The best dog proof litter box in UK 2022

A man’s best friend is his dog. Having one in your home is very comforting and gives you a sense of security. Despite their friendliness and warmth, they will occasionally cross the line and become snoopy. After all, they are animals, and this is to be expected.

When you have a cat in the house, this becomes an open rivalry, and mishaps are unavoidable. Tracking your cat’s litter around the house is a common blunder.

Cats typically do not absorb and digest their dietary protein from their food. As a result, their faeces is high in protein. This means that your dogs get nutrition from eating their own excrement. This unusual behaviour is known as coprophagia, and it can lead to additional health problems if your dogs continue to exhibit it.

That problem will be solved by simply getting some of the best dog proof litter box that you can purchase in any retail store. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Best Dog Proof Litter Box in United Kingdom in 2022

1. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan

The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan provides privacy while keeping litter contained within the pan. The large hood lifts up for easy access and cleaning for your cat. This product is ideal for large cats or households with multiple cats. Compatible with the Catit Magic Blue Ammonia Buster to absorb and retain up to 80% of dangerous ammonia gases.

Allows for privacy while keeping the litter contained. The large hood lifts up for easy cleaning access. The integrated bag anchor keeps the bag open and frees up hands for scooping.

The carbon-impregnated filter effectively traps and removes odours, and it can also be used in conjunction with the Catit Ammonia Buster to absorb and retain up to 80% of hazardous ammonia gases.

Quick assembly is made possible by an easy-to-use locking slider.

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2. IRIS USA, Inc. IRIS USA Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Your cat will appreciate the easy top access that allows them to move around without making a mess in this box. The grooves on the lid form a built-in mat, preventing litter from scattering when the cat exits the litter box. The rounded shape and attachable hook for hanging the included litter scoop make cleaning quick and easy. Available in a variety of colours.

Round corners make cleaning easier; non-skid rubber feet. Prevents dogs from destroying the litter.

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3. pidan Igloo Design White Cat Litter Tray

This product, which is equipped with Japanese Ionpure disinfection technology from Ishizuka Glass Co Ltd, provides maximum security for your kitten. Internal ventilation is provided for cats of all shapes and sizes by the opening entrance and spacious passage.

The large spherical structure gives your cat more space, and the dimmable lighting inside the cat litter tray gives your cat more security. The special passage was created to encourage your cat to use their claws, thereby reducing litter streaks.

Internal ventilation is provided for cats of all shapes and sizes by the opening entrance and spacious passage. Design of a spherical structure with more space. Your cat will feel more secure with the dimmed lighting function inside the cat litter tray. The special passage was created to encourage your cat to use their claws, thereby reducing litter streaks.

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4. Dogi Click and Secure Pet Cat Litter Tray Toilet Box

An ideal litter tray for your pet’s indoor toilet needs. There is no need for time-consuming construction; simply click, secure, and go. The two-way frontal flap makes access simple, and the ventilation slits make long-term stenching contents a thing of the past.

When you’re ready to clean, use the carry handle to transport the carrier easily and securely.

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5. CLEVERCAT Top Entry Litterbox

The clevercat top entry litter box virtually eliminates tracking, prevents overflow spills, and reduces odour. Excellent for cats who enjoy digging and kicking litter. Clevercat is dog-proof against the majority of dogs. Cats and kittens are quick to adapt and enjoy their privacy. Suitable for use with or without liners.

Litter box changes are quick, easy, and sanitary when clevercat custom heavy-duty liners are used. It is not recommended for disabled, elderly, or extremely large cats. The litter box is 20-inch x 15-inch x 15-inch in size, with a 9-inch diameter entry.

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6. Jumbo-Sized Covered Litter Tray

This Jumbo-sized covered litter tray features a top opening for easy cleaning. With a carbon filter that is active. Size: 66.5 x 48.5 x 46.5 cm (L x W x H).

Especially since the top front section is hinged and will fold completely over. If necessary, the front swinging door can be removed to make more room.

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7. Pawhut 2 in 1 Wooden Litter Box Toilet Cat Home

With this multifunctional Litter Enclosure from PawHut, you can keep the floors clean or manage the diffusion of unpleasant odours. With the hole in the front panel making it easier to get in and out without assistance, it can be used as a resting place or a place to hide all the litter. The front door opens with a simple magnetic mechanism, making cleaning and maintaining the box easier for owners. Provide a sage and discreet location for your pets.

Pets have a safe and discrete resting/sleeping area. Wainscoting panelling and stainless-steel hardware complement the classic, clean white MDF cabinet. With a simple magnetic closure and a wide opening door, cleaning is a breeze. Fits most standard-size litter boxes and small pet beds.

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8. FengJ Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Infrared sensor built-in sensor and odour sensor, sensing 24 hours a day, releasing fresh air factor You can start by touching, the daily indoor clean air quality value is 1% 15%, when the air quality value is greater than 15%, it intelligently senses and releases the fresh air factor.

With a 2300mAh large capacity battery, a USB Type C mobile phone charger, a 5V2A charger to measure, and a closed space specially designed for cats, privacy protection is close to cat instincts.

Adopt HIPS material, internal spiralling corridor design, protect cat safety while improving sand filter effect, and prevent cat litter from escaping.

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9. PAWSMARK Fully Enclosed Hooded Litter Pan

This cat litter pan with dome cover encloses cats on all sides, giving your cat privacy while keeping your floors litter-free. The dome’s handle makes it easy to carry, and the latch securely locks the lid onto the base. Carbon filters absorb, trap, and remove odours, making them suitable for use in any room. Removable plastic doors allow your cat to easily enter and exit, while the raised entrance prevents cats from tracking litter out. Furthermore, the sliding tray and litter scoop make cleaning simple.

The dimensions are 17″ W x 20.5″ D x 15.75″ H. Fully enclosed to ensure your cat’s privacy and to prevent litter scatter

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10. Curver Petlife Cat Toilet

It was beautifully designed, with a full range of accessories to help you organise all of your animal products in a convenient and stylish manner! Handles – Air/Ventilation holes – Anti-slip rim – Name tag area – 3 sizes available

Developed for long-term strength and durability. Premium plastic that is food-safe, BPA-free, non-toxic, and 100 percent recyclable.

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How to Choose the Dog Proof Litter Box?

With so many options available, how do you choose a suitable dog-proof cat litter box? How do you go about selecting the best dog-proof litter for your cat? To assist you in making the right purchase, we’ll discuss some factors to consider when selecting a dog-proof litter for your cat below.

Size Of Your Cat

If you have a large cat, you should look for a larger dog proof litter box to accommodate it properly. A small litter box may spread dirt and cat litter throughout your home.

Number Of Cats

This is yet another important factor to consider before purchasing a litter box. If you have a lot of cats, a larger or multiple dog proof litter boxes will come in handy.

Your Lifestyle

A portable and lightweight dog proof litter box will be more convenient if you are constantly on the go. This makes it easier to transport.

You can also buy odor-resistant models with crystal technology that absorbs odours and is leak-resistant. This will aid in keeping all contents and odours in place, as no one wants to be hit by a whiff of cat excrement.


A convenient dog proof litter box will do the trick for those who are always on the go and don’t have time to check on their pets. This convenience is made possible by self-cleaning litter boxes, which save you time and energy that would otherwise be spent cleaning the cat litter box on a regular basis.

Look for a dog-proof litter box with a removable litter pan for added convenience.

Space Constraints

Another factor to consider when accommodating a litter box in your home is space. If you have limited space, a small and compact dog proof litter box may be a better choice.

Price & Budget

Another important factor to consider is the cost. You should check the price of the dog proof litter box to ensure that it is within your budget. Most high-quality canine proof litter boxes are expensive, making them an out-of-reach pet accessory for some pet parents.

If money is an issue, consider looking for used dog proof litter boxes. These are typically less expensive and more accessible.

Overall Design

When considering the design of a litter box for your cat, consider factors such as privacy and aesthetic appeal. Most cats prefer to urinate in privacy, so a dog proof litter box with a closed design is the prefered option. The closed design also prevents other dogs from snooping around the litter and interfering with the clean state.

For the aesthetic appeal factor, you can find kitty boxes with designs that will brighten up your home’s surroundings. Dog proof litter boxes are available in a variety of shapes, including domes and tubules, making them an excellent addition to any home.

Point of Entry Preference

The points of entry for most dog proof litter boxes are of two types. Either a side or a top entry is possible.

The cat enters the litter box through the top of the box for the top entry. If you want to keep your house clean, this is the way to go. The reason for this is that top-entry designs keep litter from tracking. It will also protect the cat litter from being disturbed by dogs or other pets in the house.

For the side entry, it allows your cat to enter the litter box through the side. This is appropriate if your cat is small or if you have multiple cats, as it makes entry easier.


Having a dog and a cat in the same house can be a challenging experience. Dirt is one thing you will expect but having a dog proof litter box for your cat will your pet pooch will not make a mess of your cat’s litter at home.
There is little in life as heartwarming as the relationship between cats and dogs. As such, we hope that these reviews have helped you solve a household dilemma! We know it isn’t easy keeping the curiosity of your pup at bay, but with a little deception, you just might be able to do it.

Whatever you decide, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve as a resource!

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