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The best calligraphy pens in UK 2022

If you want to learn calligraphy but aren’t sure where to begin, the first step is to invest in the necessary equipment. A good calligraphy pen can make or break your handwriting.

With calligraphy workshops becoming more popular, some people are learning the skill to make their own notes and invitations and save money, while others are looking for a new hobby to keep them busy during COVID lockdowns. It’s no surprise that crafting has seen a significant increase since March 2020.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned calligrapher looking for some new tools, we’ve rounded up some of the best calligraphy pens below:

Top 10 best calligraphy pens in UK 2022

1. Manuscript Callicreative Metallic Markers

These Callicreative italic metallic markers are simple but effective for those who are new to calligraphy and are still figuring out which styles they prefer. Because of the metallic colours, these pens are ideal for adding sparkle to your scrapbook, cards, and letters.

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2. Frienda Calligraphy Pen

The Frienda Refill Brush Calligraphy Pen Set is a high-quality set that can be used for calligraphy practise, drawings, illustration, hand lettering, design, and other tasks. It comes with 5 black pens as well as a bonus refill ink.

All of the pens are fude-styled, which means they have flexible nibs that allow for line width variation. That also means you’ll be able to write Chinese characters and experiment with modern calligraphy styles. An extra-fine brush pen, fine brush pen, medium brush pen, and two standard brush calligraphy pens are included in the set. They’re all well-made, and the ink flows smoothly and evenly. Having said that, it is still preferable to use good quality bleed-proof paper. As a result, you’ll have a better grip on the paper and better control when writing.

As an added bonus, the set includes a spare ink bottle with an ingenious refilling method. The bottle cap functions as a key to open the pen and feed ink from the included dropper. Of course, as is common with all pens of this type, the nibs will eventually wear out. Nonetheless, it’s comforting to know that you’ll be able to keep them refilled until the very last drop.

Overall, if you want to learn the art of hand lettering or try other calligraphy-related hobbies, this set is a good choice. The Frienda pens will react to your every movement and provide you with the most detailed results possible.

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3. Essential Modern Calligraphy Kit 

This superior set comes with everything you need, including a pen holder, three different nib sizes, and a bottle of black ink. The lovely turquoise penholder can be used by anyone – left or right handed, young or old. Perfectly packaged, with its own tin to keep everything together. The perfect present for any creative person you know.

This set also includes starting tips, an alphabet guide, instructions, and a link to Kirsten’s YouTube tutorials so you can watch her and be guided through the basics by an expert.

This best-selling set features three robust nibs designed by Kirsten Burke, the UK’s leading modern calligrapher. These nibs are extremely high quality, strong enough to withstand pressure while remaining fine enough to produce stunning calligraphy. Your pen will be gliding across the page in no time when combined with our black ink and helpful YouTube video links. …100……………&

Calligraphy has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, so you can use it to relax and unwind from the stresses of modern life. When combined with Kirsten’s best-selling’secrets of modern calligraphy’ beginners guide book, you have everything you need to progress from the first strokes to creating wonderful modern calligraphy for ….

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4. Mont Marte Calligraphy Set

As a beginner, you’d want to get the best calligraphy starter kit possible, one that includes everything you’ll need. This is a good candidate in my opinion because it already includes four calligraphy pens. These are traditional pens that take cartridges. Because you can refill the ink cartridges when they run out, you should be able to use them for a long time without having to replace your pens.

What I like about this set is the variety of nib options. It is available in five different nib grades. Fine, extra fine, medium, broad, and extra broad nibs are available. These, in my opinion, are ideal for beginners to experiment with. You can experiment with different nibs to fine-tune the thickness of your strokes. It’s also not difficult to change the nibs.

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5. Pilot Parallel Pen

For beginners, the Pilot Parallel Pen is one of the best broad nib calligraphy pens available. It’s a simple fountain pen available in four sizes: 1.5mm, 2.4mm, 3.8mm, and 6.0mm. We recommend starting with the 3.8mm because it’s a good medium size. Each pen comes with two ink cartridges (red and black), a converter, a nib cleaner, and an instruction booklet that will walk you through the first few basic strokes.

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6. Staedtler Calligraphy Pen Set

This is more than just a calligraphy pen; the Staedtler 33-piece set includes everything you could possibly need to create great calligraphy, from four pens with interchangeable nibs to 20 ink cartridges in seven colours.

The nibs come in five different shapes and sizes, ranging from extra fine to extra broad. To get you started, the kit includes an instruction book and a practise pad. Everything is packaged in a well-organized storage tin. The calligraphy pens are also lovely, with a marbled finish. The ink is 20% water-based and is delivered to the nib via a small internal pump—no dipping required. If all of this seems like a bit much, Staedtler also offers a 7-piece starter set.

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7. Lamy joy Calligraphy Fountain Pen – Matt Black & Silver

In every way, the Lamy Joy lives up to its name. The Joy’s slender, tapered barrel is lightweight but well balanced, and when combined with the ergonomic grip that ensures proper finger placement, it provides a truly pleasurable writing experience. The pen’s design is sleek and minimalist, and with the anodised silver aluminium cap, it has an almost futuristic appearance. The stub end nib is ideal for calligraphy and allows not only the pen, but also your writing, to be a work of art.

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8. Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen

Not everyone wishes to (or can afford) to spend a small fortune on a fountain pen. But if you want one that suggests you have, look no further than this metallic pen by Dryden, which, despite its low price, has all the hallmarks of sleek luxury.

It’s elegantly designed in a combination of silver and gold, and it’s available in fine- and medium-sized nibs – and, for an extra £2, you can get it in a stylish gift box. Unfortunately, its ink cartridges must be purchased separately, but each order includes a PDF file that teaches you the fundamentals of calligraphy. In no time, your writing will be flowing beautifully.

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9. Caran d’Ache Ecridor Retro Palladium Finish Medium Fountain Pen

Given how well the Swiss handle chocolate and cheese, we should have expected them to create a highly desirable and beautifully engineered fountain pen.

It’s both tough and beautiful, coated in palladium and engraved all over with an intricate guilloche design (that’s ‘braided’ for those who don’t belong to some kind of pattern-making guild), and comes with a lifetime international guarantee to back it up. But how does it actually write? One reviewer stated that it writes as well as pens costing twice as much, and many others praised the balance, weight, and smooth line.

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10. Uni-ball UNIB6 Eye Fine Rollerball Pen

Uniball’s three-pack in black had the highest rating on Amazon, with 82 percent of reviews rating it five stars. Ninety-two reviewers praised these pens, including a student who stated that they require very little force on the page and allow for smooth and fast writing. While a professional author who uses these pens to take notes throughout the day described the experience as “writing on silk.” Even a reviewer who warned against using them on glossy paper (due to smudging) said they were the best pens they had ever used. Thirty-nine reviews mentioned how long each one lasted (even when students wrote all day), and 26 reviewers said the round-barrel design was very comfortable. This pen was also a favourite of one dyspraxic reviewer, who said it was easier to hold, fit well in the hand, and performed well.

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How to buy the best calligraphy pens?

Choosing the best calligraphy supplies for beginners is critical to your success. Here are some things to look for to ensure that you are purchasing the best option for your needs:

Pen Type

If you want to use a traditional calligraphy pen, you have two basic options. You can choose between cartridge-filled calligraphy pens and dip pens. The latter is more conventional. The ones with cartridges are easier to use because you won’t have to keep dipping. It dispenses indefinitely as long as the cartridge contains ink. If you are a beginner, it is easier to use.

Cartridge pens do not leave a large mess and allow you to create precise and fine strokes. Beginners may struggle to maintain the same strokes with dip pes because you must keep dipping to get ink.

However, with cartridge pens, you must use a specific type of ink, preferably one made by the pen’s manufacturer or one that is similar to it. Otherwise, it may not easily dispense in the pen’s system. Furthermore, the nibs are usually not interchangeable.

You can use any type of ink you want with dip calligraphy pens. They are simply more difficult to control due to the fact that they typically dispense thicker ink. You can also change out the nibs. Many dip pens come with a variety of nib options. You can swap them out to get the font you want. Many people prefer these types of pens because they can be used for an extended period of time. They are also more appealing to the eye than other calligraphy pens. If you like the look of vintage calligraphy pens, this one is for you.

Ink Type

The type of ink you use will also influence the outcome of your calligraphy. When it comes to the type of ink that can be used with refillable cartridge pens, you don’t have many options. They are quite restrictive, so you may only be able to get them from the manufacturer. You’ll be able to avoid clogging the pen this way.

However, viscose ink is recommended for use in a variety of pens, including cartridge-filled pens. This is due to the fact that they are more versatile and can also be used in cartridges.

Nib Types and Sizes

The majority of calligraphy pens available today have either flex or italic nibs. Flex nibs are distinguished by their rounded shape. They also have two tines that can be used to make different types of lines. The more you press on it, the more the tine split will be used, giving you more width.

Italic nibs are typically more rigid. If you prefer a more gothic or italic calligraphy style, you can use this type of nib instead.

Many beginner sets today come in different sizes – from extra fine to an extra broad nib. They are a good choice because you can replace the nib with the size that you want, ideal for beginners who don’t want to figure out how to control just one type of nib.


How well you can control the calligraphy pen depends on proper grip. Many people don’t give this much thought but it can make or break your learning experience. Choose those that are easier to grip so that you can do the strokes that you want comfortably. Calligraphy is a detailed form of art, so you must use something that is comfortable.

Other Calligraphy Pen Types

You can also choose from a variety of pens. Brush pens are easier for beginners to use. They even come in marker form, which eliminates the need for ink. You can also use felt tips, which are more rigid and less flexible but may be easier to use for beginners.


What else is included in your purchase? As a beginner, you should purchase beginner sets that include an instructional manual as well as a few beginner worksheets or tracing tools. Instead of looking for other tools, you can start learning how to use your calligraphy set right away.

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