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Top 10 Best Decking Stain in the UK for 2021

The best decking stain will enhance your deck with subtle colour and give it the nourishment and protection it needs to withstand the elements, whether rain, sun, or heat. Decking stains are the easiest way to achieve your best ever deck without dramatically changing its look.

A decking stain is the product you need if you want just a little bit of depth added to the colour of your deck, although some stains will give a richer colour than others. Decking stains also help protect and nourish your wood, prolonging its life span. And with some of our choices having a drying time of as little as one hour, it is the perfect weekend garden update. Keep reading for our top picks.

Find the the best decking paints if you want a bolder look.

Top 10 Best Decking Stain in the UK for 2021

To make your purchasing decision a little easier, we’ve compiled the best decking stain and stains available on the market today.

1. Cuprinol 5122409 Anti-Slip Decking Stain Exterior Woodcare, Natural Oak

If you’re after a decking stain capable of withstanding heavy footfall, extreme conditions, and harsh British conditions, Cuprinol Anti-Slip is undoubtedly your best bet. This manufacturer is renowned for the quality of its tinned wood treatment products, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Coming in a range of 13 neutral or dramatic colours and covering up to 16m²/litre, this decking stain is ideal to use in high-traffic areas or near a pool or hot tub.

The ultra-tough formula is perfect to use on all lumber decking and other outdoor timber. Supplied in 5-litre tubs, the product is also ideal to use on wood fences, sheds and other outdoor wood surfaces.

Besides the hard-wearing formula, Cuprinol Anti-Slip is also weatherproof and water-repellent. Designed to provide a long-lasting finish, this almost perfect paint doesn’t pair too well with the intense sunlight and is less appropriate to use on a deck fully exposed to the sun.

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2. Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil Natural 5L

Ronseal is probably one of the best-known companies in the UK when it comes to painting and decking oil for decks, sheds, fences, and other garden furniture.

The Ronseal Ultimate Protection decking treatment is designed to penetrate deep into the wood in your garden, offering increased resiliency and durability over time. What’s more, the lightly tinted colouring means that you can get a nice natural colour for your deck.

Ronseal Ultimate Protection is a great decking oil for those who want a longer-lasting finish on their hardwood decking. With a minimal tint, you get to enhance the natural appeal of the wood in your garden and avoid the threat of things like mould growth. Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to give your deck a thorough wash with a pressure washer before you apply this oil if you want to get the best results. Otherwise, you could end up with oiled-in grime.

Some reviewers said that although the varnish was a little more yellow than they had expected based on the colour on the tin – it wasn’t an unusual or unattractive shade. Additionally, it’s worth noting that this particular oil is best for preserving wood.

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3. Ronseal DRPDB25L 2.5 Litre Decking Rescue Paint – Deep Blue

This decking rescue paint by Ronseal is great at reviving old garden decks. The paint fills cracks in the wood where the boards have weathered.

It also helps in sealing splinter in the deck where the wood is starting to lift.

It is a two coat system with a 2.5-litre tin covering 10m2 on ridged deck boards and 12m2 of smooth planed boards. It will apply straight over grey areas of the old deck.

Available in a range of colours, this product revives decking and will save you a lot of money compared to replacement.

Colours: Willow, Bramble, Charcoal, Chestnut, Deep Blue, English Oak, Maple, Slate, Warm Stone, White Wash

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4. T.A. Paints Multi Purpose

This multi-purpose garden paint from T.A. Paints is a quietly brilliant option for decking paint. T.A. Paints are a low-key supplier to many industrial and trade applications in the UK, and their paint is the high quality you’d expect from such a company. This is a polyurethane-based oil paint which offers exceptional protection – polyurethane is a common component of things like garage floor paint, which creates a hard shell-type layer once dry for massive protection to impact and scuffs.

With some 37 colours available in a range of gloss and matt finishes, you’re certain to find something that helps your decking stand out in just the right way. It’s touch dry in around 2 hours, and ready for extra coats in between 12 and 24 hours. The durable finish makes it strong against even things like chemical spillage, so moisture and damp proofing is handled with ease.

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5. Liberon DOMO5L 5L Decking Oil – Medium Oak

One of the most trusted names in wood preservatives and polishes, Liberon have created some of the best decking stain and wax since 1921. We were excited to get our hands on their decking oil because it has a great reputation for reviving a restoring the colour of weathered timbers.

We like how it only darkens the wood a little, but brings out the grain and makes the natural timber come to life with just a slight sheen. It looks great, dries quickly, and should protect your decking for years to come.

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6. PAINTPEOPLE Firmtread Anti Slip Deck Coat – 2.5l, light oak

This paint is worth buying because of its excellent grainy texture that works perfectly fine with the slip resistance. Moreover, it comes in four different colors, all of them having a grainy structure that works well with the wall stains and durability of the recovery. It takes two coats to stick perfectly and gives a perfect finish.

Also, the drying process is three to four hours that makes it perfect for a quicker process, and being a water-based paint, it is better for the texture of the wood itself. Hence, it doesn’t cover the color and texture of wood like the other colors.

Because of its excellent stain and quick drying process, the color is not recommended for thick application. Consequently, it can result in the gritty structure of the paint with the three coats. The only thing that can be a problem is its limited choices of colors.

Finally, it’s brilliant drying ability within four hours and the grainy structure makes it the best decking paint with the brilliant finish of the wall. Hence, if you are considering an eco-friendly and water-based quick finish, this Firm Tread is an ideal choice for you.

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7. Johnstone’s Decking Paint

Johnstone’s Decking Paint is a budget buy for people wishing to branch out from the regular ones available in the market. This paint provides a three-year warranty on the shelf life. Resilient, it comes with UV protection to ensure that there is no damage to your deck from the constant sunshine. The color does not fade, and it does not look washed out either.

This decking paint from Johnstone’s has anti-fungus, and anti-mould growth properties and so is also resistant to moisture and wetness, so you won’t need any moss killer. Rains and snow do not affect the paint properties since it is all-weather proof. Since the paint is also water repellant, washing your deck with water or splatters from the garden sprinkler system will not affect it.

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8. Thompson’s WaterSeal Waterproofing Stain

Thompson’s WaterSeal Waterproofing Stain has more than earned a reputation for giving exterior wood decking complete protection. The stain prevents water damage. Its advanced polymers combat fading. And as it says on the container, the coating resists mildew and UV damage.

Applied to freshly cleaned and damp or dry wood, it sinks in fast with one coat protecting your deck for up to four years (six years on fences and siding). Moderately pigmented in a range of colors, Waterseal comes in solid, semi-transparent and transparent formulas.

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9. Tripple Action Wood Treatment By Everbuild

Fifth best decking oil to buy is the new Tripple Action Wood Treatment By Everbuild. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. We recommend to look at the price and information on the Amazon page links below.

It may not seem like a bother to you when your decking gets damaged during the winter seasons because you are most of the time indoors. But what you need to know is that when the timber on the decking is completely damaged, it becomes useless and you will incur extra costs to construct another one.

Everbuild LJUN05 Lumberjack Triple Action Wood Treatment is here to the rescue as it is not only a protective coating that cares for your wooden decking boards, it also preserves the colours. The reason why this is one of the best oil based decking treatments available is found on what it says on the can. This clear decking oil is a low solvent and low odour product solution that uses the micro-fine active technology with fungicides, algaecides and permethrin.

Tripple Action Wood Treatment By Everbuild
These actively kill and protect against stains, wet and dry wood rot, decay, fungi and wood-boring insects/larvae. When applied on the decking, fungicides and algaecides present are finely distributed into the wood to allow easy penetration of the decking oil. Consequently, you get high-quality effectiveness on the wood that you can’t get from standard wood decking preservation products.

This triple-action deck treatment dries fast on the wooden boards and it is non-flammable. This clear decking oil can easily be used on wet timber as this doesn’t compromise the excellent performance. Because it is designed to penetrate deeply into any type of wood and joinery, you get long-lasting protection on all the boards you use it on. These clear coloured deck oils are in the same category as Barrettine garden decking oil products providing all-in-one formula.

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10. Blackfriar BKFASDC25L Anti-Slip Deck Coating 2.5 l

In the anti-slip decking coating range, Blackfriar makes a bold statement with its micro-aggregate formulated varnish that yields slip resistance and provides excellent coverage. The only reason why this product is not our favourite is its solvent-based formulation which is toxic and flammable.

Hazards aside, the product is suitable for exterior timber decking, walkways, and other exterior wood surfaces. It only comes in a clear textured finish that highlights the natural colour of hardwood and softwood, but that’s more than enough thanks to the quality of the paint.

The protective coating stops moisture from making its way into the wood, preventing it from cracking. Mould and algae growth is also inhibited, and the varnish is easy to apply with a paintbrush or roller. Although the viscosity allows the application with a spray, we wouldn’t recommend it because cleaning up the varnish afterwards is a real pain.

Coverage is up to 9m²/litre and two coats are sufficient to achieve satisfactory results. But the drying time is long. Touch drying in about 6 hours, the varnish accepts a new coat in 12 hours (when applied in ideal conditions) and hard dries completely in 3 days.

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How to Choose the Top 10 Best Decking Stain in the UK for 2021

The finished effect
Not all deck stains are created equal, and there are a few formulas and finishes to choose from based on the effect you’re after. In terms of looks, a translucent deck stain is an option for those who want to let the natural grain of the wood shine through, while those after a more deliberately painted look should opt for a solid finish.

Water- or oil-based?
The other choice is whether to go for a water-based or oil-based decking stain; both do a good job of locking out damaging water and UV rays, but water-based has the slight edge on eco-friendliness, so that’s something to consider. Our top water-based decking stain overall is (again)

Ronseal’s Ultimate Protection Decking Stain, which testers found easy to apply, and which dried to a wonderful translucent finish that stood up to harsh weather and footfall.


The garden decking is a great place to unwind or spend time with friends and family during the warmer months. The UK weather and environment can attack the surface of the wooden decking causing it to degrade over time Coating with specialist deck paints and coatings can prolong the life of decking as well as improve its appearance.

An ideal time to carry out the deck recoating is in early springtime or autumn before/after the traffic that the deck will incur. Treated properly the coating can extend the life expectancy of the wood for years.

Hope this best decking stain list that I recommend for you will give you a great experience and have been pleased with it.

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