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The 10 best fryer for chips to buy in the UK 2021

If you have an air fryer and you have never made fries/chips in it, then you are seriously missing out.We have lots of delicious air fryer recipes for you.

We actually had an air fryer for over a year before we made anything but fries in it (although there is so much more you can do in it) and we still have these at least twice a week – they are a classic side dish. Read on for our buyer’s guide and our pick of the best fryer for chips on the market.

Top 10 best fryer for chips to buy in the UK 2021

If you’re looking to make tasty deep-fried food at home, first read our review of the best deep-fat fryers and health fryers.

1. Pro Breeze 4.2L

Craving oven chips or chicken wings but watching your weight? This digital air fryer by Pro Breeze is our top choice to cook all your favourites recipes without the added calories.

Boasting a beautiful digital display and generous 4.2L capacity, this high quality air fryer creates delicious, crispy foods with little to no oil. Instead, using cyclonic technology, hot air circulates around your foods, to effectively cook it for healthy, low-fat, and tasty meals whether you want to be frying a fish filet or baking chicken goujons and potato wedges.

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2. Swan SD6040N 

If you’re looking for a large deep fat fryer to keep your entire family happy, then this could be the ultimate option for you. The Swan SD6040N prides itself on delivering a no-fuss solution for large capacity and excellent food.

You can cook up to 1kg of food at a time, and enjoy everything from crispy fish to chicken, chips, and more. The cool-touch handle helps to keep you safe while you fry, and like many of the deep fat fryers on the market, there’s a viewing window too.

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3. Tefal Oleoclean Pro 3.5l with digital timer

If you’ve ever had a deep fat fryer and remember how it meant using gallons of oil and was a chore to clean afterwards, the 2,300W Oleoclean Pro is the model that will change your mind.

Not only does it filter used oil into a removable plastic box, so you can store it to be used again, the appliance dismantles so nearly all of it can be popped into the dishwasher to come out sparkling – the only cleaning you need to do is wipe the heating element.

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4. Russell Hobbs 24580 digital deep fryer 

The Russell Hobbs 24580 is a powerhouse of a deep-fat fryer, capable of cooking family-sized portions at temperatures from 130C-190C.

It’s very easy to set up, coming up to temperature quickly. With powerful heating comes the potential for delicious deep-fried food, and the 24580 certainly seems capable of that.

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5. Tower T17005 Healthier Oil Free Rapid Air Fryer

This low-cost air fryer is unassuming but sturdy and easy to use. It also produces great quality fried foods: it’s equipped to crisp up everything from chicken goujons to chips (which are made even better by parboiling first).

Price isn’t the Tower’s only attraction: it’s a solid contender for family use, as it has a large capacity, and is on the healthier side of the spectrum, reportedly cutting down on fat by 80%. Its parts are dishwasher-safe, which is great for speedy cleaning up after cooking, and there’s a range of accessories available, from a baking pan to a divider for making two foods at once.

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6. Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK

It’s nice to be reminded that you’re cooking something, but when an air fryer is so loud you can barely hear it over the TV, then you have a problem. Thankfully the Ninja is only as noisy as a fan assisted oven and its sleekness meant that we could tuck it away on our worktop without it looking out of place.

Simple to use, we barely had to pick up the instruction manual – and you can mix up the typical air fryer function and switch to the roast setting to crisp up roast potatoes, or dehydrate to make fruit and vegetable snacks.

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7. GoWISE USA Programmable Air Fryer  

“This particular model is very easy to use with several preset buttons and it’s easy to read the digital display.” Others praise it for being particularly good for cooking meat and warming up leftovers.

“The sweet-potato fries were good and my chicken tenders were perfect,” one user writes. “Crispy outside, moist inside.” Another says, “ I had a leftover chicken cutlet (cooked the day before, the old-fashioned way) and tossed that in for 5 minutes to crispy it up and I had a great meal.”

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8. Instant Vortex Air Fryer

Instant Pot is most well-known for its multi-cookers that let you pressure cook, slow cook, steam, and saute from one device, but the brand also makes an air fryer.

The Vortex Air Fryer has a squared-off design and a square frying basket, as opposed to the circle or oval baskets and bowl found on most other air fryers. With a 6-quart (5.7-litre) capacity, it’s also the biggest air fryer we’ve tested to date – it offers enough space to cook a 1.8kg chicken.

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9. Salter 4.5 Litre Digital Hot Air Fryer

Design wise, the curvy black body of the Salter 4.5 Litre (£70) digital hot air fryer and its LED display makes it one of the most attractive looking appliances in our test. Its temperature ranges from 80 to 200 degrees, with a 60-minute timer, which we found easy to adjust.

On the plus side, the Salter is one of the quietest appliances in our test, reaching a mere 65db during cooking.

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10. PINSOON 10qt air fryer

If you’d rather get a front row view of your food as it cooks this large 10qt model includes a window so you can watch your food change color as it cooks.

You don’t get the same cook quality or speed as some of the more expensive models on the list but it’s still a good pick for a large family that wants a cheaper option to test out air frying without breaking the bank.

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How to buy the best fryer for chips in the UK 2021


First, make sure you know how much bench space you have available. If you make chips regularly, you might want to leave it out permanently.

Be aware that top-opening models could be out of the running if you have restricted space above the bench, as the lid needs to be opened upwards. If you’re planning to pack your air fryer away after use, look for a compact size with a uniform shape to slot easily into a cupboard.

Claimed capacity or volume

Take the manufacturers claimed measurements with a grain of salt as the claimed capacity or volume can be misleading. Some manufacturers measure the whole space inside the air fryer and not the actual useable capacity. For example, a “10-litre” model may only be able to cook about 500g of chips and a “2500-gram” model won’t actually be able to accommodate that much weight of food.


Air fryer parts are reasonably easy to clean and fit into a domestic sink. Most parts are dishwasher-safe. but they’re also easily cleaned by hand if they have a non-stick coating.


There are two types of controls: dial or digital. Dial controls are more basic and less accurate, consisting of just a temperature dial and a timer dial that dings when the timer ends.

Look for a timer that can be set for longer than 30 minutes. Digital controls have a touch display with an accurate timer, temperature readings and some may also have pre-programmed settings. Look for models with easy to understand icons and an alarm that sounds when cooking is completed.


A fryer can be a worthy alternative to deep frying on a pot on the stove. This method, which involves buying a standalone appliance, is usually safer and easier for beginners to deep frying.

To find the right best fryer for chips for you, make sure you choose carefully based on capacity, size, ease of use and cleaning, and whether a prospective model is equipped with safety features and any extra features that help make cooking more effortless and enjoyable.

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