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The Best Doll’s Houses for Kids in Uk 2022

Doll’s houses are fantastic toys that stimulate children’s imaginations and aid in the development of their understanding of the world around them.

Historically, doll’s houses were built by wealthy people to replicate their own homes before being adopted as toys for children in the 18th century. Today, there a huge range of children’s best doll’s houses for kids available from traditional wooden models and ready-decorated ones, to Lego kits and even portable houses with handles.

Top 10 Best Doll’s Houses for Kids in Uk 2022

We’ve found some of the best doll’s houses for kids to get the wheels of their imaginations turning. Or, if you’re looking for ways to keep them happy and imaginative outdoors.

1. Barbie GNH53 Dreamhouse Playset

Barbie GNH53 Dreamhouse Playset is elegantly designed to stimulate your child’s imagination. It is 3 feet tall, almost realistic in appearance, and has 8 rooms spread across three storeys. The dollhouse has a working elevator, a room for a Barbie doll in a wheelchair, a home office, a carport, and a second-story pool with a third-story slide.

There are lights and sounds to add to the enjoyment. A well-equipped kitchen with sizzling sounds for pans and pots allows for a more realistic roleplay to enhance your child’s storyline.

Aside from the ticking sound of the oven in the kitchen and the flushing sound of the toilet, the entire set becomes much more entertaining with transformations that promote two-in-one fun while encouraging flexible action. For example, the couch transforms into bunk beds, the coffee table into a bed-sized guest bed, the fireplace transforms into a home office, the refrigerator transforms into an outdoor food stand, and the oven houses a barbeque in the back.

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2. KidKraft 65252 Majestic Mansion Wooden Dolls House

This luxurious mansion is approximately 136 cm tall, has four floors, eight rooms, and its own elevator to move from floor to floor. With all of the accessories and furniture included in the set, it’s simple to encourage children’s imaginations and creativity as they design their own rooms and use the set for lots of small world play.

The Majestic Mansion of KidKraft The Wooden Doll’s House is made of high-quality wood, which is less harmful to the environment than plastic products, and it is truly built to last. The product is simple to assemble and comes with detailed instructions, making it ideal for a pre-playing construction project.

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3. KidKraft 53179 Pink Vintage Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

The KidKraft pink vintage play kitchen is every child’s dream kitchen set.

Toy kitchens provide hours of pretend cooking fun for children while also teaching them practical life skills and fostering early independence.

This kid-sized toy kitchen includes an oven, microwave, and refrigerator with fun realistic details such as doors that open and close, see-through windows, and actual working oven dials and twisting sink faucets.

Preparing plates of food in the oven, washing up in the sink, and serving meals to their guests encourages independent and imaginative play.

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4. KidKraft 65054 Chelsea Cottage Wooden Dolls House

With our Chelsea doll cottage, your child can explore their creative potential. Allow your children to explore their creativity and express their imagination. Each of our dolls houses comes with its own set of furniture and accessories, allowing your children to decorate and design their own home to their hearts’ content. The Chelsea doll cottage is a cheerful and colourful little house with three floors and five rooms that stands 71.12 cm tall and is made of high-quality wood. It also has operable window shutters, moulded staircases, and detailed art on every panel. Here are some more details and reasons why you should love our product: It comes with a 16-piece doll house furniture set. Fits 5 inch dolls. Assembly is simple, and instructions are included. A perfect present.

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5. Hape E3401 All Season House

The Hape All Seasons Colorful Dollhouse is an excellent choice for any family looking for toys that will last generations. This classic dollhouse is made of solid wood that has been sourced responsibly. The house is painted with “child-safe” paint, which we hope is used on all children’s products, but Hape mentions it. The combination of relatively large furniture and furnishings, non-toxic materials, and colourful parts makes it an excellent dollhouse for three-year-old children as well. Other Hape dollhouse furnishings can be easily mixed and matched. This furnished dollhouse is also adjustable, so the possibilities are endless, and it’s one of the reasons we think it’s the best toy house for kids. The ability to imagine various arrangements and scenarios encourages children to express themselves and their experiences through play.

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6. LEGO 41340 Friends Heartlake Friendship House Building Set

The LEGO® Friends 41340 Friendship House is the ideal setting for special moments between Heartlake City’s friends, whether they’re embarking on adventures or relaxing. This popular children’s toy includes a kitchen, a living room with a craft table, a bedroom with a double-sided TV screen, a terrace with speakers, a barbeque, a hot tub, a juice bar, and a roof-top lookout tower. Outside, there’s a swing, a bike with a tool trailer, and lots of cool features in this converted fire station building, such as a working pulley, alarm, pole, slide, and a garage with an opening door. 3 mini-dolls and 3 animal figures are included.

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7. Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Princess Castle

This charming wooden castle, complete with a handy carrying handle, is ideal for your little princess. Its intricately detailed exterior easily opens to reveal a royal palace furnished with four pieces of regal furniture and two horses. The prince and princess who live here will undoubtedly have a happily ever after!

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8. KidKraft 65833 Uptown Wooden Dolls House

Our KidKraft Uptown Dollhouse is great for young children’s imaginative play. This one-of-a-kind modern design is divided into two towers that stand close to four feet tall. There are also two outdoor areas for kids to explore, including a rooftop patio and an expandable backyard with a pool. A rooftop staircase, a skylight, and a gliding elevator that spans all three floors are among the features. A lamp that lights up, a keyboard that plays music, and a toilet with flushing sounds are all included in the 36-piece accessory pack. This uptown retreat is ideal for 12-inch fashion dolls.

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9. Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall Gift Set

The Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall Gift Set is a pretty traditional dollhouse, albeit a little vintage from today’s perspective. A soft sofa and armchair with floral-patterned covers, an old-looking TV, and a rotary dial telephone appear to have travelled back in time. The set even includes a small magazine basket, similar to those seen in old movies, near the family head’s armchair. Sherlock Holmes enjoyed reading newspapers in his armchair.

The fact that this dollhouse can be closed when the child is not playing is a huge plus. In this manner, the house takes up less space while still serving as a nice decor element in a room. When you open it, there is plenty of room to play. The central panel can be reversed, transforming a section of the house into a dolls’ walking garden. When it’s time to put your child to bed, you can close the door but leave the lights on inside. Your child will drift off to the soothing image of a squirrel family waiting for morning to play another round with him/her.

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10. Barbie DLY32 ESTATE Three-Story Town House Colourful

Do you have a Barbie fan at home? This Three-Story Town House is unquestionably the best dollhouse you can get for your child’s Barbie dolls. The house has two floors and a rooftop, which opens up when Barbie reaches the second floor and can be used as a rooftop lounge for them to relax on. There are four rooms in total, and every detail around the dollhouse is realistic.

The dollhouse is fully furnished, with furniture and accessories that stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. The house folds easily for storage with accessories inside, and it unfolds quickly for play. There is also a closet where Barbie, the fashion icon, can hang her clothes. The elevator’s sleek child-activated design allows for floor travel. The Barbie Town House provides children with numerous opportunities to play with various imaginative scenarios and stories.

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How to choose the best doll’s houses for kid

The younger your child, the more concerned you should be about sharp edges and small objects.

Toddlers have not yet fully developed their motor skills, so a tiny dollhouse can be frustrating since they will struggle to grip the toys. You need to make sure all the dolls and furniture are too big for them to fit in their mouth.

3 to 6-Year-Olds
At this age, kids will have acquired fine motor skills, but it still a good idea to stick to big accessories. Look for ones in colorful shapes, especially ones that relate to color and shape matching. The whole dollhouse should be one large piece still to ensure safety.

7 to 11-Year-Olds
Children at this age will be aware of their environment, so they will start asking for particular things and toys they have seen other kids have, such as castles and movie merchandise. It is very important to listen to and find suitable toys to match their interests or fantasies.

12 Years and Older
At this point, your little one is not so little, and they will stop seeing the dollhouse as a toy but more as a collectable. Look for more intricately designed dollhouses, which can then be family heirlooms and a proud collector’s piece.


In a world ruled by cutting-edge technology, parents frequently place a phone or tablet in front of a child to keep them occupied. Because their imagination and motor skills are not being trained or tested, the art of playing is declining, which may have unintended consequences later in life. As a result, the benefits and appeal of classic toys and games will never be replaced!

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