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The best indoor grills 2022

Having a grill is fantastic. Unless it is raining. Or it’s simply too hot. Or it’s too cold. Or perhaps your grill is taking up all of your yard space. Alternatively, you may run out of gas. On second thought, perhaps investing in a large, outdoor grill isn’t always the best option. Fortunately, you don’t need a bulky, space-consuming grill to enjoy smokey barbeque, charred vegetables, or any other grill-marked creation your heart desires. This is where an indoor grill comes in handy.

The best indoor grills come in two different types: open grills and contact grills. Open grills are like a mini version of regular, outdoor ones—they have an open grilling surface. For even cooking, you’ll have to flip your food half way through. Contact grills have two cooking surfaces—one on top and one on the bottom. Since your food gets cooked from both sides, this speeds things up quite a bit.

Top 10 best indoor grills 2022

Nothing says summer like the alluring aroma of burgers on a grill. Unfortunately, flammable products aren’t permitted everywhere in the UK, so that rules out many types of BBQs for home use. However, there’s no need to fear – indoor electric grills are ideal for homes without outdoor space. We’ve put together this handy buying guide to walk you through all of the main considerations. Then, we’ve got product recommendations from top the best indoor grills 2022 all available to buy online at Amazon. From tabletop grills with removable plates to large devices for feeding the whole family, you’ll find your perfect match here!

1. George Foreman Large Red Steel Grill

It’s unlikely you’d gotten this far in your search for an electric grill without coming across a George Foreman machine; they’ve only sold 100 million worldwide. This grill can cook up to seven portions at once, making it ideal for large families or entertaining guests. The perfect fit drip tray can be easily adjusted to catch excess oils from your food while cooking, and it can also be easily removed for quick cleaning.

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2. Sage BGR840BSS the Smart Grill

This is a cleverly designed grill with an integrated temperature probe to ensure that the meat is cooked precisely to your liking. It can also be opened flat. This model performed admirably in our meat and vegetable tests. It reached full temperature in about four minutes and provided even coverage throughout the grilling area. It has an integrated temperature probe, which we found extremely useful for precisely cooking meat. The grilled vegetables were delicious, but they cooked slightly unevenly due to the thickness of the grill’s ridges.

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3. VonShef Indoor BBQ Smokeless Grill

Advanced smoke extraction – as your food cooks, a fan hidden within the grill extracts smoke from the surface. Precise control – use the led touch control panel to set the grill temperature anywhere between 120°C and 230°C for perfect results. Dimensions: 50cm x 30cm x 12cm 5kg in weight Bbq flavour, no smoke – from streaky steaks to chargrilled vegetables, you can enjoy all the flavour of a real grill without the smoke, opening up a whole new world of delectable indoor bbq experiences. Nonstick – The large 36 x 20cm ceramic grill surface is completely nonstick, allowing you to cook healthily with little to no oil while avoiding burnt-on residue. Even better, it’s dishwasher safe and removable for simple cleaning.

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4. Tefal OptiGrill+

Tefal, a French brand, has taken its country’s gastronomic reputation to heart, packing what appears to be an entire commis chef inside the Optigrill+. In practise, it works flawlessly, with an LED indicator that changes colour as you progress from rare to well done, with audible alerts at each stage. The controls are unnecessarily difficult to grasp, the overall design and lighting are sloppy, and the lack of open flat grilling limits the grill to a 90-degree operation only. However, if you only grill on occasion, this would be an excellent, more compact option.

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5. Raclette Grills 8 Person

This tabletop electric grill with enough space to feed 8 people is our first choice. It has two distinct cooking areas: one with a large open area ideal for grilling the main course and separate sections underneath for cooking a variety of side dishes. It also has a temperature dial, giving you complete control over the heat. Unfortunately, the nonstick coating can be quite delicate – so use extreme caution when cleaning!

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6. George Foreman Large Variable Temperature Grill

The two cooking areas can be used concurrently to save you time slaving away, and both have independent temperature controls, making them fully adaptable. So, if you all enjoy a cooked breakfast on weekends, but the hassle of having several pans on the go at once or having to keep everything warm is usually too much effort, grill your meat and have your tomatoes, mushrooms, and fried eggs ready at the same time. If you only want to use one side of the appliance, simply set the temperature controller to ‘off,’ and no heat will be transferred. The nonstick surface facilitates the draining of oils and fat, which is collected in the drip tray and disposed of quickly and cleanly.

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7. 3D Infrared Electric Grill

When you use infrared technology, the grill’s rack heats up in an instant while the air around it remains normal. This way, the heat directly penetrates the inside of any meat or other food you cook. Furthermore, there is no need to be concerned about harmful radiation. The LCD Touch Screen Control feature of this Electric Grill BBQ oven gives you digital control at your fingertips. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a novice when it comes to grilling; you’ll have no trouble using it. The automatic rotating pan, which evenly distributes heat while allowing grease to drain, is what makes this grill so valuable. When all is said and done, there are only two things left to clean: the nonstick baking pan and the oil pan.

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8. Progress Electric Teppanyaki Grill

This teppanyaki grill allows you to quickly prepare a variety of tasty meals. This user-friendly grill, with adjustable temperature controls and a 6-minute preheat time, is ideal for inspiring creative cooking. Bring the taste of Japan to your dining table with this fantastic progress teppanyaki grill, which also serves as a fun way to get the whole family cooking. The large flat cooking plate has an excellent nonstick coating and a removable drip tray for easy cleanup.

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9. Klarstein Burgermeister 3-in-1 Contact Grill

Temperature is freely adjustable via a sliding regulator, and the grill surfaces have a high-quality ceramic nonstick coating. The klarstein burgermeister 3-in-1 multifunctional grill cleverly combines the capabilities of a table and contact grill with a panini maker, thus satisfying all of your cravings for delectable grilled delicacies. Table and contact grill, as well as panini maker, for grilling, toasting, and gratinating in one unit, grilling in record time by simultaneous frying from above and below at up to 2000 w power. Adjustable: an on/off switch on the front of the unit. When the grill reaches the desired temperature, the heating led illuminates.

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10. TTLIFE Smokeless Electric BBQ Grills

A high-temperature power cord, a silicone stove foot, a recessed heating element, and a frosted shell are all features of the smokeless electric grill. It’s a great option for a backyard barbeque with family and friends. Use a stainless steel heating tube as a direct heat source on the food; the grease will drip immediately, and the cooking grill will be chrome-plated to provide a true barbeque flavour. All of the materials are both safe and healthy. The heat is quickly distributed across the surface of the grill to ensure that it is evenly distributed and that the food is evenly heated. 1300w high power, double u-shaped design heats up quickly, efficiently, and quickly bakes.

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How to Choose an indoor Grill in the UK

Determine Which Style of Grill Suits Your Cooking Style
Electric grills generally come in three main styles: clamshell (or dual-sided), upright, and tabletop. The type you choose will all depend on your cooking style and how quickly you want your food on the plate.
Clamshell and upright grills cook food quickly and more evenly, as they grill both sides at the same time.
Make Sure the Grill Is Big Enough to Feed Your Household
The next point to take into consideration is the size of the grill. When comparing different models, think about how many people you’re going to be cooking for; a large family is going to need more space than a couple, after all.
If you’ve already owned an electric grill in the past and you want an upgrade, a good way of figuring out what you need is to look at the size of your old one – was it too small or has your household grown since then? This will help you to determine the correct size when shopping for a new grill.

Wattage Will Indicate How Hot Your Grill Will Get and How Quickly It’ll Reach Maximum Temperature
One of the best things about electric grills is that they heat up incredibly fast compared to other cooking devices. Still, as with all products, the maximum temperature will vary depending on the model you choose. The wattage info provided on a grill’s packaging will give you an indication of the highest temperature it’ll be able to reach – the higher the wattage, the hotter the grill will get and the faster it will heat up.
Additional Features Can Make Cooking and Cleaning up Easier
Electric grills with adjustable temperature dials and temperature gauges are incredibly handy, as they allow you to maintain control over what you’re cooking by setting the temperature or at least being able to monitor it. Removable plates are another great feature which will make cleaning up at the end of dinner a whole lot easier.


Whether you’re preparing shrimp skewers or sizzling steaks, you’re sure to enjoy cooking on an indoor grill. Having read our buying guide, you’ll be well equipped to choose the perfect one for your household. Get out there and dine al fresco before the nice weather disappears!
I hope you can choose the best indoor grill for your family.

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