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The best microwave rice cookers to buy in the UK 2021

Do you struggle to make light and fluffy rice? While rice is a staple dish in many households, few people have managed to master the skill of cooking it perfectly. Not only can it be a rather time consuming process, but your rice may also turn out being sticky and clumpy.

Investing in the best microwave rice cookers will help you to create perfect rice in next to no time. And this type of appliance promises to be virtually effortless to use. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular rice microwave cookers currently available and find the perfect one for you…

Top 10 Best microwave rice cookers to buy in the UK 2021

We feature 10 microwave rice cookers you can buy online. Read on to find the one that best suits your needs.

1. Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker

This 17-piece BPA-free set is designed specifically for cooking and reheating rice in the microwave.

The easy-lock lid secures tightly to prevent spills and messes and with a 12-cup capacity, you can make up to eight cups of rice, enough to host a dinner for friends or to give you a few days of leftovers.

What’s so cool about this set is that it’s not only good for cooking rice – the extra accessories allow you to expand your repertoire and prepare a wide range of meals.

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2. Sistema Microwave Collection Rice Cooker

The Sistema Microwave Collection Rice Cooker is considered the best microwave rice cooker for the right reasons. First, it is constructed with 100% pure virgin plastic.

This plastic is BPA-free and phthalate-free, making it safe to come into contact with food. In this case, the plastic is newly created and does not contain any recycled product, so you are assured of the preservation of your health. It consists of a pot, one internal lid, and an outer lid.

Both covers have slits on them that serve as vents to release the steam, and also to prevent splatter.

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3.  Rice Cocker Only for Microwave 

For the rice or Japanese curry perfectionist, this is the ultimate gadget. This 1.2 L tiny piece can hold up to 2 cups of rice at a time. Hence, ideal for families with few members or for users who don’t need to cook lots of rice frequently.

Needless to say, you’ll find its size highly favorable for storing purpose as well.

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4. Joseph Joseph 45002 M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker

While you might not have considered cooking rice in the microwave, this microwave rice cooker by Joseph Joseph has a lot to offer. This rice cooker allows you to wash, cook, and serve perfectly cooked fluffy rice without boiling it in a pot.

It saves time and is easy to clean. It comes with a 2 L cooking pot, a colander, a measuring cup, and a rice paddle. The colander can be used for washing rice, and the rice paddle also serves as a device to lock the pot lid and provides handles. This is a great feature for removing the cooker safely from the microwave.

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5. Handy Gourmet Micromaster Kitchen Microwave Pressure Cooker

This Joseph Joseph might not have the catchiest name in the world, but this BPA-free, food-grade rice cooker has a 2-liter pot that doubles as a colander.

And it comes with a paddle to both fluff the rice and to act as a locking device for the lid. And the design is by far the most eye-catching, which is why we made this our best style pick.

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6. Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus

As the name implies, this is a rice cooker that has the power to make you feel like a pampered chef. It has a simple yet aesthetically appealing design to make it a perfect addition to any modern kitchen.

If you have a big family and the idea of having at least 9 cups of rice to serve your loved ones sounds enticing, then this is a product you are likely to love.

Here’s a big deal; this cooker produced perfectly fluffy rice. The double lid helps to prevent spills, and this reduces the work of cleaning the microwave once your food is ready. Cleaning this pot is simple because food does not stick to the sides, and its unique color is stain resistant.

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7. Tupperware Microwave Rice Cooker

If you need the ideal rice all the time, or for commercial usage, then there might be a solution for you. This spillage and mess-free pot is a definitive rice cooker. You can use it to cook a big amount of rice in less time.

One remarkable feature is the double top, gathering the steam and channeling it back to the base for faster cooking. This perfect structure keeps the rice from drying out and ensure minimal spillage.

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8. Norpro Microwave Rice Cooker

Norpro’s microwave rice cooker is made from BPA-free, highly heat resistant and easy to clean plastic. Its clever design optimally circulates heat and traps moisture to guarantee even cooking.

The set includes the cooker itself, a lock down lid, a measuring cup, as well as a spoon. It has a whooping capacity of 11 cups and comes with detailed instructions and a leaflet full of recipes.

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9.  Prep Solutions by Progressive

Do you love rice and need a quicker and easier method for preparing them every day?  So, you might be interested in this unit.

To begin with, you will fall head over heels minimal spillage design. Also, it’s fabulous to have a reasonable rice cooker that barely allows any mess in your kitchen.

Secondly, this one is more perfect for bigger families. So, you can cook around 6 cups of rice to serve 7-8 adults. What’s more is this is a multi-purpose cooker. It can be used to cook pasta, vegetables, and oats.

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10. Prep Solutions Rice Cooker

What makes it among the top microwave rice cooker is no fancy accessories. The rice cooker is simple from its design to use. Pre Solution makes the best use of functionality in this rice cooker. It has a transparent base and measuring cup for easy observation. While the lid and rice spatula comes in a bright green colour.

The transparent body will permit you to watch over the cooking process from afar. It cooks rice perfectly from bottom to top; no overcooking and no sticking at the bottom.

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How to buy the best microwave rice cookers in the UK 2021

The key to cooking the perfect fluffy rice that is evenly cooked requires proper heating. Thus, heat retention becomes a prime factor when it comes to selecting a microwave rice cooker. The sturdier and the more durable the design and material, the better it is to buy that product.

  • Price: Since most of these rice cookers are designed to work in extremely high temperatures; they make use of good quality plastic. Also, the difference between the performances of most of the brands is minimal. Thus, the price point becomes the deciding factor.
  • Accessories: Furthermore, it cannot be denied that a good accessory package adds tremendous value to any deal. The accessories are not only restricted to a particular rice cooker but can extend their use in other cooking and baking efforts.
  • Instruction Manuals: You should definitely check out the online manual instructions of any/ all of the brands as in many cases they specify the wattage of the microwaves with which the specific product is compatible. Since each household has different wattage, you must check which microwave rice cooker suits you best.
  • Versatility: Again, it will come down to what the end-user is buying the product for. In case you want to make the most out of the rice cookers and want to experiment with cooking pasta and boiling stews and steaming vegetables, go for the versatile options. In case you are simply into cooking rice only, go for the ‘no-frills’ sturdy rice cookers.
  • Ease of Use: These products are designed specifically to make your lives simple and not vice-versa. Therefore, you must ensure that you choose the right design that is easy to use and not cumbersome.


Cooking rice on a stove can result in too soft or too hard rice. Microwave rice cookers are easy to use, but you may have to practice a bit to get the desired results.

However, we’ve revealed the best microwave rice cookers on the market and discussed key factors to put into consideration when making a choice.

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