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The Best Dual Fuel Cookers In The UK 2021

The best dual fuel cookers are the cornerstone of your kitchen area. If you want a simple, easy, and optimal cooking experience at your home and kitchen, the dual fuel cooker is the best choice to use for your cooking adventure.

This perfectly designed cooker comes with outstanding features of an electric and gas cooker. Meaning, you’ll never be annoyed when preparing your meals for your family or guest. As an electric cooker, you are guaranteed quick, fast, and reliable services graced with the best dual fuel cooker this year. Besides, the electric design tends to offer a streamlined cooking adventure. It is easy and safe to use and is featured with different ovens and hob that are fast to heat up, simple, and easy to control.

Top 10 Best Dual Fuel Cookers In The UK 2021

To make your work easier, we’ve documented everything you need to acquaint yourself with best dual fuel cookers to make the right choice for you when purchasing your cooker.

1. Hotpoint CH60DHKF Harrogate Double Oven

This Harrogate cooker is an all-in-one double fuel cooker suitable for preparing varieties of meals at the same time without wasting much space. The top of this cooker’s burner is featured with 4 gas burners that are essential for effective and fast heating for all your cooking operations. Harrogate double oven offers a safety device that prevents harm when cooking.

Besides, this cooker’s top is laced with a conventional oven that acts as an electric grill ideal for rustling up snacks or help to keep food warm when you are preparing your meal. However, the bottom oven has a large capacity that gives room for roasting meals.

It is easy to clean; the cooker is graced with a catalytic liner that ensures cleaning is kept up to the level. There is also a timer designed to keep the correct time when cooking. The timer is an electronic programmable that keeps the correct time during cooking operations.

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2. Smeg CG92PX9 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

This SMEG Belling range cooker is one of the Most Durable Best Dual Fuel Cookers in UK market. Its design is sleek and compact, blending with other kitchen appliances. Not only that, but it is also best to save you from the stress of cooking for a large crowd of people. You can as well prepare different dishes in no time.

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3. Hotpoint HUD61PS Freestanding Dual Fuel A Rated Cooker

This Graphite-finish dual fuel cooker houses 4 upper burners with plenty of space to cook several dishes at once.

The upper right-hand side of the unit features a digital timer display that also allows you to set the oven to turn off once your food is ready.

This is ideal if you are planning to cook multiple things at once and might forget about what’s in the oven!

Furthermore, the design includes 2 ovens, with the lower one being larger. The additional oven makes cooking multiple dishes at once easy. The outer doors include large opening handles that are spacious enough to open with oven gloves.

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4. Belling Farmhouse Range Cooker

Don’t even think about entertaining the Belling Farmhouse 100G Gas Range Cooker if you live in a tiny home. This appliance is pretty big, with width that stretches to 100cm. The space is used to good effect though as the beefy Belling goes gas all the way by offering up 7 burners in the hob area, one of which is a very capable 4kW wok burner. These offer plenty of versatility and are great for anyone with pots and pans of all shapes and sizes.

Meanwhile, the twin oven arrangement is also gas powered, with the larger one offering up 64 litres of cooking space. The other has 49 litres, and the combination seems very nicely balanced to us. Belling has built in an electric grill too, which while it does the job is perhaps the least impressive feature here.

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5. Stoves Richmond 600DF

The 600DF, from British brand Stoves, is a 60cm dual-fuel cooker with a large 65-litre fan-assisted oven below and smaller 37-litre static oven and grill. The grill is of the open-door variety, which is said to allow air to circulate so the food is grilled rather than baked.

Aside from having the usual temperature range (100˚C to 250˚C), the main oven also features a defrost function. Both ovens have very accurate temperature regulators, which is a big bonus if you’re a baker. They also heat up to full temperature within a few minutes.

You get the obligatory four hob burners with this cooker (a variety of three medium and small, plus a 4kW PowerWok).

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6. Belling Cookcentre 90DFT range cooker

Revamped and back with a sizzle is Belling’s Cookcentre, based on the brand’s archived ‘Cookcenter’ from 1997. This time it’s a beautiful blend of modern design, spacious cavities and robust build quality, all at a price that won’t bust the budget.

Opt for the dual-fuel model and you’ll be able to whip up tasty stir-fries on its 4kW wok burner, plenty of pizza and cake in the 91-litre tall oven and gooey cheese-on-toast under the grill.

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7. Montpellier MRT91DFMX 90cm Twin Cavity Dual Fuel Range Cooker

The MRT91DFMX is a 90cm dual fuel range cooker with five gas burners including a wok burner. This range cooker is perfect if you’re looking for a beautifully modern design that offers plenty of cooking space in a head-turning mirror finish.

The telescopic rails make it safer and easier to get the hot food out of the oven by stabilising the racks, and the cast-iron pan supports and burner caps ensure durability and give better stability to your pans.With two spacious ovens, you can make sure every dish is cooked perfectly to be served all together.

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8. iQ 60cm Double Oven Dual Fuel Cooker

The iQ 60cm Double Oven Dual Fuel Cooker offers a 58-litre main fan oven with six different cooking options using varying fan settings. The top smaller oven at 36 litres keeps dishes separate during the cooking process like sweet and savoury and has a handy grill function.

The gas hob features SABAF burners which are some of the leading gas hob burners developed for safety, efficiency and even flame distribution. The cast iron pan supports are both attractive and durable and it comes complete with a digital clock and minute minder to help you time your cooking to perfection!

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9. Amica AFD6450BL 60cm Double Oven Dual Fuel Cooker

Do you have a smaller kitchen or just a nook for a new pot? Looking for something all black and classy? As far as the dual-fuel wonder goes, this quite fits the description. It’s another good choice to consider if you’re pressed for space or like a longer-height dual-fuel stove. The device is almost all black, saving metal on the burners and indicator stripes on the control knobs.

The gas stove has four fuel-burning stoves, all neatly located below interconnected metal cookware racks. Thanks to this interlocking design, you can slide the pot or pan to another area without the risk of lifting the boiling pot. You can also expect instant ignition and heat from each burner. Additionally, they come in different sizes to fit all of your cooking utensils, regardless of their diameter.

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10. Rangemaster Classic Deluxe

Bringing design flexibility to our Classic Deluxe range, the new 100cm wide version is imbued with the same chic styling that makes this collection a firm favourite among those with more classical tastes.

With a combined capacity of 150 litres, this new mid-size range cooker certainly delivers on space, and offers a flexible design with two ovens and a separate grill. The robust gas hob (Dual Fuel model) also provides plenty of room to manoeuvre and includes a large cast iron wok burner with ample space for additional pans alongside.

High-capacity tall oven boasting an incredible, market-leading 81 litre cavity.
A second 69 litre capacity oven offers extra flexibility and high volume cooking capability.
Separate grill compartment with smooth action glide-out grill.

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Buying Guide

A dual-fuel stove is a great appliance to have in your home. But how do you buy the right one without any regrets? You crave first-time buyer satisfaction, but the variety of models available is enough to confuse anyone. Stoves range from five to four, some with a single oven while others with two and a separate grill are inserted to match. Staying on the right track with your mission to buy the right equipment requires a few simple considerations. For your convenience, we’ve researched the best tips and gathered them right here for your reading.

A two-fuel stove should suit your needs

This is the most important step and also the first. Consider your needs. In other words, why would you want this device? Do you enjoy preparing hearty meals for the whole family? Or do you want to replace it with your old oven or gas stove and cook at a steady pace? Anyone who spends a lot of time preparing food or in bulk should see the deals that come with two ovens and five areas. If you are a cook, then one of these regions should also have a pan cooking cradle. But if you’re someone who cooks a few times a week, then a single oven, four-zone stove may be better for you.

Consider the time and cost of installing a dual-fuel stove

Unfortunately, this is a must for these devices. There will be an additional cost to cover the gas connection because a specialist will ensure that installation is done safely. If you do decide to buy a stove, then you also have to budget for the installation and pre-book the time you can stay home when it suits you.


The best dual-fuel cooker is the backbone of all kitchens.

Everyone can enjoy hearty meals quickly prepared without the power issue or any other inconvenience that might arise when using the kitchen at home. However, not everyone who buys a dual-fuel stove gets what they expect. On the market there are many types of cookers with different sizes, colors and features. If you don’t know what the best dual fuel cookers do, it can be a daunting task for you to meet your needs.

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