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Top 10 the best cantilever garden parasol in the UK

As spring is here and summer’s just around the corner, we’re keen to get outside in style. Make the most of your outdoor space by ensuring you can safely sit out for longer with a garden parasol that’s pretty as well as practical.

Of course, the best cantilever garden parasol are UV-protective, fade-proof and rust-resistant, but it’s also important to think about what you want to use your parasol for. If you like to sit out all day, you may want one that tilts so you can always get prime cover; and a height-adjustable pole is also a good idea to ensure you have shade as the sun starts going down.

Whether you’re looking for a garden, balcony, patio or terrace, there’s a size and shape to suit every outdoor space. And if your mission is more save than splurge, don’t panic, because we’ve got all budgets covered.

Top 10 the best cantilever garden parasol in the UK

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best cantilever garden parasol for the UK market. I’ve compared design, build quality, shade coverage and cost to give you my top recommendations. Keep scrolling to discover our roundup of the best garden parasols so you can while away the hours in your chic outdoor oasis.

1. Norfolk Leisure 2m Square Wall Mounted Cantilever Parasol Aluminium Frame 220g Polyester Canopy and 14 strong 14mm Ribs

Perfect for patios, terraces and large balconies where you struggle to find room to put the usual umbrella pole and stand or where you want a neat option that can be easily opened and closed.

Large Size – at 2m x 2m this canopy provides plenty of shade over your garden furniture.  The canopy can be moved from side to side in the horizontal position so you can adjust the shade to suit the movement of the sun.

Quality – made from a high-quality 220g weatherproof polyester with 14 strong 14mm ribs.  The top air vent has been designed to allow the airflow to be maximized to keep you cool in summer months.

Cover Included – a free matching protective umbrella parasol cover is included in the price of this product.  Easily slides on for when you are not using and want to neatly store the product away

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2. QUICK STAR Balcony Parasol 2 x 1.25 m Rectangular Foldable Sand

If you’re the owner of a narrow balcony, you’ll know that most regular square parasols just won’t work well or give you the sun protection you need.

This clever rectangular design was made with balconies in mind – it measures 2 x 1.25m and has a rotating tilt joint so you can get the shadow exactly where you need it. Comfortable to bend with the help of a solid rotating joint, thus also offers protection from deep sun

It’s easy to set up and take down. A small investment to help you make the most of the smallest outdoor space in summer.

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3. Sekey® Ø 6.5ft / 2m Garden Parasol Umbrella Outdoor Sun Shade for Beach/Pool/Patio Umbrellas Taupe Round Sunscreen UV25+

Great soft colour, very light and height is fully adjustable so if you open it at a low position, the wind is less likely to lift it. You can put it at an angle, and being very light it s super easy to dismount the top part off, you wish to put it away at night (You can’t keep it low when it’s closed , only when opened) . It s light but flexible and well made for the price.

Umbrella diameter measures 200cm/6.5ft, umbrella height: 205cm/6.7ft. Umbrella covering made from polyester, stringing with valance and edging. Convenient to be bent due to a solid rotary joint, also provides protection from sunshine. Easy assembly and disassembly, space-saving

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4. MVPower 200 x 125 cm Parasol, Tilt Bar Market Umbrella, Rectangular Garden Umbrella, Patio Parasol

Are you afraid of sunburn and rain? Leave these worries behind by equipping your balcony with this parasol, which provides excellent sun protection up to UPF 50+ and rain protection. A must have to protect you and your family from the sun and rain in the hot summer!

It’s easy to bend with the help of a solid rotating joint; height adjustable with rotary lock. You have enough time with your family comfortably on the terrace. And you can enjoy relaxed hours in the shade.

You no longer settle for unstable umbrellas that threatens to fall apart every moment. MVPower parasol, made of a steel frame, 4 ribs and a crank ensure high stability. The parasol is quickly opened and closed. Assembly and dismantling easier, space-saving.

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5. Greenbay Outdoor 3m Black Cantilevered Garden Parasol Large Hanging Banana Umbrella with Crank Mechanism

The Greenbay Outdoor 3m Garden Parasol is another affordable model at the standard size of 3m by 3m. This installation features a steel frame and a cover made from 180g/m2 Terylene fabric. This fabric has waterproof abilities and elasticity that increase durability. The parasol also has UV-protection and allows air to circulate, making it comfortable to sit underneath.

The frame is supported by a cross-shaped base also made from steel. The base can be reinforced with a sandbag or you can optionally purchase the appropriate parasol bases. Online reviewers report that you need to do this as the base is not stable enough by itself.

When the sun gets too hot, you tilt the parasol to provide ample shade. It is suitable for many kinds of places, such as balcony, terrace, lawn, coffee shop, hotel and garden etc.

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6. Divine Style Cantilever Parasol Premium Garden Parasol Umbrella for Outdoor Patio with FREE Waterproof Cover

Words are not enough to express the efficacy of the Divine Style Royal Purple Garden Cantilever Parasol. Due to its waterproof cover, you can use the parasol under the rain without any hassles. Besides, the waterproof cover is coated with anti-UV materials to ensure you are safe from harmful sun rays while keeping you safe from moistures. Interestingly, the UV-coating prevent the cover from fade and thus enhancing long time use.

Plus, this parasol can be rotated through 360°, so you can count all-round protection against sun or rain out-there. On the other hand, the parasol is very stable whilst protection because of its full-length cross base. The parasol is also made with wind flap to enhance optimum stability during extreme windy condition.

What more? You will be dazzled with the scintillating shadow cast by the royal purple finish of this parasol whilst protection. And the fact that you can also choose from other colours such as express teal separate it from any conventional parasol out there.

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7. Outsunny 3 meter Patio Offset Roma Parasol Umbrella Cantilever Hanging Sun Shade Canopy Shelter 360° Rotation with Cross Base

The canopy is fade and UV resistant to protect your investment over an extended period of time. Also, the parasol is capable of 360-degree rotation which you can control with a foot pedal, rather than using any complicated screws.

One of the best features of this cantilever parasol is the fact that it comes with five different position tilting choices. Hence, you can find the solution that’s ideal for your relaxation. There’s also a crank mechanism that allows you to open and close the umbrella as quickly and easily as you like.

Overall, the Outsunny parasol is very sturdy and well-made. However, it can be difficult to put up without some extra help. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the canopy moves around a lot in the wind.

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8. AIRWAVE Apollo 3m Banana Cantilever Overhanging Parasol Garden Umbrella with Solar Powered Built in LED Spotlights

The Airwave Apollo Banana Cantilever Parasol looks much like other cantilever parasols until you see the LED lights inside the canopy. They are set along the ribs of the umbrella frame, creating a cool effect at night. The lights are powered by an integrated solar panel so you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet near your garden.

The parasol measures 3m by 3m, providing enough shade for most people’s needs. It closes and opens using a wind-up crank mechanism. Both the umbrella fabric and steel support and base are weatherproof and resistant to fading and rusting.

Our only gripe is that it doesn’t come with a weighted base. As it is, it’s dangerous to use as it can easily tip over. Either buy the weights separately or find some heavy stone blocks to secure the base.

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9. 3m Bentley Garden Hanging Banana Garden Patio Umbrella Large Parasol – Beige

This budget friendly cantilever parasol comes with a spacious canopy to provide complete coverage outside. Measuring 3m, the canopy doesn’t lack for size, offering enough coverage for large tables and upwards of six chairs, so if you’re looking for something to protect patio furniture this is a fine choice.

The 160g polyester canopy is available in a range of colour options including green, beige, navy, black, and grey, so finding something that fits your outdoor aesthetic should be easy enough. It’s also durable and will hold off rain and UV rays, keeping you dry and cool no matter the weather.

A base is needed for this parasol, with a base weight of around 20-30kg recommended for keeping it stable and in position. With this, you can use the parasol throughout the garden, whether on decking, patio, lawns etc.

The powder coated steel frame offers plenty of stability in its own right too, espiecally around the canopy where there are six steel ribs to help stabilise the cloth fabric, ensuring windy days don’t ruin your time outdoors or damage the umbrella.

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10. PARASOL Wall Mounted Cantilever, Aluminium,Solar Led,Polyester Cloth,Folding, Telescopic

The 909 OUTDOOR 3M Cantilever Parasol with Crank Handle & Tilt Function is an ergonomically designed parasol which comes with a crank handle and additional functions such as tilting and “locking” it into place. Perfect for rainy days or hot summers, this piece of kit protects you from the elements whilst looking stylish, and taking up minimal space in your garden.

It comes in a beautiful green colour which can blend well with the rest of your garden, and the materials used are durable – meaning this parasol should last you years and years.

The main rod is made of aluminum alloy, which can be changed at will. Unlike traditional sun umbrellas, 15 LED strips are designed to expand the area. Waterproof polyester umbrella cloth: waterproof layer, protective layer, yarn-dyed fabric, not easy to fade, coated with waterproof protective film, waterproof and breathable, with sunshade, waterproof function

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How to choose a cantilever parasol?

You have an option to settle for a free-standing cantilever parasol or select the best wall mounted parasol you can get. It all boils down to the amount of space you have and the style you are trying to impart in your garden. Cantilever parasols come in various sizes and shapes, here are a few factors to consider before you purchase one.

How much space do you have?

The space that you have will determine the size of cantilever parasol you can obtain. If you have enough room to play with, you have no limitations as to the size of parasol you can get. People tied down for space require smaller parasols or limited designs that take less space.

Quality of materials

Parasols are made of a combination of metal and fabric. A good parasol will be created from durable materials that can withstand spending hours on end outdoors. In many cases, cantilever frames are made from strong materials like steel and aluminium. These metals are given protective coatings to keep the metal from rusting or corroding.

The canopy of the parasol in most cases is made from polyester. The density of the polyester determines how much protection you will get from the sun. Usually calculated g/m2, the density of the fabric together with UV protection treatment makes the parasol the perfect place to relax. Polyester can also be treated to make it 100% waterproof or at least offer a bit of water resistance which is usually the case when cheaper thinner fabrics are used.

Adjustable functions

Apart from having an easy to handle crank handle, you need other features to make your interaction comfortable. Adjustable features make interacting with the parasol easier. For instance, a cantilever parasol needs height adjustment mechanisms so that the user is able to find a sweet spot. Additionally, a canopy that can be tilted would be convenient to shade you from the sun throughout the day. If you are lucky enough to get a model that can rotate 360 degrees, you need not move your furniture around.

Extra features and accessories

It is easy to get a simple parasol but sometimes getting extra features and accessories is much more appreciated. Most of the manufacturers do provide covers for their parasols to keep the parasols from getting dirty dirty and protect them when not in use. Some go even further to provide thick covers with eyelets. The eyelets promote air circulation, therefore, preventing the fabric from growing mouldy.

Surviving the outdoors

For any item to survive the outdoors, the materials used have to strong and weatherproof. Metallic bits of the parasol may be powder-coated or painted to prevent rust/corrosion from happening. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in regards to maintaining and cleaning the parasol. This allows the parasol to maintain its appearance for longer. Most parasols need swilling rather than brushing for example.

The fabric canopy also has to withstand both sun and moisture. That is why most cantilever parasols canopies come with UV protection and water resistant features. Admittedly, the level of protection will vary depending on the price level of the parasol. There are canopies that are 100% waterproof and some just offer protection from light rain showers. Confirm these details from the product details before deciding to purchase.

A weighted base

Even if you do not live in windy areas, a weighted base is important to keep the parasol steady. Many cantilever parasols come with bases that can be filled with water, sand or cement to make the base stable. Some cannot be filled and therefore the result is to place heavy weights on top of the base. Ideally, for a base to retain its stability, it has to be wide. A wide base gives the parasol more stability even in the midst of strong winds.


Investing in the best cantilever parasol cover your budget will allow is a must if you intend for your outdoor umbrellas to hold up well for as long as possible. A quality cover will keep your cantilever umbrellas protected from the elements, staving off rain and the accumulation of mold. They will also keep dust at bay, ensuring your parasols look pristine when unveiled to be enjoyed in the sunlight. Our guide has everything you need to know when shopping for the best cantilever garden parasol cover on the market.

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