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Top 10 Best gloss white paint of UK (2021)

Painting the windows and doors is a requisite need to ensure the durability of your living space. Keeping in view the necessity and demand, manufactures have launched the best gloss white paint to fulfill the dire need. These paints have been specially formulated for the sole safeguard of metal and wood surfaces.

White color is an emblem of elegance, style, and decency. It complements most of the color palettes and is, therefore, the most demanded gloss paint. So, best white gloss paints are available in tones of variation, features, and properties.

While the choice is hard when you are not sure exactly what you should be looking for, fortunately there are a few standout products that offer great levels of high sheen paints which are hard-wearing and durable that get the job done with a professional finish to your paintwork.

Top 10 best gloss white paint in 2021

The reviewed products below are the most trusted picks nowadays. Now, read through the article, gather your thoughts, and choose best because you deserve the best!

1. Johnstone’s 3201744-HH – PERFECT GLOSS

The Johnstone’s Gloss White Paint is a premium-quality paint that offers a perfect sheen and very easy application. Being oil-based, this paint has a very thick consistency, so you need to apply only two layers to get a smooth and mirror-like surface.

The product is also suitable for internal and external use, which makes it a good choice when you want to put gloss accents in the interior. A garage door, window sills, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, doors and drawers, indoor furniture, and even patio chairs and table… these are only a few things that look better with a high sheen. Besides, owing to the great versatility, you don’t have to buy several kinds of paint for different surfaces because this one covers wood and metal alike.

As users say, this paint is also simple in use. It doesn’t leave brush streaks and pitting when you use a foam roller, so you are free to use the tool of your preference. You can also swipe and wash the finish with a variety of cleaning products – it won’t turn yellowish or crack.

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2. Dulux Quick Dry Gloss Paint Review

The Dulux Gloss is a quicky dry formulated paint that’s suitable for wood and metal around the home. You do not need to apply an undercoat with this paint and it provides a high-sheen protective finish.

This paint does a fantastic job of brightening up areas that appear dull and have yellowed over time. The Dulux Quick Dry Gloss Paint is available in a range of different colours not only white which makes it our best overall gloss paint. With most water-based gloss paints it will require several coats for full coverage. This is due to the thin consistency of the paint.

This makes it our best overall paint for a high-sheen finish that offers great protection and value for money. Available in a range of different shades and colours we picked it to top our list.

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3. Crown Quick Dry Gloss – Best Stay White Gloss Paint

Grabbing the place in the list of best of white gloss paints is another product that has left everyone impressed. Crown Quick Dry Gloss has a water-based formula provided with quick-dry and high gloss finish. For keeping the paint fresh and brand new, it is imparted with nonyellowing and long-lasting characteristics.

It is suitable for painting wood and metals inside and outside as well. The painting will sufficiently save the metal windows from rusting and impacts of humid weather. Crown Quick Dry Gloss provides coverage of 16 meter square per liter. Thus the 2.5 L of the bucket is more than sufficient for small scale or moderate level tasks. It is an ideal choice for painting doors, windows, wooden furniture, radiators, and skirting boards.

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4. Soft Sheen by Dulux -Ideal for high-traffic areas

Soft Sheen by Dulux is an exceptional, albeit expensive, paint for walls and ceilings. Ideal for high-traffic areas, the product dries to a subtle sheen finish that is easy to wipe clean. The paint comes only in Pure Brilliant White but it makes use of Dulux’s Chromalock technology that protects the pigments from daily wear and tear, and this translates into a long-lasting, non-yellowing finish.

This water-based colour is safe to use in enclosed spaces and easy to apply with a paintbrush, roller, or sprayer. The coverage and drying time are also great. A litre of paint covers up to 16m² and the product can be re-coated after only 4 hours.

Another thing we like is the smooth, creamy emulsion that doesn’t drip. This ensures a mess-free application on ceilings.

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5. Leyland Trade Fast-Drying Gloss

Typically, we like self-undercoating paints best because they’re fast-drying and high-gloss paint for wood and metals. You want them to be non-yellowing, and that means not using a self-priming paint.

The Leyland brand is water-based, which makes it similar to Rust-Oleum and the Dulux Once Gloss brands. It’s a high-quality surface paint that gives off a high gloss finish. We like that it’s fully dry in about 6 hours, though you may need another coating.

You can utilise it almost anywhere, including on plastic ceramic. Per litre, it covers more than other brands.

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6. Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface Gloss

Rust-Oleum’s do-it-all gloss paint comes in a staggering 12 different gloss colours, ranging from neutral tones to ones that really pop. There are satin and matt black and white, but otherwise you get a vibrant rainbow of choice. It’s easily applied to just about anything – it’s designed as an all-surface paint, after all – and will adhere nicely even on top of rust. As a combination paint and primer in one, it also reduces the number of coats you’ll need to apply.

The paint will be touch dry in 2 hours and ready for use after 8. Should a second coat be required, you’ll need to give it 16 hours – this is more recommended of you want an even bolder colour. The gloss finish is ultra tough and durable, as well as being inherently resistant scratches, scuffs and moisture. This toughness, as well as the ability to be wiped clean, makes this a sure choice for countless projects around the home.

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7. RONSEAL – Weatherproof Exterior Gloss Paint

If you are looking for suitable exterior paint for wood for uncertain British weather. Ronseal weatherproof exterior gloss paint is highly recommended for exterior rainy weather for your wood surfaces. This water-proof and weatherproof paint guarantees the provision of 10 years of longevity and also no cracking or peeling on the surface.

Superb coverage – Highly recommended for shed, fence, wooden boat, garden furniture and metal table. Quickly dries up, touches dry and water-proof as well in an hour. Resists any kind of peeling, blistering or cracking on the wood surface and adjusts with the wood movements.

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8. Dulux Once Gloss

Dulux provide an oil based paint which has been manufactured to go on in one coat. The main features of Dulux Once gloss are: Designed to go on in one coat but this depends on colour and existing surface; A bright glossy finish when it dries back;  Easy to apply, good consistency; Designed for internal areas.

As it is oil based the paint takes a long to dry back but if a pure glossy finish is required then this a good product to use.

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9. Ronseal Stays 2-in-1 Primer and Paint Gloss, White

Perfect if you’re looking to give your front door a makeover, this weatherproof gloss paint is designed to be durable all year round. Suitable for wooden doors, windows and frames. Weatherproof in just 1 hour

One reviewer said: ‘Thick paint, good quality. Used to repaint over white gate, went on well and good coverage. Looks really smart.’

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10. Zinsser All Coat Exterior Gloss White

 A bit pricey and takes a bit of getting used to but leaves an outstanding, durable finish. If you are new to painting I can see how you might struggle with the fast cure time. The trick is to put it on with one stroke and lay off with a second. No more than that or you’ll be posting one star reviews. Or just hire somebody who knows what they are doing. 6 years since first used on a job and still looks almost new.

Used this to paint some interior doors. Took three coats to cover a very light cream colour. Applies well with a foam roller. No smell and everything cleans up in water. You do need to key the surface as otherwise it can scrape off.

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What Is a Gloss Paint?

Gloss paint is always a good choice for high traffic areas and spaces with increased humidity like a kitchen or bathroom. They produce a tough coating that protects the surface from corrosion, moisture, and mould. Additionally, thanks to their high sheen and mirror-like finish, gloss paints make for a perfectly smooth surface that can hide small imperfections and will be easy to clean.

Paint gloss, also known as paint sheen, is the ability of a painted surface to reflect light. In this regard, manufacturers define several categories of paint sheen in percentages: flat paint 0-9%, low gloss 10-25%, eggshell paint 26-40%, semi-gloss 41-69%, and high gloss – 70% and up. High gloss paint contains more resins, unlike low gloss paints.

There are 4 main components of paint:

Solvents – the liquid base. It can be oil or water-based. Oil-based paints have a thicker consistency and if the colour change is not strong, they require fewer layers. Water-based gloss paint has a more runny consistency, so it can often be applied with a paint sprayer. This allows you to paint faster. Oil paints, on the other hand, doesn’t leave streaks from a brush or pitting from a foam roller or edger. As for the sheen, both types of paint make for a very beautiful gloss.

Pigments make for the colour of the paint.

Resins are added into paint formula to bind pigments, provide tougher surface, and produce the final gloss.

Additives – special components that can add durability, reduce drying time, affect moisture resistance, etc.


For this review, we have chosen only the highest-quality formulas. All of the provided paints are durable enough to stand the test of time and please you with a perfectly smooth, satin finish.

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