Top 10 Best Digital TV Aerial in the UK for 2022

The best indoor TV antennas are great investments for cord-cutters. Buying an indoor TV antenna for your home is one way to get access to dozens of free over-the-air channels in HD for no monthly fee. We like to think of TV antennas as a basic portal into the world of sports, news, sitcoms and more that are on offer from America’s most popular networks.

That’s right. You can still receive many channels and lots of programming for free. This is a fact that has largely been obscured by cable companies because they’re all-too-eager to sign you up for an expensive cable plan.

As you might expect, over-the-air broadcasts are much more limited than any cable package out there. But the plus side is they’re totally free and still usually carry the biggest sports match-ups (the NFL on Sunday, the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup), plus sitcoms, dramas and comedy shows from NBC, ABC, CBS and more.

What’s the best digital TV aerial? That’s exactly what we wanted to find out, so we called in a whole range of them from various manufacturers and put them to the test. What you’ll find below is, in our opinion, the definitive round-up of the best indoor TV antennas on the market in 2022.

Top 10 Best Digital TV Aerial in the UK for 2022

If you want to cut the cord but keep live TV, you’ll need the right antenna to tune into over-the-air broadcasts. Here’s what you need to know, along with the best digital TV aerial.

1. AmazonBasics Amplified Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna

The AmazonBasics Indoor antenna is no longer available new, but you can still get Amazon’s house brand indoor/outdoor antenna. This model is about twice as expensive as many of the no-name models you’ll find, but it features an outdoor-friendly, mountable design and a range of up to 60 miles thanks to a built-in amplifier.

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2. Clear TV HDTV Antenna

The Clear TV HDTV Antenna reimagines the classic design as a USB stick-sized antenna with extendable rabbit ears. It’s small, it’s simple, and it’s incredibly cheap (we picked ours up from Walmart for a mere $10). But if you’re thinking that a design like this is too good to be true, then you’re on to something: While we experienced good reception in one location that we’ve used to test many antennas, we struggled to pull as many channels or as consistent of reception in another area that has been fine with larger, more powerful rivals.

We saw very different results on two floors of a house about 15 miles north of downtown Chicago. On the top floor, the antenna performed similarly to many others that we have tested in the location, picking up 55 channels and providing strong reception on most of them. We tested the antenna both directly behind the TV and a couple feet away from it on the same surface, and the results were similar in both instances.

Downstairs in the living room, the Clear TV was much less successful. We ran multiple channel scans with the antenna behind the TV, both resting on the stand and on the back of the set itself, and only pulled in about 20 channels. Those channels looked clear and were stable, but it was a fraction of what we had pulled one floor higher.

If you have experienced troubles with interference or live farther away from a source, then you’ll probably want to invest in something more powerful.

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3. Easing Ultra Thin Indoor Aerial

This aerial is our overall Editor’s Choice, because it ticks most boxes: The price is very reasonable, being ultra-thin means you can easily mount it on a wall or on a window (it comes with a small adhesive patch), or on your TV cabinet – or even on the back of your TV.

As with all indoor aerials, reception really depends on your coverage (promising 50 miles is a bit… much), and you might have to move it around in your room a bit until you find the perfect spot (and unfortunately, if your coverage is particularly bad – you’re still likely to get no channels at all).

Build quality is not overly impressive, but for the price, and for something you stick on your wall/TV and just leave it there, you get excellent value for money.

With thousands of positive reviews from other buyers, it’s hard to go wrong – and sometimes it’s a good idea to stick with the model that just works well.

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4. August DTA240 High Gain aerial

Indoor aerials used to be a joke, struggling to hold onto the old analogue broadcasts and requiring constant adjustment, but with innovative designs and materials, the best indoor aerials of today are highly effective – and they can even be a little bit stylish. You can get a good range of Freeview digital channels – and even the more challenging HD channels – and there’s no need to climb up a ladder (or pay a professional to do it for you).

That’s just as well because sometimes an indoor aerial is the only option. Perhaps there’s nowhere to attach an external antenna, or you might live in rented accommodation where you’re not permitted to fit one. Or you might simply be looking for a temporary replacement while your rooftop aerial is down.

In fact, the only problem is that you’re spoilt for choice, with a range of brands and styles to pick from, in both amplified and unamplified versions. Here’s our guide to the best indoor aerials to keep your TV fed with Freeview.

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5. One for All SV9460

One for All makes a wide range of indoor aerials, and the SV9460 is one that offers a few handy features. It’s a loop aerial, meaning it consists of a circular loop and typically won’t require specific angling. It has a 4G filter to block interference from mobile signals and is 12V power compatible, so can be taken away from home and used in a caravan or boat. It has a lot to offer but we’ve seen aerials that are much cheaper than this one. Is it worth your money?

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6. 1 by one 0.7 mm Paper Thin HDTV Aerial

The 1byone 0.7 mm Paper Thin HDTV Aerial is small and lightweight. It can be placed in just about any area window. It is quick and easy to set upé. For most applications, it requires no power. They do sell an optional power booster to increase signal reception. If you are in a strong signal area this aerial will work well. This aerial is good for distances around 56 kilometers (35 miles) from the digital transmitters. You can’t go wrong with this basic no-frills antenna.

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7. Black Freeview Indoor TV Aerial By Rgtech

The best indoor tv aerial to get is the Black Freeview Indoor Aerial By Rgtech. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The popular RGTech Monarch 50 aerial is a multi-direction digital TV aerial invented by Dr Argy Petros. This HDTV aerial stands out for its impressive range of reception. It has really good reception, among other functions.

With the RGtech you get a double-coated cable. The cable allows this aerial to perform easily in locations where it would receive low signals. Do you desire an aerial that works without a breach? Then, the RGTech monarch is what you need. This is because a 4G filter has been made available. This 4G LTE filter shields the antenna from other external signals.

The high-quality 4G filter for this best aerial is unique to it. It helps to increase the signal range of the TV antenna to as far as 50 miles or 80km. It does so by providing a shield for it. With this large shield, external signals cannot interfere. This extends to mobile phones and other devices.

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8. Tri Boom HD Loft / Outdoor Aerial 4G

This comes out the best overall because it is the most reliable, it’s versatile in terms of where it can be mounted and it is really easy to set up yourself.

One of the main things about this aerial is that it has forward gain, meaning it’s capable of receiving signals even in hard to reach areas – perfect if you live somewhere remote.

This aerial can be mounted on a wall, fascia or even your loft, so it can suit almost any household, and it also comes with all the connectors you will need to set it up.

This aerial is also built to withstand even strong weather conditions such as high wind and rain. Combined with its forward gain design means that even if your property is situated in a remote area that usually struggles to find signal, this aerial should do the trick and provide clear sound and pictures.

Its 48 element TV aerial picks up any and all television signals, including both analogue and digital.

As it comes as a kit including everything down to the right wall brackets, it’s incredibly easy to install and set up yourself, and offers fantastic picture quality.

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9. SLx Indoor TV Aerial, 27769RG Digital TV

Arguably not the prettiest option on this list, the Philex SLx Gold 27769RG is the best indoor aerial you can get if you live in a bad signal area.

This log periodic aerial needs to be aimed in the direction of the nearest broadcast tower for the best results, but once you do that, it is capable to pick up on weaker signals, even in HD.

The Philex SLx Gold 27769RG has full reception capabilities (470 to 790MHz) as well as an integrated 4G filter to remove unwanted interference.

Just make sure you are aiming the aerial to your nearest broadcast tower. If you’re not sure where that is, check where your neighbours’ rooftop aerials are pointing and direct your device in that direction.

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10. SLx Outdoor Aerial

Integrating an innovative technology, the SLx Outdoor Aerial provides full reception without being too bulky. This design makes it easy to install the outdoor TV antenna and prevents cluttering your rooftop or loft space.

A unique 360 degrees Omni-directional technology of the antenna receives all locally available digital TV signals so you don’t miss all your favorite channels. Furthermore, the antenna can receive VHF and UHF frequencies so you don’t miss any of your local programmings.

A built-in 4G filter on the other end fully removes any interference and channel losses from your TV caused by 4G mobile phone signals.

To make it easier for you to install the outdoor TV antenna, with each surface, you will also receive a 10m coax cable, cable clips, wall brackets, fixings, and amplifier. A user guide helps to make Outdoor TV aerial installation quick and easy.

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What’s Important To Look For In Digital Aerials?

I would say personally that the most important features that a good suitable TV aerial for digital TV has is an, a screened connection, 4G rejection, 5G rejection(in the near future) and a double screened connecting coaxial cable.

A good quality double screened coaxial cable will minimise interference pick up and signal loss to help preserve a good reliable digital TV or Freeview reception.

A screened connection on the aerial will also prevent interference from entering the system at the aerial itself. It’s good practice and most common to choose an aerial that has an F screw on connector.

A balun, which is short for balanced to unbalanced transformer matches the balanced aerial to the unbalanced coaxial cable. Because the cable screen which is protecting interference from reaching the centre conductor of the coaxial cable is still picking up interference. This has the ability at the aerial to feed back into the system. The balun will help fizzle most of the out and really help improve the reliability of the signal and potentially get rid of any pixilation. I would say that if you are buying a new aerial than you should check to make sure that it has an integrated balun before purchasing UNLESS it is a log periodic type aerial which doesn’t need a balun, or large back reflectors for that matter. 4G rejection is built into pretty much all new aerials and going forward so will 5G rejection. Picking an aerial that has either 4G rejection and 5G rejection will help reduce the effects the 4G an 5G interference which could cause loss of TV signal. Please follow the links below to read our previous blogs on 4G and 5G interference and how it can affect your digital TV reception.


Ending up with a low-quality aerial that provides poor signal and doesn’t allow you to enjoy the channels you want to is frustrating, and it can be difficult to choose the right product.

Investing the best outdoor TV aerial for freeview UK is the easiest way to enjoy your favorite TV channels for free. After all, all you need is a one-time payment and a simple installation in your home. For individuals who find it difficult to choose the best outdoor TV aerial for freeview UK to use in their home, our detailed buying guide above offers an excellent overview of what exactly to look out for.

Additionally, the list of options for the best outdoor TV aerial for freeview UK above offers a wide selection of units for different circumstances. It’s all up to you to pick the best option for your needs. Our personal favorite is the SLx Outdoor Aerial.

The above best digital TV aerial list should help you to choose the best product to suit your needs, whether you want to enjoy watching television while traveling, in a remote location, or while dealing with harsh weather.

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