors.

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2. LINGNI 4 PCS Animal Chew Toy Beds, Grass Mat for Rabbit Bunny

You can use it as a bed, a glider toy, or a foot toy. The all-natural grass mat is ideal if your bunny enjoys digging and chewing. Even birds enjoy foraging on these mats, which can also be used as a chew toy to help wear her teeth down. This product can also provide your pet with a softer surface to lay on when necessary. Your pet might enjoy nibbling on this. It keeps them occupied and is safe to eat.

Most rabbits enjoy digging and chewing on these mats, and birds enjoy foraging on them as well. A natural grass mat is a good choice. This mat does not contain any toxins and can keep dust and diseases at bay. Grass mats 4* (Large) You’ll adore this tiny hay carpet! You should definitely save your own carpets! Your pet can dig at it, bite it, and pull it apart before eating it!

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3. QUUY Natural Grass Pet Nest, Natural Bed

The natural grass plaited pet nest is soft and comfortable, keeping your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Furthermore, it will not cause any harm to the animal’s skin. It comes in two sizes: 23*18*8.5cm/9.06* 7.09* 3.35in and is suitable for Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Rabbits, and other small animals.

Small pets can also use this product to grind their teeth by gnawing or biting it. So it’s a grass nest that’s both recreational and functional. The natural grass bed for small pets is portable and easy to transport.

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4. Allazone 8 PCS Natural Straw Grass Mat for Rabbit Woven Bed

The straw grass mat is hand-woven. It can be used as a warm shelter for pets, a cool place to stay in the summer, and a place to hibernate. It is suitable for all seasons. The grass bed provides a barrier between your pet’s delicate paws and the hard wire cage bottoms.

Rabbit grass mat is made entirely of natural materials. Your pet can chew food while lying on it. It can be used as a chewing food toy as well. Weaving grass beds is a natural process, as are rabbit hutch covers. Products made from synthetic materials that have undergone minimal processing. The Bed is very light, your pet sleeps on it, and you can move it gently without disturbing him. This handcrafted hay mat is edible and can be used for grinding and gaming.

Size: big grass mat: 41 x 26.5cm/ 16.1 x 10.4inch, small grass mat: 22 x 27cm/ 8.6 x 10.6inch, grass nest: 21.5 x 24.5 x 4.5cm/ 8.4 x 1.8 x 9.6inch. Woven grass rabbit bed is a good choice in a natural grass cage. Protecting your pets sensitive paws. The grass bed acts as a protective barrier between your pet’s dainty paws and the hard wire cage bottoms.

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5. Hand-woven Grass Mat Bunny Bedding

It is warm in winter and cool in summer. This cage liner mat has the same health and digestive benefits that fresh grass does, help them stay away from hocks, gut illnesses, urinary stones. Natural hand-woven grass is non-toxic and harmless. No strange smell, this mat doesn’t contain any toxins and is virtually allergen-free.

You can select the appropriate size for your pets from a selection of two sizes. Your pet will appreciate grass mats for both footing in the condos and gnawing when they need to wear their teeth or are feeling a little destructive. It can also be used as hamster bedding.

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6. Hangrow Small Animal Chew Toy Beds

The hay mat is hand-woven from high-quality hay material, and it is tough, wear-resistant, and durable, with a long life span.

The hay mat is made of natural hay, which is safe, non-toxic, and dependable for your pet. It is fine if your pet eats the hay mat by accident. The hay mat is safe enough to use as both a chewing toy and a bed accessory.

There are two sizes available for you to choose as you prefer, including 15.72*11*0.39inch and 11*7.86*0.39inch, in order to sufficing different cage or pets figure needs. Thanks to the hay material feature, the hay mat is warm in winter and cool in summer, which can provide a cozy and comfortable environment for your lovely pet all year time.

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7. Sepikey Rabbit Mat Grass Mats

Toy 100% Natural Hand Woven Grass Mat.Brings care for the tiny tender feet, prevent dermatitis and foot diseases. The grass mat is a multi-utility mat that you can use either as a bedding or as a chewable toy. Handmade woven grass mats allow small animals to feel the scent of nature, comforting their uneasy hearts.

The mat can also be used to grind their teeth. With natural handmade mats that are free of chemicals and have a fresh grass scent, you can rest assured that your pet will not bite. It is hand-woven specifically for small animals and provides them with the utmost comfort. Because of its small size, it can also be placed inside a cage.

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8. DULALA 3pcs Rabbit Mat Grass Mats

If your bunny enjoys digging and chewing, the all-natural grass mat is ideal. Handwoven and entirely natural. There is no strange odour, and this mat contains no toxins and is virtually allergen-free. Because of its small size, it can also be placed inside a cage, making it ideal for small animals.

Your pet will appreciate grass mats for both footing in the condos and gnawing when they need to wear their teeth or are feeling a little destructive. They can chew and even consume these without fear. It can also be used as rabbit bedding.

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9. POPETPOP Rabbit Bedding

This nest gives your lovely pet a warm and comfortable place to rest and play. Multi-purpose animal house, eating, drinking, sleeping, sports and many other uses, make reasonable use of space. Ideal for pets to sleep or play inside and easy to clean. Made with pet safe materials Resistant to odors. Provide private space for your small pets, effectively improve their sleep quality. Easy to install and clean.

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10. POPETPOP 3pcs/pack Sustainable Non-toxic Edible Safe Pets Mats

This item is made of environmentally friendly materials for long-lasting use. It is a small animal mat with a precise design that has been hand woven.

Eco-friendly seagrass fibers, protect your bunny’s sensitive paws from wire-bottom cages. Offer a place to rest and relax inside or outside the cage. Edible construction offers your small pet the high fiber he needs and craves.

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How to Choose the Best Rabbit Bedding for your rabbits?

When selecting rabbit bedding, there are three major factors to consider:


It will help you choose the right bedding if you know whether your rabbit lives inside or outside. If you leave your rabbit outside, make sure it is warm enough. This is something you should definitely consider if you live in a colder climate as well. For added warmth, you may want to add a second layer of bedding, such as cardboard underneath hay or paper bedding.

If you keep your rabbit indoors, you may not need as much bedding to keep it warm. You also don’t want to overheat your rabbit, as this can be just as unpleasant as being too cold!


The bedding material you choose for your rabbit should be simple to clean. Rabbits spend the majority of their lives in their cage or hutch, so they pee and poop on their bedding. You’ll have to change it frequently anyway, so make it something simple to get rid of! You should also consider how much the bedding costs and whether it is made of a toxic material.

The best rabbit bedding should be comfortable for your rabbit to sit and sleep on. In their cage, your rabbit should feel secure and safe. The bedding should be absorbent as well.


Nobody wants a stinking hutch! As a result, some rabbit owners prefer to purchase the best rabbit bedding with a pleasant aroma, but these added scents may contain additives and toxins that are harmful to your rabbit. Some bedding, such as wood bedding, aids in the natural elimination of odours. You should also clean out your rabbit on a regular basis to help reduce odours.


Choosing the proper bedding for your rabbit is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. There’s a lot to consider. The best bedding will satisfy both you and your pet. Choosing the best rabbit bedding ensures that your rabbit lives a long and healthy life. Whether your rabbit is an indoor or outdoor bunny, he or she should have a comfortable and clean living environment, which begins with bedding. There are many different types of bedding available, and you will be able to find one that is suitable for your bun and their needs. Use the best rabbit bedding to keep your rabbit warm at all times, and remember to clean out their cage or hutch on a regular basis.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this guide to the best rabbit bedding, and we hope your furry friend enjoys the fruits of your labour!

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