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Top 10 best manual breast pumps in UK 2021

There are lots of ways that best manual pumps can be useful – for pumping quickly outside your home without lugging tons of gear, as a backup pump in the event of a power outage, or as a main pump for someone who only needs to pump occasionally. Here are the top pumps available, and how to find the best manual breast pump for you.

Top 10 best manual breast pumps in UK 2021

Below are the ten of the best manual breast pumps that are currently available.

1. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

The Haakaa is a favorite among moms and lactation consultants alike because it’s easy and effective. It uses simple suction to express milk, so you don’t need to pump it – just attach it to your breast, squeeze once or twice, and milk starts dribbling out. While breastfeeding on one side, many moms like to attach the Haakaa to their other breast to catch milk letdown that would otherwise go to waste. The Haakaa is made of a food-grade silicone that’s safe for moms and babies. Since it’s just one piece, it’s a snap to clean: Just put the Haakaa in boiling water for two to three minutes. Moms also swear by the Haakaa to clear clogged ducts: Fill the bottom with warm water (not too much, so you’re still able to attach it) and a tablespoon of Epsom salt. Attach the Haakaa to the affected breast and the combination of warm water, Epsom salt, and suction can clear the clog.

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2. Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

Simple and comfortable, the Philips Avent manual breast pump doesn’t have a bunch of parts and is easy to use and to clean. The flange features a soft “massage cushion” to make pumping more comfortable. And there’s no need to lean forward in an uncomfortable position to capture all your milk; the pump works just as well when you’re sitting up straight.

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3. Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Manual pumping shouldn’t be painful. This pump from Lansinoh has a smart, ergonomic handle that will help keep your hand from cramping up. It’s compatible with Lansinoh’s milk storage bags and bottles, and includes two different sizes of flanges (the part that goes over your breast) to ensure a comfortable fit for anyone. The kit comes with a bottle and nipple, too.

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4. Medela, Harmony Breast Pump

The Medela Manual Breast Pump is easy to assemble and comes with two 5-ounce bottles for collecting milk, a cap to save it, and a stand to prevent full bottles from tipping over.

Discreet and small enough to fit into your purse, the Medela Manual Breast Pump is great for airplane travel, out-of-the-office meetings, or jobs where you rarely have the time or space to use an electric pump.

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5. Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Much like the Medela Manual Breast Pump, the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump works with an ergonomic lever that is easy to press for expressing milk quickly and without hand cramps.

What sets it apart is that the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump comes in two flange suction cup sizes— standard (25 mm) and large (30.5 mm). The large size flange works well at covering large size nipples, alleviating discomfort and allowing for more expression of breast milk.

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6. NUK Expressive Manual Breastpump

This pump, made for occasional use, costs a lot less than many of its competitors. Moms can adjust both the speed and suction of this pump as they use it, and the milk pumps straight into any NUK bottle that you attach.

The NUK manual pump allows moms to do all their pumping one-handed so they can accomplish other tasks at the same time. The pump only weighs 5.5 ounces, which feels like nothing in your purse. Plus there are very few parts to this pump, which makes it easy to assemble and clean, and it comes with a comfy silicone breast

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7.  Naturebond Silicone Manual Breast Pump

The Naturebond Silicone Manual breast pump is very similar to the Haakaa pump. It costs a bit more, but it comes with a stopper and stabilizer, which you have to buy separately with the Haakaa pump. It’s affordable, and comes with stopper and stabilizer so spills can be avoided. It’s very small and easy to travel with, and there are no parts to clean. It’s pretty much silent.

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8. Tommee Tippee 

With this manual breastmilk pump, you can express your milk from anywhere discreetly. The pump is not only discreet; it is also compact, which makes its portability increasingly simple. You can use it at work, during a road trip, at home, in church, and even in the hospital. The pump feels soft and gentle in your breasts with its cushioned silicone horn. This silicone horn also doubles to help with breast massaging for increased milk expression.

The design of this pump has a woman’s hand in mind. It has a narrow neck and a curved ergonomic handle that requires little strain and power when squeezing. Using this pump is easy; all you need to do is lie back, put the silicone cup on and start squeezing. Cleaning and maintenance are also simple as you can put it in the top-rack dishwasher. This pump is ideal for any mother who would like to express their milk conveniently and comfortably. Its design is appealing, and the purple color is attractive to anyone.

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9. Bumblebee Breast Pump

This manual breast pump assures you pain-free milk expression with a convenient, safe device. It has a strong suction ability that ensures you express more milk. It also has a specialized silicone stopper that ensures there is no flow back of milk. The pump uses food-grade silicone, which is safe for babies even when they bite into the bottle. Also, the silicone material is soft and gentle on your breasts for increased expression.

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10. MAM Manual Breast Pump

To counter electrical pumps that need batteries and power supplies, this pump ensures you can express your milk anywhere. With this pump, you get a single device that pumps a high number of ounces at once. It has a strong suction with a silicone pad for a vacuum seal while pumping. This vacuum seal ensures there is no spillage which collects more milk for your baby. With this pump, you can have your baby’s milk ready in no time so you can get back to your busy schedule.

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The most important things to think about when you’re choosing the best manual breast pump for you are size, compatibility of bottles and other pumps, and ease of use vs. ease of cleaning.

  • Size. If you want something that you can easily fit in a purse, the two suction pumps (Haakaa and NatureBond) are the smallest, and they don’t have a lot of extra parts to pack or the handle (which can be awkward to fit in a small bag).
  • Compatibility with Other Bottles and Pump Parts. If you have a Medela, Lansinoh, or Avent electric pump, it might make sense to get the same brand of manual pump since you can mix and match pump parts, flanges, and bottles.
  • Ease of Use vs. Ease of Cleaning. The suction pumps take some practice to figure out how to use and how to get a letdown from them if you don’t have a baby nursing on the other side. The handle pumps are pretty easy to use. However, the suction pumps are much easier to clean and pack.


Manual pumps can be a great solution for occasional pumping, travel, or backup. Some pumps have solved the tired-hands problem with ergonomic, one-handed pumping. And innovative silicone “pumps” use natural suction to draw your milk out – just fasten one on and you can express milk hands-free. Silicone pumps can collect milk letdown from one breast while you nurse with the other, saving precious breast milk that would normally be lost to a nursing pad. As any breastfeeding mom will tell you, you’ll want to collect every drop of that liquid gold!

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