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The best ipad mini cases in the UK 2022

Looking to grab some functional best ipad mini cases for your new iPad mini? Or maybe you want something fun and funky instead? Note that the iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 5 are pretty much precisely the same size (except for a slight button size increase and change in microphone placement), so some iPad mini 4 ases will fit the iPad mini 5

We’ve reviewed the best cases that offer a variety of both fashion and function to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for basic protection or more bells and whistles with a stylish finish.

Because the iPad mini has undergone some subtle design changes over the years, cases for older models will not fit, but those for previous versions should. Still, it’s always a good idea to double-check that you’re getting a case that fits your model before making a purchase.

Top 10 best ipad mini cases in the UK 2022

Here are some of the best iPad mini cases available.

1. Snugg iPad Mini 5 Leather Case

The Snugg case has a luxurious look and feel thanks to its premium bonded PU leather exterior, which is slim, lightweight, and rugged, with subtle, contrasting stitching. It easily fits into a backpack or briefcase and protects your tablet from harsh environments and impact.

It adds reinforced corners to the protective features to protect against drops, knocks, scratches, and dust. The tablet’s delicate screen is cushioned by a nubuck interior. It is available in nine sophisticated colours.

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2. Best for most: ESR Yippee Trifold Smart Case

This slim, lightweight, and inexpensive case covers the front and back of the phone, has sleep/wake functionality, and doubles as a stand. Choose from a variety of colour schemes. The back of this case is made of hard plastic, but it is easy to put on and take off. With the exception of charging an Apple Pencil, all of the expected cutouts are present, so the iPad is fully functional within the case.

It’s just common sense to have a cover that protects the iPad’s front, edges, and back. This is my personal case, which I’ve been using since the release of the latest iPad Pro. I once dropped my iPad from about five or six feet onto the carpet and it was fine — and no, I didn’t do it on purpose to test it. This was a genuine blunder.

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3. The best cheap case for iPad (5th and 6th generations): MoKo Ultra Slim

Because there isn’t a good case with a TPU back for 9.7-inch iPads, the MoKo Ultra Slim is the next best thing. The cover is nearly identical, while the back is a hard plastic that may crack or chip if dropped. This case will protect most iPads in most situations, but it isn’t a heavy-duty option. Fortunately, it’s inexpensive enough that you can easily replace it if it breaks.

The Ultra Slim is made up of two parts: a translucent plastic shell for the iPad’s body and a polyurethane screen cover. It adds only 4 millimetres to the iPad’s thickness (about two nickels) and 200 grammes to its weight. In coin terms, that’s the same weight as a roll of nickels; however, spread out across the iPad’s large body, it doesn’t feel like much extra bulk.

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4. UAG armor folio iPad mini 5 case

Many users had been waiting for the release of this armour iPad mini 5 case, and now it has arrived!

The ultimate combination of advanced protection and multi-level functionality is available from Urban Armor Gear. The Metropolis case is constructed from lightweight military-grade materials and has a rugged, low-profile design.

The Metropolis includes a built-in stand, large ports, and tactile buttons to ensure that your iPad mini is a great companion on your next wild adventure. Oh, and there’s also an Apple Pencil holder.

“Been using it 3 weeks now to include airplane trips and I’m more than happy with it. Holds up well to general day to day use and I like how you can angle the screen when propped up, you don’t have to necessarily place the edge in a groove to keep it upright.” – Amazon review

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5. SupCase

If you want tough protection for your iPad Mini 5, SupCase’s Unicorn Beetle Pro case for the iPad Mini 5 with a built-in screen protector is the way to go.

To protect your device from drops and knocks, the Unicorn Beetle Pro employs a combination of hard shell and TPU. A kickstand on the back allows you to prop up your iPad Mini, and port covers keep dust and debris out.

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6. JETech iPad Mini 4 Smart Cover

JETech’s smart cover performs the same function as Apple’s – but at a fraction of the cost. The same auto-wake and sleep functions, as well as a folding cover that converts into a stand, can be expected.

JETech also offers a lifetime warranty on its cases. It’s also available in a variety of colours. Not bad for less than ten pounds.

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7. Fintie Folio Case

The Fintie Folio Case encases the iPad in a binder-like encasement, making it easy to travel with and store your device. The cover can be used as a stand at various angles, and it includes storage for papers, cards, and an Apple Pencil.

Its high-quality synthetic leather construction makes it durable, and the soft interior prevents scratches. The price is reasonable.

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8.  ESR Rebound Slim Smart case: Best flexible iPad mini 5 case

The ESR Rebound Slim Smart Case for iPad Mini 5 may resemble the folio above, but there is one significant difference. This time, the back of the cover is made of a flexible rubber coating, which not only makes the case easy to put on and take off, but also adds grip.

This is an excellent low-cost case for iPad mini 5 users who are constantly on the go.

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9. Targus VersaVu iPad Case

Maggie Stephenson, an illustrator with over 90k Instagram followers, says the Targus is one of the most dependable cases she’s come across. “The exterior is non-slip and has a comfortable and cool feel that you’ll appreciate if you’re holding your iPad for an extended period of time.” She claims that the case also accommodates the Apple Pencil very well, allowing it to stay on the magnetic smart connector of the iPad.

“I use my iPad for hours on end every day and have found this case to be not only the most durable, but also the most comfortable.”

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10. Veco

A visually appealing denim look can provide your new iPad Mini 5 with the colour it requires to stand out from the crowd. If you’re more artistic, choose from Summer Beach, Starry Night, or Lucky Tree to achieve that wonderful, one-of-a-kind look.

Veco’s accessories now include industry-standard features such as anti-sweat, anti-slip, and scratch-resistant properties for all-around iPad Mini protection. The stylish PU leather protects your device from drops, bumps, and shocks, while the microfiber interior comfortably cushions your Mini.

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To find the best iPad cases, we looked to well-known accessory manufacturers such as Griffin Technology, Incipio, and Speck. We also searched Amazon for the best-selling cases and those with more than 100 reviews and a customer rating of four stars or higher.

We concentrated on low-cost cases primarily out of necessity. There simply aren’t any good-value, high-end cases available, particularly for the most recent iPads. The more expensive cases we’ve seen are often much bulkier, but they don’t necessarily provide more protection or add important features. And there isn’t much available for the 7th-generation iPad, let alone anything truly great.

We also had specific criteria that helped us narrow down our results:

  • The case must cover the iPad’s corners and protect its edges from scrapes, as well as shield the shiny metallic bits that abrasive surfaces can scratch.
  • The case needs to include a front cover that reliably triggers the iPad’s magnetic sleep/wake feature when opened or closed and won’t shift around when shut. The latter is important for protection reasons, because if the screen cover moves, there’s potential for damage to the screen. But it’s also important for battery life: Assuming the case triggers the iPad’s sleep/wake feature, a loose cover will wake the tablet during transit, causing battery drain. The cover must also stay closed when you’re not using the tablet.
  • The case must provide some sort of stable stand that supports both upright viewing and a lower-angle position for typing.
  • The case must be unobtrusive—it must add little weight and not keep the tablet from being easy to hold with one hand as you tap and swipe.
  • We prefer cases that cover the tablet’s side buttons, but because this feature isn’t especially common, we don’t consider it a requirement. (Since the buttons are usually recessed from the outside surface of the case, a lack of full button coverage isn’t a dealbreaker in terms of protection.)

We first measured the thickness and weight of each case we tested. We put the cover through its paces to ensure that its stand positions were stable, that it stayed closed (even when jostled), and that it didn’t flop open when we turned the iPad upside down. We then used each selection for at least a week, and in most cases much longer, to ensure that no annoyances arose in normal use.

In conclusion

Simple photo editing with the Apple Pencil? Check. Are you working on a document or an email? Check. What better way to unwind than by scrolling through social media and binge-watching your favourite shows? All of this and more is possible with the iPad Mini 2019.

If you already own an iPad Mini 5, chances are you’ll need a companion to protect your investment. So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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