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Top 10 best facial hair removal creams in the UK

Wouldn’t it be great if we could swap peach fuzz and hairy pits, for longer locks and bolder eyebrows? Unfortunately, it seems to be way easier to grow hair in all of the parts we absolutely do not want them, oh the irony. Peach-fuzz, we all have it and the need to remove it is purely down to individual preference. Not only does it ensure a more flawless finish for your makeup, it helps products to soak into your skin easier too. We’ve listed ten of the best facial hair removal creams below.

Top 10 best facial hair removal creams in the UK

Thankfully, our pick of the best hair removal creams will mean you can ditch the razor for a more hydrating, gentle option. Read on for our list of the best facial hair removal creams below, and prepare for a fuzz-free new you…

1. Pansly Hair Off Hair Removal

This cream will take care of you. It can be used on all of your sensitive and not-so-sensitive areas, and it guarantees to remove hair close to the root (just give it a little more time). It will leave you feeling velvety soft, with no risk of burns or cuts.

The spray mechanism will allow you to cover larger areas of the body more easily, but it may give you less control over areas where you need to be more precise, such as the face. Also, the odour has been reported to be quite strong, so be cautious if you have a sensitive nose!

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2. Sally Hansen Hair Removal Kit With Lotion

Sally Hansen products are made in the United States and include a variety of cream and wax hair removers, as well as hair bleaching products. The Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit for Face consists of a gentle depilatory cream designed specifically for the face, as well as a moisturising, post-treatment lotion. While the product is safe to use on facial hair, it should be kept away from the eyes and lips and should not be used on the brows, nose, or ears.

3. Surgi Hair Removal Cream

Surgi-Cream facial hair removal cream is a specially designed extra gentle depilatory for use on the face by those with sensitive skin. It should be applied to the cheeks, upper lip, and chin. This product is not intended for use on the brows and should be kept away from the eyes. Hair is removed from just beneath the skin’s surface, and the results should last anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks on average. However, because everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, this will vary from person to person.

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4. Veet Face Hair Removal Kit – Sensitive Skin

Veet, which is made in France, is one of the most popular brands of hair removal cream on the market today. They offer a variety of depilatories, including gels, creams, sprays, sensitive, and in-shower formulations. This 2-Step Facial Hair Cream Kit is specially formulated for sensitive skin and includes a post-treatment finishing cream. Although designed for facial use, this product, like all depilatory creams, is not suitable for brows and should be kept away from the eye area.

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5. Avon Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth

This product, made in France, is part of Avon’s extensive line of cosmetics and beauty treatments. It is designed for facial use, but it is not suitable for brows and should be kept away from the eye area, as with all facial depilatory creams. Tweezing is by far the most effective method for removing brow hair.

My first impression of this cream is that the odour is quite pleasant (for a depilatory cream, anyway). It’s a far cry from the offensive and repulsive pungent odours of depilatories in the past. Many of the depilatories I’ve looked at include an after-use moisturiser, but this one is a stand-alone cream with moisturising ingredients. So you’re only paying for the hair removal cream, but at a low cost.

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6. Nair Upper Lip Kit For Dry & Sensitive Skin

We’re all aware that depilatory creams don’t always have the best odour. This new Nair formula promises not only a more pleasant smell, but also a nourishing cream that will leave the upper lip smooth for up to seven days.

The formula is dispensed through a precision tip tube for easy application and is infused with calming and soothing Argan oil. A fragrance-free moisturiser is also included in the pack for use after hair removal. Both products are appropriate for both sensitive and dry skin.

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7. Moom Hair Remover with Tea Tree Oil

MOOM Hair Removal Kit with Tea Tree Oil (Classic) ($19.95) is a hair removal system based on sugar. According to MOOM, the system was created by combining “sugar, camomile, lemon juice, water, and tea tree oil.” It’s made with certified organic camomile, lemon juice, tea tree oil, sugar, and water. MOOM was created with the goal of combining the benefits of waxing and sugaring without any drawbacks.

It’s amazing how important it is to have a positive experience; even if it’s painful, a good therapist will help you get through it, whether by timing your breathing or applying pressure, for example. I had severe bruising that lasted four days. I’d used two therapists (both of whom were excellent) prior to the bad experience, so I didn’t give up waxing–but I might have if my most recent experience had been my first.

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8. Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Cream

Look no further if you’re looking for a hair removal cream that won’t jeopardise your morals. This gentle, cruelty-free cream removes facial hair while soothing and softening the skin (all thanks to the almond oil in the formula).

Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Cream is a sensitive skin-friendly precision tip facial cream. It was created for areas of the face such as the chin, upper lip, and sides of the face. It contains almond and soothing calendula oil, which leave the skin smooth and soft. The precision angled tip applicator ensures adequate coverage for the best hair removal results.

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9. Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream

Nair is a well-known hair removal brand manufactured by Church & Dwight Co, Inc. in the United States, and they offer a variety of depilatory creams, sprays, and gels. This product is intended for use on the upper lip, chin, and face, but, as with all depilators, it should be kept away from the eye area and is not intended for use on brows.

The cream is pink in colour and smells quite pleasant for a depilatory cream. I must admit that I recently reviewed a number of depilatory creams and was generally surprised at how much better they smell now than they did in the beginning. Several of the depilatories I’ve looked at come with an after-care cream and/or application spatula.

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10. Nad’s Sensitive Hair Removal Cream

Nad’s Sensitive Hair Removal Cream is a hair removal cream that contains natural extracts of melon, aloe vera, avocado oil, and honey to help soothe and protect the skin while removing unwanted hair. The formula contains Odour Elimination Technology and is both quick and painless. When compared to a razor, it gets closer to the hair follicle’s base for long-lasting smooth skin.

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How to choose the best facial hair removal cream

1. Skin sensitivity

Do you have normal or sensitive skin? You can only tell by how your skin reacts to other skin products. If you apply products to your skin and they irritate you but not other users, it is obvious that you need to find the best facial hair removal cream for sensitive skin.

2. Ingredients for Facial Hair Removal

What ingredients are in the cream you intend to use? Are the ingredients natural or synthetic? You’ll want to know this because you don’t want to use a cream that has unanticipated long-term effects. So, speak with a doctor to learn more about the ingredients in the product you want to use.

3. Hair Texture

Do you prefer soft or rough hair? It should be noted that some depilators are only effective at removing fine hair. So, if you have coarse hair, make sure you consult with enough people to find out if the product you plan to use will work to eliminate your coarse hair.

4. Smell

Some people are extremely sensitive to smell. If you are one of them, you will want to purchase a product that does not have a strong odour. As a result, speak with customers who have recently used the products and enquire about their impressions of the odour. To avoid dealing with the bad odour, you may want to get a product with added fragrance. So keep an eye out for this as well.

5. Effectiveness of the Cream

How long does it take for the cream to remove the unwanted hair? You might not have enough time to wait for it to remove the hair. Furthermore, you do not want to buy a cream that will be rendered useless because it will not be able to remove all unwanted hair.

6. Possible Adverse Reactions

Every depilatory has undesirable side effects. Some have severe side effects, while others produce results that are tolerable. As a result, learn about the worst-case scenario that can occur after using the cream. Such a precaution will allow you to be ready for any outcome and avoid serious problems after using the product.


Nature is not something that can be fought with as you are never going to win the battle but would waste your precious time. If you are the one having excess hair, embrace the fact as a first step. If it naturally resides in your body, then accept the truth and if it’s a result of body’s hormonal imbalance, try to cure those first with a proper medication from Doctor which will automatically cure this hair problem. Do your research before getting the best facial hair removal creams for you.

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