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The best one cup kettle 2021

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy hot beverages on a daily basis. Whether it’s a hot cup of tea while catching up with a friend, a mug of coffee to kick-start your day, or a calming herbal brew before bedtime, hot drinks are a part of day-to-day life for most of us. However, if you’ve ever stood by the kettle watching the clock waiting for it to boil, you may have wondered if there’s a better, and quicker way to make your favourite beverage. Luckily, there’s is an easier solution – the best one cup kettle. This convenient appliance boils and dispenses water in mere seconds, meaning you spend less time staring at the kettle, and more time enjoying your drink. But with so many one cup kettle on the market, how will you choose the right one?

Top 10 best one cup kettle 2021

One cup kettles, alternatively known as hot water dispensers, are rapidly becoming an essential “must-have” item in today’s modern kitchen. They provide small amounts of boiling water very quickly, which saves time and energy when compared to boiling a standard kettle. Here’s a short guide on how owning one could benefit both your home and your lifestyle, as well as summarized reviews on 10 of the best one cup kettle of 2021. You should also read our one cup kettles buyers guide just below our reviews.

1. Breville BRITA HotCup

If you live in an area where the tap water is prone to a slightly chlorinated taste, this one cup kettle could be just what you are looking for. It includes well-respected BRITA filtering technology, to ensure you get a pure-tasting brew, every time. Not only will your water taste great, but it will be ready in quick-time too. This instant hot water dispenser made out of stainless steel offers a rapid boiling time of only 40 seconds, which will certainly be useful if you are in a rush. A generous 1.8L easy-fill water tank means you’ll be able to enjoy many hot drinks before requiring a refill, and the nine different cup size settings plus manual stop mean you can get perfect results, no matter how big your favourite mug is. That being said, though, some people found the settings can be a little difficult to judge compared to other hot water dispensers; so it’s likely you’ll have to play around with the cup sizes in order to find the one that’s right for you.

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2. Breville HotCup

The Breville HotCup VKJ318 – with Variable Dispense is a step up to Breville’s VKJ142 single cup kettle. However, it is similar to the latter model in many respects. It features the same 3000 watts of power, 360-degree angled base, easy-to-fill tank, and the convenient removable drip tray. It even has the same sleek and sophisticated style of gloss black body with hints of stainless steel coupled with a cute and helpful water tank that glows. The Breville HotCup VKJ318 is incredibly easy to set up and use. To fill up the water reservoir with water, simply press the lid release button found on the top back. You can grab the handle and lift off the tank to fill it under a tap or simply pour in water using a jug.

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3. Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser

A water dispenser which has it all. Not only is it high capacity and pretty adaptable to your needs, but it wins top marks on style too. The capacity, first. Thanks to the three litres available, which is one of the highest on our list, it can hold 12 standard cups worth of water before needing to be refilled. You can select to automatically pour up to 600ml of water at any one time, so if you have a favourite large mug you always use, you don’t have to pour half and then wait to top it up. Anything above this, such as a pan for your spaghetti, can be poured by holding a button. It will only boil the water you need too, so it is energy efficient and as quick as possible. There is also a Brita filter, so the water tastes great and it keeps the inside of the machine at its best without build ups of limescale.

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4. Breville VKT111 HotCup

With a sleek, contemporary and polished design, you’ll be proud to have the Breville VKT111 Kettle on your kitchen worktop! It also comes in two modern finishes; silver or black. This one cup kettle dispenses a cup of boiling water at the touch of a button, so you can have a hot brew ready in just a few seconds. There’s 9 cup sizes to choose from, plus a manual stop facility for full control. It’s far more energy efficient than standard kettles, with a large front water window that makes accurate filing easy. The removable and adjustable drip tray ensures there’s no messy spills on your worktop.

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5. Breville VKT124 HotCup

Breville has an interesting and stylish design, it looks bit like a pyramid. As with all one cup hot water dispensers it’s just one button to press to get it started, with this model there is a manual off button which turns off the flow of water if you need to. It’s got a 1.7L capacity so should be good for around 6-8 cups. Press the button and about 60 seconds later it will dispense 250ml of boiling water thanks to it’s 3KW rapid boil heating element. You have to fill this kettle with a jug of water rather than taking this kettle to the tap to fill it, great if you find it hard to lift a heavy kettle, it’s filled from the top. There’s large transparent window to the front of the machine to let you know how much water is still left and to help when filling, only two markings max and min.

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6. VonShef Catering Urn

It’s not hard to see why, either. Its imposing yet unassuming stature houses a cavernous 8L tank. The controls are nothing if not Spartan, but they belt advanced functionality. It takes about 15-20 minutes for the modest 1500w heating element to bring its full capacity to a boil, but once there, the Catering Urn politely sips power to keep your water piping hot for instant repeated delivery. This is all controlled automatically, with a simple on/off switch and dual lights indicating the “heating” or “keep warm” operational phases. Worried about that nozzle leaking, or the handle burning you after hours of warming? Don’t – VonShef has engineered this part to be water-tight and well-insulated.

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7. Breville VKJ142 1.5L Hot Cup

The Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup offers one-touch boiling hot water for delicious hot drinks delivered to you in an instant. With Breville’s patented design, you boil just one cup as and when required, saving you precious time and money whilst avoiding wasteful use of energy resources. Breville’s patented technology guarantees water is not just warm, but dispensed at boiling point, with minimal splashing, for perfectly flavoured hot drinks time after time. Boiling just the water you need is economical and energy-efficient, so you also save on fuel bills. When switched on, the tank on the Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup water dispenser illuminates, lighting up your kitchen with a warm sophisticated blue glow. This futuristic design feature adds an extra stylish dimension to your kitchen workspace.

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8. Klarstein Hot Spring Plus hot Water Dispenser

There are many occasions when the hot water dispenser can be used: quickly brewing a tea at the desired temperature or preparing instant soups with the exact amount of water you need are just two of the many possibilities. The touch surface is located on the upper side. all you have to do is set the desired filling quantity and temperature and press the output button – and you have hot water at a perfect temperature very quickly. The klarstein hot spring plus hot water dispenser reliably supplies households and offices with hot water whenever it is needed.

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9. Emperial Instant Hot Water Dispenser Kettle

Perfect for those that cannot lift a heavy kettle. Removable, adjustable drip tray means no worktop mess large front water window makes accurate filling easy. Dispenses one cup of boiling water at the touch of a button, so you only boil what you need. equipped with continuous water flow feature. press the dispense button one and the green light will illuminate and dispense 250ml of water, press dispense button twice and there will be a continuous flow of boiling water. Manual stop option for full control and non-slip feet.

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10. Yum Asia Oyu Hot Water Dispenser

Easy use and hygiene is cleverly hidden under the intuitive control panel. you can adjust the temperature, volume and dispense with the touch of a button. the memory can also hold the last temperature and volume dispensed to make brewing your favourite drink even easier! Means it gets the water you are dispensing to the correct temperature fast to ensure the beverage you are brewing is fresh, hot and ready to drink straight away. You are only dispensing and heating the exact amount of water you require, whereas with a kettle you often boil a lot more than is needed, wasting both money due to overconsumption of energy or heat from the inefficient/non-existent insulation on a kettle.

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Buyer’s Guide For One Cup Kettle

What are my needs?
Each model will essentially do the same thing: quick boil small amounts of water for easy cup filling. The functions each product offers however are all different and are quite wide-ranging. The main things to look out for include:

Boiling Time – how long it takes for the water to be heated to its optimum temperature. Generally, the higher the wattage, the faster the boiling time.
Energy Usage – How much power it uses when it’s active.
Water Tank Capacity – How much water it can hold. Having a bigger tank means less refilling and more hot water dispensed which is ideal for big families or when there are guests.
Cord Length – To ensure it will fit in the required position at home
Variable Cup Sizes – This option is important if the cups and mugs used at home are of different volumes, and this will prevent the user having to press the button more than once to make a single drink.

Stop Button – Provides much more control over the amount of water dispensed, making it much easier to get the exactly the right volume, and can prevent waste and spillage.
Water Filter – If water quality is important to you, then having a filter built into the one cup kettle itself helps to filter limescale and chlorine. It’s also extremely practical as it means that it can be filled straight from the tap and no pre-filtering is required.
What’s my style?
Just like many small kitchen appliances, manufacturers have taken note that consumers don’t just want their products to work well, they have to look great too. In addition to all the features that one cup kettles come with, they are available in a range of designs and finishes.
How much do I want to spend?
Whatever your budget, it’s possible to buy a one cup kettle for your kitchen. With most popular models sitting somewhere around the middle point of these two prices. Most come with a manufacturer’s warranty and ongoing customer service (should it be needed) after purchase, so it always makes sense to check out what each product offers in this regard.


A one cup kettle is a great alternative to a traditional kettle, saving you time, energy and money every time you fancy a tea or coffee. One cup kettles can make a useful and convenient addition to any kitchen. They can not only help you get your morning cup of coffee faster but also help speed up cooking by having boiling water virtually on demand whenever you need it. In fact, each of these models has its merits, so it really is up to you to make the decision. So, why not go and make yourself a nice cup of tea, read through the review again, and make your decision when you are relaxed and ready!

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