The Best Leather Dog Leash In UK 2021

Not only are leather dog leashes classy looking, but they are also more durable than nylon ones. A leather leash won’t start looking dingy or slip easily out of your hand. Leather is made to last, though it can be an investment.
Once you begin your search for leather dog leashes, you’ll quickly find that there are countless options.
To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best leather dog leash, as well as a buyer’s guide so you know exactly what features to look for.

Top 10 Best Leather Dog Leash In UK 2021

1. Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Leash

The Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Leash is the best leather dog leash for the money because it’s available in four different widths and lengths so you can find the best one for your breed of dog. The hardware is made of pure copper alloy with plating, and it has 500-lb. pull force, so you don’t have to worry about your dog breaking it. It has an elegant braiding pattern, which also lends extra strength to the leash. A two-year warranty is offered in case the stitches come free or the leash breaks in some way, but that doesn’t cover a dog chewing through it.

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2. LEATHERBERG – Best for Medium and Large Dogs

Leatherberg should be your first choice for premium quality leather products. Leatherberg leather leashes are made of top quality U.S. rawhide to create a strong, beautiful lead that is easy to use and clean. This leash gives you complete control of your dog with instant feedback for both of you. This leash will help you and your dog walking and training in a better way.

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3. The ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash

Superior leather dog leash made to last for years. The Adityna leather leash is made of a single piece of premium grade genuine leather. This makes it a resistant leash that allows you to have controlled walks. This 6-foot x 1-inch dog leash has the perfect length for walks and training.
Perfect leather leash for large and extra-large dogs such as German Shepherd, Great Dane, Caucasian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Saint Bernard, and others. Durable stitches with 2 rivets and 360º heavy-duty stainless steel clasp were used to make the training dog leash stronger. You will feel safe using it.

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4. Berry Braided Brown Genuine Leather Dog Leash

The leather material is imported form US. It’s real full grain leather,durable and soft. There’s a little Fur flavour.Great leather leashes for dogs,professional dog training leash and popular dog leash 6ft leather.
This leather is really a wonderful pet appearance and you and your pet will get tones of compliments by daily use. Leather is a biodegradable material and if you can take a good store of it,you can use it for a long time.

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5. The Highland Farms Select Leather Dog Training Leash

This leather dog leash is best for training dogs at home and during the field. The strap is soft and durable, which does not destroy a dog’s neck. It contains a simple style that is easy to carry and move with it. It has a double end that makes it easy to tie on the pole. This item is waterproof and easy to clean, making it the best leash for home use. The Highland Farms Select Leather Dog Training Leash is of high-quality and durable.

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6. Signature K9 Braided Leather Leash

Founded by Matt Akenhead, a very accomplished trainer winning 40 titles with eight different dogs in three unique venues, including Service Dogs of America to Schutzhund, Signature K-9 offers a variety of tested products. Signature K-9 provides high quality, durable K-9 Equipment for Dog Handlers and Trainers in the Military and Police Personnel industry. Signature K-9 offers the proper K-9 gear to make you and your working dog more effective and safe while performing your duties. Signature K-9 equipment has been a preferred brand for Tactical, Sport, Training and Daily work.

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7. Wellbro Double Handle Leather Dog Leash

The Wellbro Double Handle Leather Dog Leash has a dual handle design for aggressive and energetic dogs. The built-in traffic handle instantly controls your dog through crowded areas and busy sidewalks. The walking handle is perfect for casual walks, hiking, and freedom for sniffing.
This braided leather dog leash is built from soft cowhide leather, which is biodegradable and free from stains and chemicals. The sold brass swivel hook is manufactured from rust-proof pure copper that has strong tensile resistance.The leather leash is long-lasting and requires easy cleaning with a soft damp cloth and gentle cleanser. Don’t forget to air dry for the best results.

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8. Logical Leather 6 Foot Dog Leash

Enhance your daily walks with the Logical Leather Dog Training Leash. Handcrafted from a single piece of premium, full-grain leather, it’s superior quality that you can see and even smell. The ultra-strong design has been independently tested to withstand an impressive 245+ pounds of pulling force, and weighing in at just six ounces, it’s the perfect leash for any sized dog. The high-quality leather is ultra-supple on your hands, and it’s resistant to water and cleans easily, so it will keep its beauty for a lifetime to come. Pair it with the matching Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar to make the complete and stylish set! You’ll soon see why it’s recommended by professional dog trainers around the world.

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9. FOCUSPET Leather Dog Leash with Double Handle

This leash has the traditional handle at the end of the leash and one next to your dog’s collar and neck. This leash has strong materials. The padded leather makes this leash pretty thick and strong. The quality of leather and the stitched make, allows this leash to feel comfortable as you hold it in your hands.
You don’t have to spiral the leash up your arm to reel in your dog or grab them uncomfortably by their collars. It’s as simple as reaching down and grabbing the second handle to bring in your dog without hurting them.
With handmade braided design near the handles and soft light brown leather, FOCUSPET Leather Dog Leash with Double Handle is a beautiful dog leash.

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10. Soft Touch Collars Leather Braided Dog Leash

Soft Touch Collar’s Leather Braided Dog Leash has a beautifully padded handle that keeps your hands protected from dreaded leash burn. This naturally tanned leather leash has solid brass hardware with a lacquered finish which keeps the snap rustproof in all weather conditions.
This 6ft leather leash is the perfect length for walking and professional dog training.
This leash is marginally more expensive, however, it’s a fantastic quality product that will last a long time, especially if you have a heavy puller that likes to chew.

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How To Find The Best Leather Dog Leash

When shopping for the best leather dog leash for your needs, there are many things to consider. We’ve included them in this handy buyer’s guide to help you in your search.

Leather dog leashes are more durable than nylon because they don’t fray or get holes. If you keep them cleaned and oiled, they can last a lifetime. But this also depends on how each leather leash is made. You want thick, high-quality leather that’s water-resistant.

For most dogs, five to six feet is a comfortable length for walks. For smaller dogs, you can do with four or five feet. There are also short leashes that are only around 18” long. These are for keeping your dog close to heel, especially in dangerous situations like walking in traffic.

Comfort Design Features
Many leashes offer supple leather, which is more comfortable to hold. There are also leashes with padded handles.

Materials Used
There are different types of leather used in dog leashes:
1. Genuine leather is the most common. It’s strong but won’t have the shine of other heavily treated leathers. It’s prone to cracking, so be sure to keep it oiled.
2. Cowhide leather is completely natural and untreated. It’s unbleached, with the skin and hair of the cow. This is a less common leather leash option.
3. Premium leather has been treated with oils to make it shine. It’s also had the top layer of skin removed to prevent imperfections and make it more durable.
4. Latigo leather is the most expensive option because it’s double-tanned and has been infused with oils and waxes. The leather is typically shinier and lasts longer, but it might have more chemical treatment than the other options.
Aside from the leather, it’s also important to consider the hardware used. Heavy-duty brass hardware will be longer-lasting. Treating the hardware in some way, whether antiquing or lacquering, will allow it to resist weathering.


The leash you choose is crucial to your dog’s safety. The leash will help you teach your pet the appropriate social conduct necessary while out in public and interacting with humans and other dogs.
We hope our reviews and buyer’s guide of the best leather dog leashes have helped you narrow down your own list to find the best leash for your dog.

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