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Top 10 Best coffee cups in UK 2022

Being seen with a single-use coffee cup was an embarrassment. The very thought of using one was enough to bring on a tidal wave of shame, knowing the vessel would end up in landfill and potentially add to the destruction of the planet.

If buying your first reusable coffee cup or adding to a collection, the key to consistent use is having one you can keep with you when out and about and are happy to drink from every time you visit a coffee shop.

Here, top 10 Best coffee cups in UK 2022 for you to buy!

1. Keepcup

Commuting to the office on packed trains seems like a distant memory now in 2022 and while it was definitely unpleasant for the majority of the time, one of the few perks was the chance to survey everyone’s reusable coffee cup of choice each morning. There was always an interesting display of Chilly’s and Bodums, but the one that was without a doubt most popular was the Keepcup. The reusable brand’s latest offering is definitely one of its best, now incorporating vacuum-sealing thermal insulation to keep your coffee hot for far longer. Sleek and stylish and perfect for your desk, this is set to be a new favourite.

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2. Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Flask

Hydro Flask offer tonnes of options when it comes to reusable coffee cups, from their reusable coffee mug (nothing quite beats drinking out of a mug with a handle, does it?) to their reusable wine bottle and tumblers. If you’re after something with a sip lid to avoid spillages on a jolting train, this design is great. It has all of the Hydro Flask signature features that make them so great: BPA-free materials, the ability to keep your drink hot for *ages* and a design that means the cup never actually feels warm on the outside. It’s available in a variety of different mood-boosting hues – but we, obviously, love this shade.

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3. Ecoffee cup

Made from bamboo fibre, the world’s most sustainable crop, the Ecoffee Cup leads the way in the environmental stakes. It’s fully biodegradable too, so once it reaches the end of its life you can crush it, soak it in boiling water and throw it on your compost heap (the silicone lid and sleeve are recyclable too). It does a great job of mimicking a shop-bought coffee cup as it feels like thick cardboard, but it’s surprisingly sturdy and dishwasher-safe. There’s a detachable stopper in the lid to prevent your drink from sloshing around, and you can pick from a range of colourful designs and patterns.

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4. Circular&Co reusable coffee cup

An excellent cup made from single-use paper cups. The brand collects waste from UK centres, then processes and makes the cups at its factory in Cornwall, not an air mile in sight. It is designed to last a decade and is 100 per cent recyclable at the end of its life. This cup is totally leak proof because it features a lid that, when pushed, clicks open and closed. We took it with us in a bag on a walk and our coffee was still hot after about an hour, and not a drop was spilled.

We also particularly like that the design makes it feel like drinking from a traditional open mug, and it is dishwasher safe. This from Circular&Co is a brilliant cup all-round and one that helps tackle the problem of single-use cup waste in a more profound way than most.

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5. Global WAKEcup bamboo coffee mug

Anyway, this is a no-nonsense coffee mug that does the simple things well. It’s far lighter than many other travel mugs I tested; and unlike most you’ll find, it comes with a handle.

Usefully, the stainless steel/bamboo combination seems to prevent the mug overheating, so even if holding by the body rather than handle you won’t burn your palm (surprisingly, many travel mug manufacturers haven’t quite grasped the importance of not burning yourself).

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6. Kambukka ETNA thermal travel cup

Available in a range of colours and designs, this playful travel cup has a lot going for it. Compact and lightweight, its insulation properties are among the best we tested, keeping drinks hot for 11 hours, while the outside remains completely cool to the touch.

Easy to grip with a rubber bottom for sturdiness, it opens using a child-lock style system. Set it to drinking mode, and the easy-pouring spout will stay open.

Set to unlock, and the spout opens one-handed, using a push-button on the back of the cup. And when the push-button is locked, the Kambukka cup will stay shut, with no leaks, making it completely transportable.

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7. BRU cup

Whether you’re on the commute, at your desk, or in the middle of a long meeting, this cup will keep your drink hot or cold, as you like it. Not only is it well-insulated, but it also doesn’t ‘sweat’, so you’ll never have to deal with condensation on the outside or a small puddle underneath it. It even stays cool to the touch immediately after boiling water is poured into it.
It has a slick design and has the perfect (340ml) capacity for your standard brew. It will easily slide under your local coffee shop machine. It even has a large opening so you can fully appreciate that freshly brewed smells coming from your favourite drink.
It’s more expensive than some of the other cups in this list, but is cheaper than other stainless steel options.

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8. Bubba Envy S Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Straw Tumbler

Not only is the Bubba tumbler convenient for bringing your iced coffee on the road, but the durable 24-ounce mug can also accommodate hot beverages, and its straw can handle a chunky fruit smoothie. Plus, it’s affordable.

This tumbler can keep your drink cold for up to 12 hours, thanks to its vacuum-sealed insulated double wall and its lid’s tight seal. In fact, “when I got to the bottom of my smoothie, it wasn’t a melted mess thanks to the superior insulation,” raves our tester. (The only downside is that the hole on the lid doesn’t have a cover, should you choose not to use the straw.) The cup is made of stainless steel so it resists stains and odors. A bonus our tester particularly likes is the indents on the outside of the cup, which not only make it comfortable to hold, but also ensure that it fits perfectly in the cupholder of her car.

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9. Royal Doulton Coffee Studio 350ml Travel Mug

Reveal your inner barista with Royal Doulton’s porcelaintravel mug. Shaped like a glass, it can hold a generous 250mlcapacity, and comes with a black lid to make it easy to hydrated whilst on the go. Safe for dishwasher cleaning.

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10. HuskeeCup

One of the best reusable coffee cups 2022, is a ceramic substitute to your ordinary mug and has a grooved design. It is effortless to hold, and it keeps your coffee hot for a while. It is durable and sturdy enough and also cracks resistant. It is made of coffee husk and polypropylene and it keeps the heat for longer than a ceramic cup thanks to better thermal retention. Also, the outer fins improve the grip and facilitate to stack up several cups. You can pick different ranges of sizes, such as 6oz, 8oz and 12 oz. It can be shoved in a dishwasher. It comprises of a universal lid which can turn your Huskee cup into a travel cup. It is fully recyclable, and its groove designs assist in making the cup easy to grip.

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How to choose the perfect coffee cup for you

What material should I choose?

Coffee cups are typically made from recyclable plastic, glass or bamboo fibre. While plastic is lightweight and durable, it may affect the flavour of your coffee: something to consider if you’re a real aficionado. Glass is the best option for those who want to focus on flavour, and it’s really easy to clean. It’s much heavier, though, and likely to break if it slips out of your hands. Cups made from bamboo fibres are biodegradable and dishwasher safe, but you can’t pop them in the microwave if you need to reheat your brew.

What size should I go for?

Coffee cups normally come in a range of sizes to suit different coffee consumption habits. A lot of them hail from the US or Australia, however, so it’s common to see volumes listed in fluid ounces. A 4oz cup such as KeepCup’s XS holds 118ml of liquid – so it’s ideal for espresso or piccolo – whereas Stojo’s 16oz (454ml) Biggie cup is designed for long coffee drinks and smoothies. If you just want a regular mug-sized coffee, the 12oz (341ml) size should suit you nicely.


A daily coffee visit can leave a serious dent in your bank balance and have a damaging effect on the environment. Choosing a good coffee cup can help to tackle these issues and more. As a nation, we go through around three billion disposable coffee cups each year, and fewer than 1% of them are recycled in the UK. That’s because single-use cups, made from paper lined with polyethylene, are extremely tricky to recycle and can only be processed at a tiny number of specialized plants.

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