The Best Bird Treats In UK 2021

Many people have bird as their pets but don’t know how to create bonding with them. Sharing a meal with birds and rewarding them with some treats now and then creates a bond. These treats are also beneficial for their health. Bird treats can be a huge benefit for your bird. It is because most of the bird foods don’t have enough vitamins or minerals in them and can lead to various health issues for the birds.
Various options are available on the market for you to explore bird treats. Here are the best bird treats you can buy right now.

Top 10 Best Bird Treats In UK

1. Vitakraft Cocktail Fruitti

Vitakraft bird snacks are good enough to keep them busy in the cage. There’s not too much coconut in it.
Apart from that, your bird will love the chewy fruit gummies. However, the quantity of shelled peanuts is too low in the mix. These treats are made with bird’s favorite ingredients such as banana, peanuts, carrots, peas, pineapple, and red pepper. The cocktail treat ingredients contain essential trace elements, minerals and vitamins, and variety your bird needs.
If your bird hates fresh vegetables and fruits, you can serve them with Vitakraft’s dried treat.

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2. F.M. Brown’S Tropical Carnival

Brown’s Tropical Carnival Fruit & Nut Cockatiel, Conure & Lovebird Treat is loaded with extremely great stuff. This festive and colorful medley of fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies provide a foraging treasure trove that’s similar to the array of food they would gather in the wild. The chewy and crunchy morsels are just the right size for cockatiels, lovebirds and conures to enjoy as a stimulating and fun treat.
Try Brown’s Tropical Carnival Fruit & Nut Cockatiel Bird Treats as a wholesome way to reward your small bird.

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3. Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Natural Treats

Sunburst Gourmet Natural Treats for birds are an assortment of fun, healthy, natural snack mixes that supplement your pet’s regular diet.
This is a healthy and natural snack mix of fruits and vegetables. No artificial colors or flavors and that is a give for all small birds including canaries, finches, parakeets, and cockatiels.

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4. Vitakraft Treat Parakeet Fruit Stick

This made with a variety of wholesome ingredients, this tasty variety pack will help keep your bird mentally and physically stimulated to prevent boredom and stress-induced feather plucking.
This is variety pack of orange, egg & honey, and sesame & banana sticks.The Vitakraft Treat Parakeet Fruit Stick can help prevent excessive feather plucking and promotes chewing for beak health.

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5. Kaytee Bird Greens

Give your beautiful bird a reason to chirp with Kaytee Treat Bird Greens, a tasty and nutritious bird treat formula. Kaytee Treat Bird Greens are made from an all-natural blend of alfalfa, parsley, kale, chia seed and sweet potatoes – everything your bird loves to eat.
This bird treats are filled with taste and nutrition. The vegetables contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that will support your birds health and vitality. This could be an especially useful option if your bird is a picky eater and needs a little tasty encouragement to give the regular bird food a try.

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6. LAFEBER’S Fruit Delight AviCakes for Parrots

Your feathered friend will truly be delighted when they find that fruits like cranberries, dates, mango, papaya and pineapple, which are full of healthy nutrients, have been added to AviCakes!
Fruit Delight AviCakes are a mixture of wholesome fruits and grains mixed 50-50 with nutritious pellets all held together with a great -tasting natural molasses binder.
Fruit Delight AviCakes are specifically designed for the nutritional demands of birds to promote iridescent feathers, bright eyes and strong beaks and bones. This combination of the natural goodness of premium fruit with wholesome grains and enriched pellets provide the nutrition essential for good health and a long happy life.

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7. LAFEBER’S El Paso Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food

Add a little spice to your bird’s life with El Paso Nutri-Berries! They are made with taste-grabbing ingredients like red and green bell peppers and seasoned with cayenne pepper and other exotic spices that your bird is sure to go wild over! El Paso Nutri-Berries are a nutritionally complete food designed to cater to your bird’s foraging instincts and excite his taste buds. We believe your bird’s food can be both exciting and nutritious. Your feathered friend will love holding, pulling, and tearing at each berrie.

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8. Living World Premium Mix For Cockatiels & Lovebirds

Give your winged companion an irresistible treat with Living World Spray Millet. Nutritious and delicious, this all-natural millet is sun-ripened and freshly harvested from the wild so it doesn’t contain any additives. Highly digestible, a good source of carbohydrates and low in fat, it makes an ideal snack for growing nestlings and young birds as well as breeding or molting adult birds. Offering spray millet in her cage provides variety and prevents boredom by giving her something healthy and constructive on which to chew. Living World’s spray millet is grown in the USA and vacuum-packed to lock in the freshness.

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9. ZuPreem Real Rewards Orchard Mix Medium Bird Treats

Reward your feathered friend with the hearty nutrition of ZuPreem Real Rewards Orchard Mix Medium Bird Treats! This scrumptious snack is crafted with a premium blend of apricots, apples, peanuts and almonds for a tasty, hearty treat she’s bound to adore. It’s perfect for a variety of medium-sized birds including cockatiels, quakers, lovebirds and conures. This mix can be fed up to 10% of your winged buddy’s daily diet offering her plenty of special treats in between meals.

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10. RSPB Buggy Nibble Treats

Made from a tasty mix of mealworms, premium UK suet and cereal. This small 550g pouch of buggy nibbles is a great alternative to peanuts. They can be fed from a wire mesh nut and nibble feeder year-round. As they don’t have the choking hazards of whole peanuts, they are also suitable for feeding loose from tables.
Made in the UK from top quality suet, they’re a firm favourite with many garden birds.

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How To Choose The Best Bird Treats

There are a couple of things to consider when looking to buy the best bird treats. When you know what to look for, you ensure your pet gets the nutrients they need. This also ensures you do not feed your bird anything that could be harmful to their health.
Some things to look for when buying bird treats:
Ingredients: The ingredients in bird treats tells you what type of nutrients will be offered to your bird. Make sure the ingredients are natural.
Fillers: Always look at the extended ingredient list and see if fillers are used in the bird treats. These fillers add no value and reduce the nutrients your bird gains when eating.
Variety: Make sure there is not just a single seed used in the treats. Your bird needs a variety of seeds and other foods for an appropriate nutritional profile.


Birds can be wonderful and engaging pets, many of whom love interacting with their owners. If you want to build your relationship with your bird, one way you can do it is by feeding it treats. These treats are not just a great way to build the trust between you and your bird, they are a great way to help give your bird a well-rounded diet. So, picking the right treat requires you to get something that your bird likes and that gives it a good nutritional boost.

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